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38 Initial Crafts to Make Your Mark with ...

By Neecey

Initial crafts (or you might consider them monogram crafts) are such fun. And why they are fun is because there are so many ways to get creative with them. You can make them to add a special little touch for your home or as a gift. You can use all sorts of materials and you can be as subtle or showy as you like. Ready to make your mark with some initial crafts?

1 Fall Wreath with Initial

Fall Wreath with InitialVia 15 Fall Wreath Ideas from ...
When isn't the time right for a wreath? Fall is perfect for wreaths and then we're into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. After the turn of the year, there's Easter and Mother's Day to look forward to. Initial craft wreaths can be made for any of these occasions.

2 DIY Burlap Door Hanger

DIY Burlap Door HangerVia Live a Little Wilder: burlap ...
Burlap is such a great craft material to work with and for this initial craft there's no end to colorways and decorations.


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3 Birch Initial Ornaments

Birch Initial OrnamentsVia DIY Birch Initial Ornaments - ...
Bring a natural touch to your tree decorations and the whole family can be represented on the tree too.

4 Monogrammed Ring Dish

Monogrammed Ring DishVia DIY Monogrammed Ring Dish - ...
Is it too obvious to say these would make a nice DIY wedding gift?

5 Initial Door Hanger

Initial Door HangerVia Initial Door Hanger
You can make a statement with bold colors and simple materials.

6 DIY Monogram Wood Chargers

DIY Monogram Wood ChargersVia DIY Wood Chargers - Shanty ...
These will look great if you like to decorate your table with natural items.

7 Easy Initial Wall Art

Easy Initial Wall ArtVia Make easy initial wall art ...
You can buy wooden letters from a craft store and then give your creative juices free reign to produce a unique piece of art.

8 DIY Personalized Acorn Christmas Ornaments

DIY Personalized Acorn Christmas OrnamentsVia Personalised Acorn Christmas Ornaments - ...
Another way to bring the indoors outdoors at Christmastime.

9 Clay Initial Jewelry

Clay Initial JewelryVia Kids DIY Clay Initial Jewelry ...
Makes great stocking fillers - or make individual fobs to keep your keys organized.

10 Personalized Scribble Shirts

Personalized Scribble ShirtsVia Aesthetic Nest: Craft: Scribble Initial ...
Need a fun activity to keep the kids occupied?

11 Ruffle Initial

Ruffle InitialVia Charming Vintage Cinderella Birthday Party ...
Guess what makes the ruffles? Cupcake liners!

12 Gem Encrusted Letter

Gem Encrusted LetterVia French / Parisian Baby Shower ...
What princess wouldn't love this in her room?

13 Initial Bookend

Initial BookendVia 8 Creative And Easy DIY ...
Wrap a brick in fancy paper, add an initial and hey presto - bookends.

14 A DIY Seashell Monogram

A DIY Seashell MonogramVia
For when you don't know what to do with all those seashells you've collected.

15 Initial Christmas Ornament

Initial Christmas OrnamentVia DIY Initial Christmas Ornament - ...
Add some extra bling to your Christmas decor.

16 Cork Initial

Cork InitialVia 12 must-see wine cork crafts
Isn't it about time you did something with all those corks you've been saving for a rainy day?

17 Crayon Initial

Crayon InitialVia my blog: brought to you ...
Something different to present as a teacher's gift.

18 Tree Quilt

Tree QuiltVia THE QUILT BARN: Tree Carving ...
This is such a cute idea. The initials are "carved" into the heart.

19 Layered Burlap Monogram

Layered Burlap MonogramVia DIY layered burlap monogram
Use a combination of lovely ingredients to produce an eye-catching piece.

20 Initial Coasters

Initial CoastersVia Handmade Hostess Gift: Initialed Coasters ...
Initial crafts don't get any easier than this.

21 Washi Tape Letter

Washi Tape LetterVia Easy washi tape initial - ...
There are so many Washi tape designs that are fun to play about with.

22 Twig Letter

Twig LetterVia Thanksgiving and Fall Decor
You could think about spray painting it to match your home decor if the bare look is a bit too rustic.

23 DIY Bejeweled Photo Collage Letters

DIY Bejeweled Photo Collage LettersVia DIY Bejeweled Photo Collage Letters
Such a fabulous way to present a photo collage.

24 Decorative Letters

Decorative LettersVia LiFe {unscripted}: How To Make ...
A lot of work? Well - it's a good few months before the baby arrives.

25 Button Initial

Button InitialVia Personalized Baby Nursery Letter Art, ...
A very pretty way to make use of buttons.

26 Fake Flower Monogram

Fake Flower MonogramVia Ann Marie + Me: DIY ...
I guess you could also make this from real flowers and florist oasis too.

27 Faux Industrial Looking Letter

Faux Industrial Looking LetterVia retropolitan: Faux zinc/industrial metal letters-Tutorial
Initial crafts serve more-masculine needs too.

28 Monogrammed Candle

Monogrammed CandleVia DIY Monogrammed Candles {12 Days ...
Turn store bought candles into personalized gifts.

29 Sequin Monogram

Sequin MonogramVia Sequin Monogram Letter DIY
Bring a bit of bling into your life (or someone else's).

30 Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate Mugs

Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate MugsVia Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate Mugs
Easy, quick and inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts.

31 Antique Book Monogram

Antique Book MonogramVia Ashbee Design: Altered Books • ...
If you can reconcile with destroying books - why not. How about spelling out the word "read"?

32 Bead Monogram

Bead MonogramVia Party Ideas by Mardi Gras ...
With so many different styles of beads available you're only limited by your imagination.

33 Washers Monogram

Washers MonogramVia Washer Monogram
A good idea if you've got a modern or industrial themed room/home.

34 Monogrammed Sharpie Mug

Monogrammed Sharpie MugVia 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas ...
Another easy initial craft where you produce something useful and not just pretty.

35 Yarn Wrapped Letter

Yarn Wrapped LetterVia {DIY} How to Make a ...
Use yarn, string, colored string ... or use plain string and paint it.

36 Appliqué Monogram

Appliqué MonogramVia TaDa! Creations: How to Applique ...
If you can sew, give this a go.

37 Sheet Music Monogram

Sheet Music MonogramVia DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music ...
Made from old sheet music and cereal boxes.

38 Initial Wall Art

Initial Wall ArtVia 18 Dorm Decor ideas - ...
An inexpensive way to decorate a college dorm room.

There are so many ways to make initials and so many things you can add them to. Have you been inspired to get your monogram on?

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