Add Greenery to Your Home with These Dollar Store Buys ...

I think that these DIY projects are adorable. They give a home that livable or homey feeling. In this video, learn how to add greenery to your home straight out of the dollar store.

The problem with having crafts around your house is pets. My roommate has a cat. He knocked the Christmas tree over. He likes to chew on flowers.

Which were your favorites?

My favorite was the wreath. The succulents were OK. The tall grass was OK. But, there is something about the wreath that just has that WOW factor. A guest would never know that the wreath and everything came from the dollar store. Also, a wreath may be placed high on a door or on a wall, out of the reach of pets.

Get a lot of compliments? Make some for a loved one or friend. Every time that they see the wreath, they are going to think of you.

I hope you like this DIY! Good luck!

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