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27 DIY Trinket Boxes to Keep Your Bling Organized ...

By Neecey

Why DIY trinket boxes? After all, it's just as easy to buy one, isn't it? Of course, but that's hardly the point of crafting, is it? With a DIY trinket box you can make something out of nothing, characterize it to your personality or desired style, make it in a size you can't find in the stores and because it's crafting, you can have fun and a sense of achievement. Your next craft project might be among these DIY trinket boxes.

Table of contents:

  1. Paint chip trinket box
  2. Tin jewelry box
  3. Lollipop sticks box
  4. Geometric trinket boxes
  5. Old book
  6. Lollipop sticks box
  7. Walnut box
  8. Upcycled yardsticks or rulers
  9. Game board box
  10. Crocheted baskets
  11. Decoupage box
  12. Perler bead trinket box
  13. Halloween cat trinket box
  14. Little zippered purse
  15. Photo frame and trinket box
  16. Altered altoids tin
  17. Recycled wine bottle trinket boxes
  18. Rustic ring box
  19. High heel shoe ring holder
  20. Trinket drawers
  21. Diy jewelry box
  22. Altoids tin jewelry box
  23. Diy jewelry box
  24. Diy tape roll jewelry box
  25. Diy mod podge wooden jewelry boxes
  26. Vintage book jewelry box
  27. Repurposed box

1 Paint Chip Trinket Box

Via Paint Chip Trinket Box

I knew I was going to find DIY trinket boxes made from some unusual or quirky things. I never imagined paint chips!

2 Tin Jewelry Box

Via {capture the moment}: Introducing Mother

Make it from an Altoids tin.

3 Lollipop Sticks Box

Via Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...

I wonder if you could do similar with tongue depressors?

4 Geometric Trinket Boxes

Via DIY Geometric Favor Boxes

More for gifting than keeping your own trinkets but still a cute idea.

5 Old Book

Via Daily Mail Organizing Center

It shows letters but why not trinkets? See also idea #21, which shows you how to make "rolls" to hold the jewelry, which you could put in the cavity.

6 Lollipop Sticks Box

Via Craftstick Trinket Box

I know you saw one just previously, but I wanted to show that you can decorate to taste too.

7 Walnut Box

Via a fairy walnut present - ...

This is so cute.

8 Upcycled Yardsticks or Rulers

Via Yard Stick to Storage Box

What a great way to upcycle something we no longer use.

9 Game Board Box

Via Repurposed Game Board Jewelry Box ...

DIY trinket boxes from old board games. So clever!

10 Crocheted Baskets

Via Colorful Crocheted Baskets & Covers

Handy with a hook? Get crocheting.

11 Decoupage Box

Via Wood Button Box Decoupaged with ...

Find an old box and give it a makeover. Buttons are cute but you could do paper decoupage too.

12 Perler Bead Trinket Box

Via Minecraft Dirt Block Perler Bead ...

With so many colors of Perler beads, you can coordinate your boxes with your room décor.

13 Halloween Cat Trinket Box

Via junk&stuff: Tutorial: Vintage-look Halloween Cat ...

If you're looking for DIY trinket boxes that are a serious crafter's project, this will tickle your fancy.

14 Little Zippered Purse

Via Macaron Coin Purse - Free ...

How precious would it be to present your bridesmaids with one of these, or your girlfriends for Christmas?

15 Photo Frame and Trinket Box

Via A handmade photo frame and ...

Make your own trinket boxes and decorate other items to match/coordinate.

16 Altered Altoids Tin

Via Altered Altoid Tin - Altoid ...

Here's another way to customize an Altoids tin. Easier than the previous example.

17 Recycled Wine Bottle Trinket Boxes

Via Recycled Wine Bottle Trinket Boxes

Wow! Glass cutting? Never thought about that as a doable home craft. The tutorial proves otherwise.

18 Rustic Ring Box

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Fancy turning your hand to woodworking? Use a bigger log to make a bigger box.

19 High Heel Shoe Ring Holder

Via the toasted coconut: Ring Holder ...

Oh my! This is genius! Don't you think?

20 Trinket Drawers

Via Pink Gem Chest

Buy a boring old set of drawers and give it a bling-y makeover.

21 DIY Jewelry Box

Via A Bubbly Life: February 2014

Got a box, some Washi tape and foam rollers? You're all set.

22 Altoids Tin Jewelry Box

Via How to Make an Altoids ...

I know, I know. This is the third Altoids tin but it is completely transformed with polymer clay.

23 DIY Jewelry Box


You can use foam rolls to hold earrings too.

24 DIY Tape Roll Jewelry Box

Via DIY Tape Roll Jewelry Box ...

Now that is what you call making something out of nothing!

25 DIY Mod Podge Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Via DIY Mod Podge Wooden Jewelry ...

Cover wooden boxes and chests with gorgeous papers.

26 Vintage Book Jewelry Box

Via Vintage Book Jewelry Box. Unique, ...

Another cool repurposing project.

27 Repurposed Box

Via How to Beautifully Combine A ...

If you're creative, you really can produce some fabulous things from a cardboard box!

So what do you think? Any DIY trinket boxes here you think will be gracing your vanity in the near future?

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