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35 Pine Cone Crafts to Add a Seasonal Touch to Your Home ...

By Neecey

Pine cone crafts are such a fun fall and winter activity. If you're lucky enough to live near pine woods, there's an abundant supply and if not, you can buy packets of them in craft stores and online. Pine cones make a lovely addition to fall and winter homes in all sorts of ways. Buckle up, my friends, 'cos we're going on a ride through a pine cone crafts collection.

1 Pine Cone Table Decorations

Pine Cone Table DecorationsVia HouseHunt Real Estate Blog - ...
What I love most about pine cone crafts is that they don't need much skill and yet you still end up with something that looks good. Like this. Tie ribbon around pine cones and hang from your table.

2 Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones

Snowy Chocolate Pine ConesVia Quick and Easy Snowy Chocolate ...
Pine cone crafts without using pine cones? Make these no-bake cookies from Nutella and cereal.

3 Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Homemade Pine Cone Bird FeedersVia Easy Fall Crafts Using Pine ...
Remember our feathered friends during the colder times of the year.

4 Handprint Turkey

Handprint TurkeyVia An Easy Handprint Turkey Thanksgiving ...
Pine cone crafts are great for kids.

5 Pine Porch Pots

Pine Porch PotsVia Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas| Canadian ...
It doesn't take much effort to use pine cones to give your porch a seasonal look.

6 Pine Cone Figures

Pine Cone FiguresVia 7 Simple Craft Ideas, Easy ...
Pipe cleaners, pine cones, and simple wooden beads can be combined to create little people or animals.

7 Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine Cone OrnamentsVia DIY Pinecone Ornaments & My ...
Dastardly and simply clever - hot glue a bead on top of a pine cone to tie on the string.

8 Bleached Pine Cones

Bleached Pine ConesVia How to bleach your pinecones ...
Learn how to bleach pine cones.

9 Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone WreathVia 50 Amazing Outdoor Christmas Decorations ...
One of the traditional pine cone crafts.

10 Hanging Pine Cones

Hanging Pine ConesVia 11 Easy and Beautiful Thanksgiving ...
Use lighter colored pine cones or bleach them as in #8.

11 Pine Cone Garland

Pine Cone GarlandVia DIY Gold Leaf Pine Cone ...
Pimp up pine cones with gold leaf or spray paint.

12 Frosty Pine Cones

Frosty Pine ConesVia Clever Nest: Pine Cone Craftiness!
All you need are some Epsom salts and glue (oh and some string).

13 Glittered Pine Cones

Glittered Pine ConesVia Fresh New Ways To Decorate ...
Make them glitzy with glitter.

14 Burlap Wrapped Cones

Burlap Wrapped ConesVia The 36th AVENUE | Gorgeous ...
Burlap is perfect for a rustic look.

15 Multi-Colored Pine Cones

Multi-Colored Pine ConesVia Frugal Christmas Decorations: 20 Dollar ...
Go to town with colors that match your scheme.

16 Pine Cone Statue

Pine Cone StatueVia Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas| Canadian ...
Easy to accomplish with a tomato cage. Make each separately, greenery garland & pine cone garland, then wire to cage.

17 Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Christmas TreeVia Louisiana Bride: How to Make ...
Not got room for a Christmas tree? Make this!

18 DIY Hanging Pine Cone Succulent Planter

DIY Hanging Pine Cone Succulent PlanterVia Pine Cone Succulent Planters: Cool ...
Isn't this cute?

19 Centerpiece

CenterpieceVia 15 Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces
You can knock this up in less than 5 minutes and no one would guess.

20 Pine Cone Spheres

Pine Cone SpheresVia DIY Decor in Minutes: Pine ...
I think it needs a little... erm... something. Maybe some gold paint or glitter?

21 DIY Pinecone Candles

DIY Pinecone CandlesVia Secrets of Segreto - Segreto ...
Love it!

22 Christmas Arrangement

Christmas ArrangementVia RAZ Christmas at Shelley B ...
Evergreens and pine cones scream Christmas.

23 Pine Cone Cheese Ball

Pine Cone Cheese BallVia Pine cone cheese ball recipe ...
Am totally up for pine cone crafts including recipes.

24 Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Cinnamon Scented Pine ConesVia How to Make Cinnamon Scented ...
Give your pine cones a little spice.

25 Pine Cone Cluster Wreath

Pine Cone Cluster WreathVia PineCone Cluster/Wreath -Nature Winter Decor-
Easier than a circular wreath.

26 Little Cone Tree

Little Cone TreeVia Untitled
Put them on the Christmas table, or dot them around the house.

27 Pine Cone Hedgehog Ornaments

Pine Cone Hedgehog OrnamentsVia
In a word - adorable.

28 Pine Cone Penguins

Pine Cone PenguinsVia Furniture, Decor and Home Accessories ...
Are you finding these pine cone animal decorations too cute for words?

29 Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornament

Mini Pine Cone Wreath OrnamentVia Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornaments, ...
The snowflakes can be easily found in craft stores.

30 Pine Cone Place Holders

Pine Cone Place HoldersVia DIY: Pinecone Seating Card Holders
These are great for a fall/winter wedding or a Christmas table.

31 Heart Shaped Pine Cone Wreath

Heart Shaped Pine Cone WreathVia Instant Download, DIY, Heart Shaped ...
A different take on the traditional wreath.

32 Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas TreesVia 15 Holiday Crafts for Preschoolers
Such an easy craft for kids - all they have to do is glue on mini pompoms.

33 Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas TreesVia 10 Wonderful Pine Cone and ...
They look rather elegant, don't they?

34 Snowy Pine Cone Candle Jars

Snowy Pine Cone Candle JarsVia Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars - ...
Even little pine cones can be used.

35 Christmas Trees

Christmas TreesVia Oh how I love these ...
You need time on your hands to make these. You painstakingly pull each "petal" off the pine cones and stick them individually to a craft cone.

I'm all enthused now. Who's going pine cone collecting this weekend then?

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