A Vanity Mirror with Lights and Other Cheap Ideas for the Ultimate Woman Cave Sanctuary ...

By Laura

A Vanity Mirror with Lights and Other Cheap Ideas for the Ultimate Woman Cave Sanctuary ...

Does your space need a few 5 minute tidy-ups here and there? In this YouTube, learn some cheap hacks to decorate and organize your woman cave. Check it out and look at the points I've highlighted below for more info!

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A Vanity Mirror with Lights

How many years have you been using the same make-up mirror? Upgrade and get yourself a nice vanity mirror with lights. It may be a bit pricey at first but it's definitely worth the upgrade! I did it and would never go back.


Wall Mirrors

To make more reflection of light and make a small room appear larger, invest in some wall mirrors. You can find these pretty cheap at most stores and even decorate them yourself for the added personal touch. Try writing inspirational things on it with a white board marker too!


Drinking Glass

Who said a glass is just for booze? Place your nail polish in a glass for pretty display. Or use a cute glass to display makeup brushes. Whatever you choose, most dollar stores have inexpensive glasses that you can totally Pinterest dip-dying or glittering for added effect and glam.



Whether you want to pick up a small bouquet for a few bucks every couple weeks or make your own permanent arrangement with artificial flowers, they're sure to spruce up your woman cave and make you feel good. Try spraying them with some perfume too so they're even semi scented!

So, what are your favorites from the video? Anything in here you want to try ASAP? I went and bought a vanity mirror with lights and it has been life changing for my makeup routine.

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