7 Super Old-Fashioned Cleaning Tips ...

Old-fashioned cleaning tips of the kind our grandmothers used are actually pretty effective. We don't need a vast array of chemical products when simple ingredients do the job just as well (or better). Store cupboard basics such as lemon juice and vinegar will tackle most cleaning jobs. What's more, they won't hurt your pets or cause harm to the environment. So try these effective old-fashioned cleaning tips for a sparkling home …

1. Wicked Windows

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This would definitely be one of Granny's favorite cleaning tips! She'd be bemused at the thought of buying special products to clean windows when all you need are some sheets of newspaper and a bottle of vinegar. Dilute one part of vinegar in several parts of water (it's easiest if you use a spray bottle). Spray the window and use a scrunched-up sheet of newspaper to clean. The ink in the paper cleans the windows beautifully.

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