7 Creative Mason Jar DIY Ideas for Teens ...

The mason jar trend has always been around for collectors, but hadn’t caught on with the rest of the world until bloggers and Pinterest showed us a whole load of fun mason jar DIY ideas. DIY rustic weddings helped kick off the trend as well, but now there are more and more mason jar DIY ideas for home decor and crafts for kids and teens. Just like these:-

1. Mason Jar Storage DIY

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This is a great mason jar DIY idea for teens who need storage on their desk or in the bathroom! They can use the jars to hold makeup brushes, pens and pencils, craft supplies, and more. You can display them on your desk and get creative with your mason jar lids by painting them, gluing fun items to the top, or you can make a storage shelf on the wall with this great tutorial over on lovelylittledetails.com. The possibilities are endless!

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