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Save My Page 30 Cute DIY Bookmarks to Make Use ...

By Jennifer

Full instructions can be found by clicking the "Source" link under each image. Read on, my friend!

1 Felt Heart Corner Bookmark


2 Tiny Washi Tape Bookmarks

Minis,Marques,Masking,Tape,Via 56 Adorable Ways To Decorate ...

3 Bookmark Corner Characters

art,art paper,paper,brand,SCENIC,Via ctbaker in the acres: 14 ...

4 Animal-shaped Bookmarks from Patterned Paper

And Co,text,art,pattern,design,Via Lou & Co

5 Button Bookmarks

color,art,meal,mains,TAYS,Via Simple and cute Button bookmarks ...

6 Cute Corner Bookmarks

text,font,advertising,label,calligraphy,Via Book Corners

7 Upcycled Spoon Bookmark

text,award,medal,locket,eneral,Via 23 Creative Bookmarks To Make ...

8 Book Page Bookmarks

product,art,pattern,design,label,Via Homemade Bookmarks • Tiny Rotten ...


dessert,food,party,baby shower,illustration,

10 Fox Bookmark

font,art,advertising,banner,brand,Via Printables: Foxy Bookmarks

11 Pom-Pom Bookmark

cheerleading,food,Via Back to School Gifts for ...

12 Hardcover BookMark

art,wood,flooring,textile,HANDBOOK,Via Book Spine Bookmarks

13 Mustache Bookmark

pattern,fashion accessory,brand,design,textile,Via DIY Mustache Bookmark diy craft ...

14 Chevron Bookmark

font,line,brand,shape,design,Via A bookmark in the colours ...

15 Quote Feathers Bookmark

product,label,brand,advertising,illustration,Via {free printable} Feather Quote Bookmarks ...

16 Magnetic Washi Tape Bookmark

text,font,product,writing,label,Via Magnetic Washi Tape Bookmarks: DIY

17 Bent Wire Bookmark

calligraphy,writing,paper,brand,document,Via Wedding Favor, Personalized Wire Bookmark, ...

18 Teacup Book Cover & Bookmark

cup,art,brand,design,furniture,Via Book and Paper Arts Inspired ...

19 Kitten Origami Bookmark

art,advertising,brand,banner,illustration,Via Cuteness alert: more kitten origami ...

20 Wicked Witch Bookmark

dessert,food,Via Ruby Slippers/Wicked Witch Bookmark

21 Origami Flower Bookmark

blue,art paper,art,wheel,paper,Via Crafting Up A Storm: Origami ...

22 Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bookmark

Crafts,text,green,font,poster,Via Alice In Wonderland Inspired Bookmark ...

23 Bookhouse Bookmark?

shape,box,Via 24 Household Items You Won't ...

24 Kawaii Bookmarks

art,label,brand,document,writing,Via The coolest back to school ...

25 Japanese Paper Doll Bookmark

clothing,fashion accessory,pattern,flower,Via Omiyage Blogs: A Dozen Dollies...

26 Paint Swatch Bookmark

www.scissorsandSpoons,,com,Via Scissors and Spoons

27 Zipper Bookmark

,Via 41 Gifts for Bookworms

28 Felt Teacup Bookmark

art,label,number,and,happened,Via Shopgirl: Tea Lover's Bookmarks on ...

29 Owl Bookmark

art,label,brand,,Torsdag,Via Bookmarks

30 Fancy Paint Swatch Bookmark

label,lighting,things,aren't,things,Via Welcome to Scrappin' Cat's Creative ...

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