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My word is for 2014 organization, and if that’s your word too, then I have some great ways to organize your craft supplies and finally clear out the clutter. I’m still in the works of getting my office/craft room to look the way I want it to, but at least the holiday decor is put away! Let’s get inspired to clean up our act with these cool ways to organize your craft supplies and do this together…

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Jars Have you noticed a trend in my posts lately? If you love jars, especially mason jars, as much as I do then you will love one of my favorite ways to organize your craft supplies. Jars really help get the clutter off of your desk so you have more space to work, plus you can see through them and don’t have to worry about digging into the bottom of a drawer or box to find the item you want. I have so many drawers filled with stickers and stamps that I probably don’t use as much as I would like, but if they were visually right in front of me in a jar, I might get better use out of them.


Stack-on Drawer Cabinet

Stack-on Drawer Cabinet You have probably seen these drawer cabinets in a tool shed or garage filled with nails, bolts, screws, etc., but you can actually use it for more than just tools...so tell your guy to keep his hands off! There are so many little drawers on a stack-on drawer cabinet that you could probably fit your entire button, sticker, and stamp collection in it! I love using mine for little items that might get lost in a bigger drawer or on my desk. I even keep my stash of googly eyes in one of the drawers!



Pegboard This is another item that used to be associated with a tool shed with hanging hammers, wrenches, etc., however now they can be seen in craft rooms as well. Pegboards are a great way to display your craft supplies to have them in front of you in arm's reach. If you have a lot of ribbon, fun crazy scissors, washi tape, and spools of thread you can use hooks and even baskets to post these items on the pegboard. The possibilities of what you can display and hang up are endless.


Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy I love thinking outside the box for fun ways to organize and display craft supplies. I actually have a frog shaped metal-wire shower caddy hanging in my craft room that I use to hold my wooden stamps; it's cute and functional! You could also use a plastic, portable shower caddy to organize your craft supplies and take them on the go with you!


Shoe Cubby

Shoe Cubby I really could use a shoe cubby in my office, it’s a great way to store bigger items that don’t fit so well in a drawer. It's also great to use for items that you want to see in the open without them taking up needed space. I would love something like this for my 12 x 12'' scrapbook paper! I have a little tray on my desk, but it doesn’t quite hold all of the paper I have!


Muffin Pans

Muffin Pans So you’re probably thinking, “Is she serious...muffin tins?!” Yes I am! I have seen a lot of jewelry designers use this simple yet adorable idea to store and organize their small charms, pins, earrings, etc., and I just can’t get enough of it! You can display the tin on your desk or use it as an organizer for your top drawer so you can easily find small items.


Chicken Wire Frame

Chicken Wire Frame Whether you’re going for a rustic feel or just want a really cool way to display your craft supplies, DIYing a chicken wire frame for your wall is a great idea either way. I love this window frame memo board tutorial over on goingalittlecoastal.blogspot.com. This DIY comes in handy in so many ways; a memo board on the one side, chicken wire on the other, and jars attached to the bottom, love it!

How do you plan to organize your craft supplies this year? Have you used any of these cool ideas before?

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The chicken wire frame, is such an amazing idea

buying a shoe cubby.

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