15 Holiday Decorating Mistakes That Spoil the Look ...

By Deeceebee

There is no doubting whatsoever that one of the best and most fun parts of the holiday season is that you get to decorate your home in a really amazing and festive way. However, sometimes, people can’t control themselves and what might have been tasteful seasonal décor turns into something out of the worst, trashiest joke postcard of all time! To avoid suffering that same fate yourself, here are fifteen holiday decorating mistakes that always spoil the overall look!

1 Red and Green

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Christmas is all about red and green. If you commit too hard to the one colour scheme, then it will be overbearing and your home will look like a sickly candy cane!

2 Tree Placement

You need to pay lots of attention to where you put your Christmas tree. It should be somewhere that is easily accessible, but not somewhere that you are going to have to walk around and across all the time.

3 Cookie Cutter

Try not to just repeat the types of scenes you see in the shop windows. There is something cute about cookie cutter looks to a degree, but you don’t want to be so unoriginal that it looks boring.

4 Night Lights

You leave the lights on all night, inside and outside. This doesn’t necessarily affect the overall look of your decoration, but it is a huge energy sap and it can be annoying for your neighbours!

5 Too Much

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no such thing as too much, because festive decorations can get incredibly overbearing if you try to pack too many different items into a small space.

6 Kid Hazards

You make the mistake of forgetting that there are children in your home, and that your delicate, precious decorations might not be suitable for little hands and active legs! Think about child safety.

7 Wreath

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a really nice, unique wreath that sets your home apart from other people’s homes. It’s not difficult to make a DIY wreath, and the style impact is massive.

8 Living Room

You only decorate the living room, whereas you should be spreading the festive joy in more areas of the house. You want to be reminded that it is Christmas in every single room.

9 Lawn

To be honest, too many things on your lawn like inflatables just end up looking a bit tacky. Try to keep things more classy.

10 Timetable

You can lose your enthusiasm for Christmas if you make the decision to decorate too early. Be patient and resist the urge any time in November; leaving it until later will make it more special.

11 Plants

Be careful with what holiday plants you choose to put around your home. Things like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are all beautiful and seasonal, but they can also be poisonous for pets and children.

12 Help

Don’t try to be the martyr of the household and do all of the decorating yourself. It is much nicer for Christmas spirit if everyone chips in and does their bit to make a great atmosphere.

13 No Kids

That is, of course, unless the only people in your home are small kids! They might be eager to help, but you know you are only going to have to redo everything to suit your standards.

14 Dollar Store

The dollar store is perfect for some of the background items and things that you need a lot of, but make sure that you increase the quality of your décor by including some more expensive items in prime spots.

15 Replace Lights

Even if you think they are fine from last year, it’s a good idea to replace your string lights each Christmas to avoid the last minute terror of them breaking and then being sold out everywhere!

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