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38 Super Cute Felt Animals You Can Make ...

By Eliza

Whether you're into the art of felting, or you like to make things out of felt, these adorable animals are sure to inspire you. Crafting is so much fun and it's always so satisfying to create something with your own hands. Working with felt is pretty easy, so even if you're new to it, you can easily create something really cute. Try one of these and let me know how it works out.

1 Felt Woodland Creatures

Felt Woodland Creatures Via 101 idéer | pyssla, skapa ...
Cute little felt animals like these are so easy to put together and you will love how they look.

2 Little Friends

Little Friends Via Customized Hanging Woodland Mobile - ...
These tiny felt animals are perfect for kids because they can play with them and carry them around.

3 Curious Little Sloth

Curious Little Sloth Via Curious Little Sloth, Hand Felted ...
This guy is a great example of how cool felted animals look.

4 Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile Via Baby Crib Mobile - Baby ...
Felted animals are soft and lightweight, which makes them perfect for a crib mobile.

5 Animal Felt Masks

Animal Felt Masks Via Children's Woodland Animals Felt Mask ...
What fun it would be for kids to dress up and wear these masks during playtime.

6 Elephant in the Clouds

Elephant in the Clouds Via Up, Up and Away Elephant ...
This is another perfect example of felted animals for your baby's nursery.

7 Cute Sea Creatures

Cute Sea Creatures Via PDF pattern - Four cute ...
Aren't these adorable? Do you have someone to make them for?

8 Partridges and Pears

Partridges and Pears Via mmmcrafts: partridges and pears
Embroidery floss is a great way to add detail and color to your felt creations.

9 Needle Felted Wool Bunny Rabbit

Needle Felted Wool Bunny Rabbit Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Isn't this cute? I would love to be able to create something this adorable.

10 Teeny Bird

Teeny Bird Via 20 Adorable Handmade Stuffed Animals ...
This tiny bird would look cute in your potted plants. Or anywhere else for that matter.

11 Needle Felted Wool Sheep

Needle Felted Wool Sheep Via Needle Felted Wool Sheep Sculpture ...
Don't you just want to pet this fuzzy little sheep?

12 Needle Felted Penguin

Needle Felted Penguin Via Needle-Felted Polar Bear | Martha ...
These are super adorable little animals to decorate with during the winter time.

13 The Whole Menagerie

The Whole Menagerie Via Picasa Web Albums - Elicéa ...
This is all you need to create a fun Noah's Ark toy for little hands.

14 Felt Cubed Animal

Felt Cubed Animal Via Cubed Bunny Plush · How ...
Little kids love tiny things and these are just right for all of their playtime.

15 Fox Ornament

Fox Ornament Via You Go Girl!: fantastic felt
Next time Christmas rolls around, hang this cute little guy on your tree and you'll be smiling all season long.

16 Funny Bunnies

Funny Bunnies Via Tays Rocha: Costuras lindas para ...
These super sweet bunnies are fun and so cute at the same time.

17 Felt Elephants

Felt Elephants Via Atelier - Boutique D' Caroline
Elephants are my favorite animal so I really love this little guy.

18 Felt Mouse

Felt Mouse Via needle felted animals | LIVING ...
I can see this decorating a little girl's dollhouse, can't you?

19 Japanese Felt Wool Friends

Japanese Felt Wool Friends Via DIY handmade Japanese Felt Wool ...
Aren't these adorable? What would you do with them?

20 Felt Owl Ornament

Felt Owl Ornament Via You Go Girl!: It's A ...
This is another fantastic hanging ornament to decorate with.

21 Smiling Fox

Smiling Fox Via Foxes in love (PDF Pattern)
Wouldn't this smiling little guy make you happy every time you saw it?

22 Handmade Horses

Handmade Horses Via
Even a beginner can pick up the techniques needed to make these fun horses.

23 Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Via Needle Felted Animal. Fennec Fox
He looks so real, doesn't he?

24 Cute Soft Toys

Cute Soft Toys Via Mini Felt Soft Toys
Little soft toys are perfect for kids to play with and adore for their whole childhood.

25 Friendly Dragon

Friendly Dragon Via melkatsa's DeviantArt gallery
Here's a felt animal that any little boy would love to have.

26 Fox Felt Plushies

Fox Felt Plushies Via { Little. Paper. Forest }: ...
Foxes are popular right now, so here's another fun way to have a couple of your own.

27 Cute Reindeer

Cute Reindeer Via Hand Embroidered Felt Animal Ornaments-Fawn, ...
I love this little guy. You could use any thread color that you love best.

28 tiny mouse friend

tiny mouse friend Via Stuffed Animals by Natasha Fadeeva ...
He looks lifelike and sweet at the same time.

29 Hummingbird

Hummingbird Via Felt Hummingbird ... by Squishy-Cute ...
I would hang this cute hummingbird in a houseplant or from a hook in the window.

30 Tiny Red Cardinal

Tiny Red Cardinal Via Free Felt Patterns and Tutorials: ...
If you love birds, here's another fun one for your collection.

31 Owl Brooch

Owl Brooch Via Handmade Felt Owl Brooch, Woodland ...
You can attach jewelry pins and hooks to turn your felt animals into wearable creations.

32 Harvest Mouse

Harvest Mouse Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Apparently, everyone loves tiny mice so get yourself one today. This one's is a great choice.

34 Little Squirrel and Acorn

Little Squirrel and Acorn Via futuregirl craft blog : Tutorial: ...
This tiny set is fun for playing with or using as a cute decoration.

35 Bugs and Fishes

Bugs and Fishes Via Bugs and Fishes by Lupin: ...
These are some of my favorites! What about you?

36 Sloth Felt Brooch

Sloth Felt Brooch Via Sloth Felt Brooch Cute Funny ...
Wouldn't you love to wear this little pin around?

37 Little Kitty

Little Kitty Via Stuffed Animals by Natasha Fadeeva ...
What fun this would be peeking out of a potted plant or hanging over a small hook.

38 Dachshund Felt Ornaments

Dachshund Felt Ornaments Via dachshund felt ornaments - spabettie
If you're a wiener dog enthusiast, you will love these cute tiny dogs.

39 Itty Bitty Puppy

Itty Bitty Puppy Via READY TO SHIP 1inch-Ooak Needle ...
Here's one last felted masterpiece for your enjoyment.

Tiny creations come together quickly and are so fun to have around. Do you see a felt animal here that you want to make right now?

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