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Stuck for Places to Put Your Pins? Try These DIY Pincushions

By Neecey

Teacups, puffer fish, caravans and thimbles...What can I be talking about? These are just some of the types of pincushions you'll find in this list of simple DIY projects. A pincushion is a must have for anyone who does fabric crafts (and probably for every mom too - all those button replacements and turning up), so why shouldn't it be cute, or fun or pretty? There's sure to be a DIY pincushion here for you.

1 Minion Pincushion

Minion PincushionVia Lady Joyceley

2 Skinny Pincushion That Also Quiets the Noise of Your Machine

Skinny Pincushion That Also Quiets the Noise of Your MachineVia The Patchsmith: Across the Pond ...


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3 Donut Pincushion

Donut PincushionVia Trend Alert: Donut everything!

4 Cactus Pincushion

Cactus PincushionVia KINDERleicht und schön | Nähen ...

5 Patchwork Pincushion

Patchwork PincushionVia Patchwork Pincushion

6 Pumpkin Pincushion

Pumpkin PincushionVia Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion / Organization ...

7 Mushroom Pincushion

Mushroom PincushionVia 来自freedom520的图片分享-堆糖

8 Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

Sewing Machine Pin CushionVia Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

9 No-sew Teacup Pincushion

No-sew Teacup PincushionVia punk projects: The Spotted Fox ...

10 Small Frame Pincushion

Small Frame Pincushion

11 Sewing Tool Caddy

Sewing Tool CaddyVia Cute Little Sewing Tool Caddy ...

12 Lace Pincushion

Lace PincushionVia Vintage with Laces: A Pincushion ...

13 Thimble Pincushion Necklace

Thimble Pincushion Necklace

14 Strawberry Pincushion

Strawberry Pincushion

15 CHINA TEA CUP Pincushion

CHINA TEA CUP PincushionVia Items similar to CHINA TEA ...

16 Mason Jar Pincushion

Mason Jar PincushionVia Sew Many Ways...: Tool Time ...

17 Caravan Patchwork Pincushion

Caravan Patchwork PincushionVia Caravan Patchwork Pincushion & Suitcase ...

18 Little Felt Pin Cushion

Little Felt Pin CushionVia You Go Girl!: Keepin' My ...

19 Kitty Kat Pincushion

Kitty Kat PincushionVia Free Cloth Doll Pattern - ...

20 Folk Art Pincushion

Folk Art PincushionVia Tuna Can Pincushions | Wee ...

21 Felted Puffer Fish Pin-Cushion,

Felted Puffer Fish Pin-Cushion,Via Felted Puffer Fish Pin-Cushion

22 Hedgehog Pincushion

Hedgehog PincushionVia maker*land.: Make a hedgehog pincushion ...

23 Thread Catcher and Pin Cushion Combo

Thread Catcher and Pin Cushion ComboVia T. in the Burg: Search ...

24 Toy Truck Pincushion

Toy Truck PincushionVia Just Something I Made: Retreat ...

25 Mouse Pincushion

Mouse Pincushion

26 Pincushions from Thread Spools

Pincushions from Thread SpoolsVia Shabby, Pink and Pretty

27 Mini Dress Mannequin Pincushion

Mini Dress Mannequin PincushionVia Season 4! How to Make ...

28 Cushion Pincushions

Cushion PincushionsVia DIY Mini Pin Cushion

29 Cupcake Pincushions

Cupcake PincushionsVia Star-Shaped and Shiny: Cupcake Pin-Cushions ...

30 Flower Pincushions

Flower PincushionsVia

31 Pear Pincushion

Pear PincushionVia retro mama: A New Leaf

32 Felt Tree Stump Pincushion

Felt Tree Stump PincushionVia Bugs and Fishes by Lupin: ...

33 Elephant Pin Cushion

Elephant Pin CushionVia Heather Bailey EFFIE and OLLIE ...

34 Pincushion Flowers

Pincushion FlowersVia ReMadeSimple: Diy Spring Pincushion Flowers

35 Embroidery Hoop Pincushion

Embroidery Hoop PincushionVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy

36 Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter Pincushion

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter PincushionVia 25 DIY Valentine's Day Crafts ...

37 Pincushion Ring

Pincushion RingVia How to Make a Pincushion ...

38 Thumb Pincushion

Thumb PincushionVia Annies Crazy World

39 Smart Pincushion

Smart PincushionVia 'PIN' cushion

40 Candlestick Pincushion

Candlestick PincushionVia Pin Cushion · Extract from ...

41 Old Salt Shaker Jar Lid Pincushion

Old Salt Shaker Jar Lid PincushionVia Todolwen (new): I Love Creative ...

42 DIY Wrist Pin Cushion

DIY Wrist Pin Cushion

43 Mouse Pincushion

Mouse PincushionVia Sewing Secrets: 5 Simple Projects ...

44 Pretzel Pincushion

Pretzel PincushionVia Preztel Pincushion Tutorial -

45 Creepy Eye Pincushion

Creepy Eye PincushionVia How To: Eyeball Pincushion

46 Altoids Tin Pincushion

Altoids Tin PincushionVia Reminisce...: Day 5- Sewing Sisters

47 Pin It Pincushion

Pin It PincushionVia Pin Cushion Roundup

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