36 Vibrant Examples of Crayon Art ...


36 Vibrant Examples of Crayon Art ...
36 Vibrant Examples of Crayon Art ...

I think crayon art is kind of awesome, but then, I still love to color on the sly. You know that tug you feel when you walk by school supplies in the store, and spot that massive box of Crayola? However, there are so many more things to do with crayons these days. Using your hairdryer or even a hot glue gun, you can create some stunningly gorgeous crayon art that looks like it could hang in a gallery. I've tried to capture a few examples that aren't necessarily all over Pinterest. Let me know what you think, if you've ever made art with crayons, and if you have any tips for doing it!

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who Via Doctor Who Melted Crayon Art ...

I see crayon art for all sorts of movies, books, TV shows, and pop culture references, but this is for all my Dr. Who fanatics. You could even make the silhouette represent your favorite Doctor – which one would it be?


Little Garden Growing

Little Garden Growing Via Melted Crayon Art Projects - ...

I love the pieces, like the TARDIS, that focus on a family of hues to create something beautiful. I think I'd use brighter flowers, though – the daisies kind of disappear on the white canvas.


Picture Frames

Picture Frames Via Crafts

How gorgeous and colorful is this?



Pride Via Items similar to Pride: Original ...

As a Leo, I'm loving the lion pride, and those colors are perfect.



Sunshine Via The Sunshine Blog: Melted Crayon ...

It's quite easy to make inspirational wall art using crayons. You can easily dress up your favorite quote or motto.


Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas Via Keeping up with the Comptons: ...

This would be ideal for a teacher, but you could also create a monogram or initial for your child's bedroom or playroom.


Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow Via Melted crayon art weeping willow ...

I adore weeping willows! Something about this puts me in mind of the deep south; there's a bayou feeling here, don't you think?


Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata Via melted | Tumblr

With this piece hanging in your house, you wouldn't have any worries for the rest of your days – one look at it makes you smile!


Monet Inspired

Monet Inspired Via Green Dripped Wax Crayons

Can you believe this was made from crayons? It would be painstaking, but the finished product is so worth it.



Watercolor Via Crayon Art Round 2

These colors blend so beautifully. It's part watercolor, part stained glass – and if you like that look, just wait!


Photographic Art

Photographic Art Via Community Post: Amazing Portraits Made ...

This is the work of Christian Faur, and I don't think I could ever do it. Imagine the patience and the eye it takes to make all those crayons look like a rasturbated picture.


Little Dancer

Little Dancer Via The Snuggled Stitch - My ...

The crayons don't even have to be the focal point; you can just use them to add to the picture. That skirt looks like it's all tulle and whimsy.


Stained Glass

Stained Glass Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Told you! I think that, with a little patience, it would be easy to recreate something like this, using whatever patterns and colors you like.


Sun and Sea

Sun and Sea Via crayon art

The colors, the painted effect – lovely!


Fire Bird

Fire Bird Via 9 Inspired Ways To Create ...

Please tell me this reminds everyone else of Fawkes.



Spangled Via Making Art During Naptime | ...

This looks like some magical galaxy that might be hiding in the outer reaches of space.


Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain Via Items similar to Melted Crayon ...

If rain looked like this, I'd wish for storms every single day.



Frozen Via Disney's "Frozen" themed Melted Crayon ...

It's easy to create a Frozen picture with crayons – ditto The Little Mermaid, The Lion King (clearly), and probably any other Disney epic.


Go Fly a Kite

Go Fly a Kite Via Items similar to Original Melted ...

This is simple, but something about it is so meaningful, too.


Peacock Pretty

Peacock Pretty Via 9 Inspired Ways To Create ...

Crayons are perfect for creating the peacock's fanning tail. I think I would have added some purple and gold as well.


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Via Just Another Disney Blog: DIY ...

Told you! I love the undersea colors!


True Blue

True Blue You might see a lightning storm in this canvas, or the ripples and reflections you see on the water on a cloudy day. That's what I love about it, though – the colors and the technique lend themselves well to the imagination.


Abstract Art

Abstract Art Via Unique Abstract Melted Crayon Art

Oh, this is just glorious. It's so vibrant! Though abstract, it reminds me of something you might see on Willy Wonka's wall.



Wildflowers Via Handmade Wildflower Encaustic Wax Painting ...

I actually really want to make this. For the record, crayon art looks even more beautiful, if possible, on black paper or canvas.


The Mockingjay

The Mockingjay Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Really want to make this too! Actually, I wonder what kind of Harry Potter art I could do – I bet the Deathly Hallows symbol would look awesome on a colorful crayon background. Even the tale of the three brothers in silhouette would be amazing.



Whimsy Via best-photos-of-week-0

This reminds me of some fabulous space feature too. It looks like the atmosphere on some distant, undiscovered planet.


Melting Rain

Melting Rain Via Girl in Rain Melted Crayon ...

Sorry, I love this whole rain theme. Melted crayons seem made for raindrops.


In the Jungle

In the Jungle Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

This would look precious in a nursery.


Star Wars

Star Wars Via Star Wars Inspired Melted Crayon ...

The ultimate battle of good versus evil! Hey, though – you could do the same thing to depict the graveyard battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Not that I'm obsessed or anything.


Crayola Memories

Crayola Memories Via Items similar to Melted Crayon ...

Do this with your little one's hands or feet and you'll have memories to last a lifetime – plus the kiddo can help you make it!


Love in the Rain

Love in the Rain Via 30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art ...

In my defense, the rain is secondary here. I just love the idea of adding crayon art to an actual photo. Put your favorite picture on a canvas and go to town!



Nebula Via Nebula Melted Crayon Art

Here's an actual starscape. From the colors to the configurations, it's honestly breathtaking.


Photo Reel

Photo Reel Via 30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art ...

Here's another great way to frame your photos with a colorful crayon splatter.



Swinging Via 30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art ...

Love that tree!


All the Colors

All the Colors Via Chelsea & Camille: Crayon Art ...

This blends so beautifully. It looks a little like watercolor as well, and the colors are so dramatic.



Necklace Via Melted Crayon Craft Projects

Art comes in many forms, so I had to include this necklace. I want a pendant like this. The best part is, it can be anything you like.

I don't think I'll ever look at crayons the same way again! Are you going to try any of these projects?

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