7 Sneaky Ways to Create More Storage Space ...


There are some surprising and ingenious ways to create more storage space. With many of us living in small apartments, we need to find somewhere to store our many possessions. Fortunately, clever storage can squeeze space out of even the smallest apartment. So try these ways to create more storage space and get your belongings under control …

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Bench Seat

One of the practical ways to create more storage space is to build or buy a bench seat. There are lots of seats in stores that have storage space underneath. You can also make the most of a bay window by building a bench seat into it. This way, you not only get extra storage space, but also have a comfortable seat to read and look out at the view.


Awkward Spots

Many houses and apartments have annoying spaces that are too small to put any furniture in, such as underneath the stairs. But they can be turned into useful space! Any odd-shaped corners can be put to use as storage. You may have to get someone to build customised storage, but it's a good way of using otherwise dead space.


Shelves within Shelves

Kitchen cupboards in particular are often quite tall inside, which means that a lot of space is wasted. Create extra storage by the cunning use of shelves within shelves. Look for free-standing mini shelves in kitchen supply stores. This kind of storage can also be used in other parts of the house - if you have craft supplies, for example, you will have a lot of small items that could be stored on mini shelves.


Underbed Storage

The space under beds is often taken up with random items just pushed underneath. Make the most of underbed storage by keeping it organised in large boxes. Keep items like bedding in boxes with handles, so that you can pull them out whenever you need them. Items that you want frequently can be stored in drawers with wheels for easy access.


Shoe Store

A particularly good way to make the most of the space in a tall, narrow closet is to turn it into a shoe store. You can buy shoe racks, but wine racks are often cheaper. They serve very well to stack shoes in (each shoe fits neatly in the space where a wine bottle would go). You can build wine racks up as high as space allows, which is great if you have a massive shoe collection!


Wall Hanging

There are a number of ways that you can create extra storage using your walls - and you don't have to put up shelves. Simply screw in some hooks to make use of otherwise wasted space. They don't have to be level; it can actually look more interesting if they are at random heights. You can then hang items from the hooks, or loop string or ribbon between the hooks to create a 'laundry line.'



Finally, doors offer some useful extra storage space. It's best to use this space for small items, as bulky coats can make it difficult to close the door. There are hanging stores made of fabric, or you can find hooks that fit over the door. These are particularly useful if your small bathroom lacks space to put towels.

Storage doesn't have to be purely functional. For example, hanging bags on the wall as in point 6 can look stylish, and allows you to enjoy looking at your bags even when you're not using them. Be creative, and turn unusual objects into storage space. Is your every possession neatly stored, or does your home desperately need organising?

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Just moved into my new room in my house and I used some of these tips without even knowing. It's great! Thanks for the ideas :)

Great idea!! Will be using these...

Here is this bed from?


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