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Berry themed decorations are a lovely way to bring nature into your home at Christmastime. And they are so versatile you can combine them with all your other favorite decorating items from tinsel to candles to baubles. Here are some berry themed decorations you might be inspired to make.

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Primitive Christmas Front Door Wreath

Primitive Christmas Front Door Wreath Source
Berry themed decorations can be elaborate or beautifully understated like this charming wreath,


Berry Mason Jar

Berry Mason Jar Via 25 Magical Ways to Use ...
This is "berry" nice - don't you think?


Candles Elevated on a Cake Stand

Candles Elevated on a Cake Stand Via Thanksgiving Table Ideas: Centerpiece, Place ...
An easy table centerpiece or nice way to add a welcoming touch to your hallway.


Birch Branches and Winterberry

Birch Branches and Winterberry Via Topiarius Inc.
Your holiday decor can start at the doorstep.


Doorstep Scene

Doorstep Scene Via Melrose International - Lantern (Set ...
Classic holiday scene with red lanterns, flameless candles and holiday berries and pine.


Door Swag

Door Swag Via Christmas Wreath-Winter Wreath- Holiday Decor- ...
A lovely alternative to the wreath shape.


Dressed up Mailbox

Dressed up Mailbox Via Dress Up Your Mailbox for ...
This will surprise your postman.


Berry Hurricane

Berry Hurricane Via Berry Candle Centerpiece - That's ...
So simple. So lovely.


Minimal Look

Minimal Look Via Annixen.: FARSDAG - 11 NOVEMBER.
If you don't want all the ostentation of a Christmas tree, chose simple berry laden branches.


Country Christmas Wreath

Country Christmas Wreath Via Country Christmas Wreath
I love the use of white berries on the red. So many times it's the other way round.


Accent Berries

Accent Berries Via HobbyLobby Projects - Welcome Christmas!
Hang ornaments from lengths of festive burlap ribbon. Then accent them with winter leaves and berries.


Alternative Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree Via Our alternative Christmas tree - ...
Stick red berry branches in a jar and hang some ornaments artfully


Big Red-berry Wreath

Big Red-berry Wreath Via Do-It-Yourself Wreaths
Make it big. Make it bold.


Monogram Berry Christmas Wreath

Monogram Berry Christmas Wreath Via Awesome Etsy Finds - Christmas ...
Add a personal stamp with the family initial.


Statement Wreath

Statement Wreath Via Creative Christmas Wreaths
The right amount of berries for the right touch.


Flowerpot Candles

Flowerpot Candles Via hampton hostess: GUEST POST: TREE ...
Love this idea, and so easy to do. You could set a dining table with one on each place setting or give this as a small holiday parting gift.


DIY Christmas Berry Wreath

DIY Christmas Berry Wreath Via DIY Red Berry Wreath on ...
Think you haven't got time to make berry themed decorations? Make this in 2 minutes flat for only a few bucks!


Initial Wreath

Initial Wreath Via Rusted Treasure: 5 Great DIY ...
Buy a letter, cover with Christmas berries, add a burlap bow and you're done!


Cranberry Candle Holder

Cranberry Candle Holder Via DIY Holiday Decor for Under ...
Cranberries are little Christmas jewels. They deserve to be part of your holiday decor.


DIY Holiday Wall!

DIY Holiday Wall! Via HOW TO: Holiday Holly Wall ...
What a great idea!


Christmas Berries and Mason Jars

Christmas Berries and Mason Jars Via Holiday Party Snapshots
What would the world do without mason jars?


Blueberry Candles

Blueberry Candles Via Lexi and Ernesto in Woodstock, ...
Candles floated atop blueberry-filled cylinders will fit with a silver/white theme if you don't want red.


Winter Berry Candle Rings

Winter Berry Candle Rings Via Set of Five Winter Berry ...
Of course, you don't have to DIY berry themed decorations. You can buy them.


Oversized Holly Berry Paper Garland

Oversized Holly Berry Paper Garland Via Oversized holly & berry paper ...
If you've got a staircase like this you too could go to town decorating it.


Staircase Decor

Staircase Decor Via A Whole Bunch Of Christmas ...
And if your staircase is not so grand, you can still decorate it to great effect.


Easy Holiday Floral Arrangement

Easy Holiday Floral Arrangement Via DIY: Easy Holiday Floral Arrangement ...
Add berries to flowers to make them festive.


Dollar Store White Berry Wreath

Dollar Store White Berry Wreath Via OMH: Dollar Store White Berry ...
The dollar store is a brilliant place to hit up for really cheap berry themed decorations.


Holly Centerpiece

Holly Centerpiece Via Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza: All the ...
I love berry laden holly branches in the holidays.


Roses and Berries

Roses and Berries Via Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas| Canadian ...
Wow! Stunning!


White Napkins with Cinnamon Sticks and Red Berries

White Napkins with Cinnamon Sticks and Red Berries Via Lunch & Latte: Happy Holidays
A pretty way to add a festive touch to your napkins without much effort.


Berry Step Jars

Berry Step Jars Via It's a Farmhouse Christmas! - ...
Mason Jars filled with flour for "snow" and a votive tucked inside. Decorate with tinsel and berries and line them up on the stairs.


Festive Snowy White Peppermint Arrangement

Festive Snowy White Peppermint Arrangement Via Christmas Decoration: Candy cane theme ...
Berries and candy canes are perfect partners.


Winter Table Decorations

Winter Table Decorations Via Winter Table Decorations
Tape off sections of empty paint cans and apply paint in the colors of your choice. Fill with berries, pine cones, branches - anything you like.


The Smells of Christmas

The Smells of Christmas Via DIY | Winter Holiday Crafts
Pair berries with cinnamon to make your house smell and look festive.


Mitten Wreath

Mitten Wreath Via Ash Tree Cottage: Planning The ...
How darling is this?


Bucket of Berries

Bucket of Berries Via Simply Prim
Tuck some greenery & berries in a bucket...such easy decorating for the holidays!


Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery

Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery Via Citrus and Evergreen~A Christmas Copycat
Use a glass hurricane or vase to create an arrangement that will last throughout Christmas. I'd tuck some holly branches or redcurrants in the top too.

I’ve never dressed up the outside my house but some of these berry themed decorations have inspired me. I'm actually going to fill my empty hanging baskets and use some battery operated lights in them as well. Are berries in your holiday decor?

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I think they are classic and add a lot of color!

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