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7 Ways to Organize Your Closet when Crammed into a Dorm Room ...

By Kelly

Anyone who has lived in a dorm room can understand how important the different ways to organize your closet are. Closet space is very valuable in a dorm room and also widely limited. By organizing your closet properly, you can clear the clutter, create tons of new space, and make it so much easier to pick out clothing when rushing for your 8 a.m. history class. Having a clean and neat closet can make it easier to get dressed, shop for new clothes, and has an effect on your entire room. So follow these simple ways to organize your closet and watch your room transform before your eyes.

1 Color Code

Color CodeWith such a small space, color-coding your clothes is one of the easiest ways to organize your closet. It will make your closet look so much more visually appealing and it will help you pick out exactly what clothes you want. It can also help you figure out which colors you tend to wear more and which colors you want more of in your wardrobe. After I color-coded my closet, I realized that half of my closet was black and blue and that I wanted more bright color in my wardrobe.

2 Get Layers

Get LayersIf your closet is made up of one rack to hang clothes on, you will never have enough space. Organizing your tiny dorm room closet is a lot easier if you have different layers to work with. Purchase a closet rod to create twice as much space to hang clothes. You can hang your pants and dresses on top and place your shirts and jackets on the bottom. Having multiple layers is the one of the easiest ways to organize your closet and look at your entire wardrobe in one glance.

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3 Invest in a Shoe Rack

Invest in a Shoe RackOne of the best ways to clean up your dorm room closet is by adding an over the door shoe rack. You can check out all of your shoes in just a glance and it frees up so much space in your closet. Picking out the perfect pair of shoes will be ten times easier when you have all of them in one place and don’t have to go digging around. It will reduce all of the clutter in your closet and clear up so much valuable space.

4 Make Use of the Floor

Make Use of the FloorNow that you have all of your shoes hanging neatly on the wall, you have tons of storage space on your closet floor. You can buy some adorable baskets and place your sweatshirts and sweatpants there. Or you can fold all of your t-shirts and place them in a clear box on your floor. Using your floor space in your dorm room closet is one the smartest ways to maximize what little space your closet offers.

5 Have a System

Have a SystemEven if you color code your closet, having a system can make your closet even more organized. The way I have my closet organized is by type of clothing and by color. I have all of my jeans grouped together, all of my day dresses grouped together, all of my skirts grouped together, and so on and so forth. When you have all of your clothes organized, it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for in a tiny closet and creates an overall better appearance.

6 Get Rid of Clothes You Never Wear

Get Rid of Clothes You Never WearIf there is one thing you don’t need taking up space in your closet, it is clothes you never wear. Before you even begin to organize your closet, go through all of your clothes and get rid of the ones you never wear. If that is to hard for your to do, turn all of your hangers a certain way. The first time you wear something, turn the hanger the opposite way when you put it back. After a couple of months, you can see which clothes you haven’t worn in like, forever. Take those clothes and donate them or sell them to a thrift store to make some extra cash.

7 Only Hang the Necessities

Only Hang the NecessitiesIf you have limited space to hang clothes in your closet, don’t go hanging every single piece of clothing you have. There is no need to have your t-shirts or sweatpants taking up valuable closet space. Find another place to put these items and only hang up certain clothes. Things like dresses, pants, nice tops, and items that can wrinkle easily should all be hung up. Other items can be put away in a drawer or folded into a box on the floor.

Having a nice and organized closet at college can make a huge difference in your dorm room. It may seem trivial and stupid at the time, but you will realize how nice it is to not have to go digging around every morning to get dressed. What did you think of these ways to organize your closet? What are some other tips on organizing a dorm room closet that you know of? Was your closet at school small or did you find it easy to fit all of your clothing in it?

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