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7 Unicorn-themed Crafts to Make Your Life Colorful and Happy ...

By Meream

If you're in the mood for some magical DIYs, look no further than these unicorn craft projects. These are so insanely cute, you'd want to tackle all ideas. Whether for you or for a magic-loving kid in your life, these unicorn DIYs are sure to bring plenty of smiles. Check out the craft projects below and prepare to have a dose of colorful magic in your life. Enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. Accent wall
  2. Party favor jars
  3. Duct taped pumpkin
  4. Headband
  5. Hobby horse
  6. Framed unicorn
  7. Papier mache taxidermy

1 Accent Wall

Nothing says magic than a giant DIY unicorn wall art. This creature was painted onto the wall using regular paint. The pattern was created with the help of handy-dandy painter's tape. To trace a unicorn pattern onto your wall, you might need a projector. Of course, drawing directly on the wall could work, too.


2 Party Favor Jars

How cute! Not only are these super adorable, they are very easy to make, too. You can find unicorn plastic toys from toy or craft stores. Spray paint them in any color you like, and then glue to jar lids. Let dry and use said jars for storing party favors. And that's it.


3 Duct Taped Pumpkin

That's right, this funny thing is made of pumpkin and duct tape. Isn't he cute? The body of the pumpkin is covered with white duct tape and then unicorn face details are added. Again, the details are made of duct tape. If you have not realized it by now, duct tape is a material that you need in your craft room.


4 Headband

This is the craft project for you if you're in the mood to BE a unicorn. This will require a headband and pretty felt flowers. You can skip the steps for making felt flowers, of course, if you opt to use plastic, store-bought ones. Simply hot glue them to the headband, near your unicorn horn. Speaking of the horn, this will be made of white felt with strong thread spiraled around its body.


5 Hobby Horse

This is one cute unicorn craft project. Not only is it a fantastic toy, it will make for a great photoshoot prop as well. The princess outfit shown above is perfect. What could also work is a fun fairy costume. To make your unicorn stick or hobby horse, you will need felt, fiber fill, embroidery thread, and a 1/2” wooden dowel for the stick. You may find this step unnecessary but painting the wooden dowel the same color as your felt fabric will give you a much cuter unicorn stick horse.


6 Framed Unicorn

This is an easy unicorn craft project that you can make using items from the dollar store. You will need a frame with an intricate design, a plastic toy unicorn, industrial glue, and spray paint. If you can't find a toy unicorn, you can create your own using a horse and a bit of polymer clay for the horn.


7 Papier Mache Taxidermy

This one is close in concept to the framed unicorn DIY, but bigger. Lots of newspaper and paper towel will be needed for this project. The unicorn head was created using balled up newspaper. The ears and horn are card stock or thick paper. After the formed unicorn head is papier mached using paper towel, a layer of book page strips are added. You can skip this step if you plan on painting your faux taxidermy.


Are you ready to ride into the magical world of unicorn crafts? Hope you find inspiration from this list!

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