How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree like a Pro ...


How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree like a Pro ...
How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree like a Pro ...

Well, we’re officially in December, which means that it is now officially acceptable to go Christmas crazy and put your tree up! Some people prefer fake trees, some people prefer real, but to be honest, I like the look of both as long as they are decorated beautifully! Rather than focusing too much on the real vs. fake debate, it’s my opinion that people should spend more of their energy on making sure that it looks beautiful, no matter what it’s made from. Here are some tips on how to decorate your tree like a pro.

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christmas tree, christmas decoration, christmas, winter, decor, If symmetrical, assured beauty is something that you are searching for, then a high quality artificial tree is definitely the way to go. It will be durable enough to use for year after year, and you won’t have to contend with dropping needles throughout the month that affect the overall look of your decorations.


Fluff and Shape

christmas tree, christmas decoration, christmas, christmas ornament, winter, When you bring that artificial tree home, make sure to spend some some pulling around all of the individual branches and shaping them to make the tree as full and fluffed as possible. A lot of trees come in the box streamlined and packed down, and some people make the mistake of not giving them a refresh when putting them up.



christmas tree, christmas decoration, spruce, christmas, fir, Pick a theme and stick to it. It could be a color, or Disney, or a certain material that everything needs to be made of but whatever you choose, make sure that you stay consistent with it. The number one thing that makes trees look messy and ugly is when people throw all kinds of different decorations on them that don’t necessarily go together.


Right Decorations

headgear, girl, joint, pattern, hair accessory, Pick the right decorations for the size of your tree. For example, a large tree can stand to have large baubles on it, but a smaller tree can look top heavy and overstuffed with the same baubles on it. A smaller tree also doesn’t necessarily need tinsel on it, because the lights and baubles will be enough to make an impact. You don’t want to do anything that is going to look chaotic.



christmas ornament, christmas decoration, holiday, decor, christmas, A fun trend to follow is clustering your baubles rather than dotting them evenly across the tree. It adds a touch of modern flair and takes away from the same old boring traditions that every other tree in your neighborhood is abiding by.



christmas decoration, christmas tree, christmas, tree, decor, You might want to think about using ribbons instead of tinsel. They are a much more sophisticated choice and can look really amazing in the shape of hand-tied bows all over the tree.


Right Topper

christmas decoration, christmas tree, home, living room, decor, If you don’t have a family tradition topper for the top of your tree, then spend some time browsing through all of the options to make sure that you have the right one. Pick one that fits the colour and feel of your theme, or alternatively, buck the trend altogether and go without a topper completely!



christmas decoration, christmas tree, home, christmas, fir, No matter how many elements you want to include in the tree, make sure that they are all represented equally. The more balanced the decorations are, the better the tree will look overall.

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