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Books have but one fault. They do love to fall over. Luckily, I have no such problem - I have so many books, they are crammed together and simply can't fall down. If however, you don't have so many, or you want to proudly display your literature collection, you need bookends. And what's better than shop bought bookends? DIY Bookends!

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Woodland Bookends

Woodland Bookends Source:


Driftwood Bookends

Driftwood Bookends Source: Driftwood Bookends, Drift Wood Bookends


DIY Succulent Bookend

DIY Succulent Bookend Source: Style a Shelf With Succulent


Vintage C-clamps

Vintage C-clamps Source: 25 Home Solutions to Take


Direction Signs

Direction Signs Source:


Scrap Wood Owls

Scrap Wood Owls Source: Items similar to Set of


Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl Record Bookends Source: Top 10 DIY Unique Vinyl


Crochet Elephant Bookends

Crochet Elephant Bookends Source: Elephants on #Crochet: Free Crochet


Glass Vases Filled with Colored Floral Decor Sand

Glass Vases Filled with Colored Floral Decor Sand Source:


DIY Hidden Bookends

DIY Hidden Bookends Source: coffee, light & sweet: diy


Toys Glued to Wood Blocks and Spray Painted for Fun Book Ends

Toys Glued to Wood Blocks and Spray Painted for Fun Book Ends Source: Gift Ideas: 20 Quick &


Quotation Mark Bookends

Quotation Mark Bookends


Book End from the Beach

Book End from the Beach Source: Free Decorative Bookends from the


Painted Dollar/thrift Store Figures

Painted Dollar/thrift Store Figures Source: Items similar to handmade modern


Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks Source: Roundup: 10 Easy Home Decor


Painted Mason Jars Weighed down with Sand, Rice, Etc!

Painted Mason Jars Weighed down with Sand, Rice, Etc! Source: Emma's House Buying Story


Picture Frame Bookends

Picture Frame Bookends Source: Decorating with Picture Frame Bookends


Action Figure Bookends

Action Figure Bookends Source: ‘War and Peace’ Bookend


DIY Concrete Bookends

DIY Concrete Bookends Source: DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends


DIY a to Z Book Ends

DIY a to Z Book Ends Source: DIY Book Ends - DIY


Wrapped Brick Bookends

Wrapped Brick Bookends Source: 8 Creative And Easy DIY


DIY Bookend Wine Bottles

DIY Bookend Wine Bottles Source: DIY: Wine Bottle Crafts


Cloud/sun Wooden Bookends

Cloud/sun Wooden Bookends Source: Childrens' Bookends, Wooden and Painted


Bracket Bookends

Bracket Bookends Source: All Baby & Child


Brackets aren't just for shelves! With a coat of paint and some creative placement, these inconspicuous pieces of hardware transform into stylish and functional bookends. Think of them as the silent heroes, holding up your favorite novels and journals with ease. They're perfect for a home office or a cozy reading nook, adding a touch of industrial chic to your space. Plus, they're super affordable and easy to install, which means you can achieve an Instagram-worthy bookshelf on a budget. Don't forget to personalize them with your favorite color to make them truly yours.


Vintage Phone Bookends

Vintage Phone Bookends Source:


Gold Brick Bookend

Gold Brick Bookend Source: so simpatico: martha monday: the


Spray Paint PVC Pipe for Gold Bookends

Spray Paint PVC Pipe for Gold Bookends Source: 41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs


DIY Shabby Chic Coral Bookend

DIY Shabby Chic Coral Bookend Source: DIY Shabby Chic Coral Bookends


Adding a touch of coastal inspiration to your bookshelf is simple with this DIY Shabby Chic Coral Bookend. By utilizing faux coral pieces and a base of your choice, you can create a whimsical yet elegant support for your favorite reads. Painting the coral in a soft pastel hue enhances the shabby chic vibe, making your bookend not just a functional piece but a charming decor statement as well. With this creative project, organizing your books can become an opportunity to show off your crafting skills and your love for the seaside.


Concrete Letters

Concrete Letters Source: How To Make Concrete Letters


Jar of Marbles

Jar of Marbles Source: Decorative Items to Put in


Vintage Kitchen Rolling Pin Bookends

Vintage Kitchen Rolling Pin Bookends Source: Thistlekeeping - Thistlewood Farm


Door Knob Bookend

Door Knob Bookend Source: Vintage Door Knob Crafts


Painted Stones Bookend

Painted Stones Bookend Source: PAINTING ON STONES IS A


Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Book Ends

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Book Ends Source: Estate2


Scrabble Bookend

Scrabble Bookend Source: Vintage Apothecary Jar - Tall


Utensil Bookends

Utensil Bookends Source: valdirose


Gold Sharpie Monogrammed Bookends

Gold Sharpie Monogrammed Bookends Source: Cuckoo 4 Design: Gold Monogrammed


DIY Glass Vase Bookends

DIY Glass Vase Bookends Source: Home Made Modern: DIY Glass


Brick Books

Brick Books Via


License Plate Bookends

License Plate Bookends Via

Are you ready to make some bookends to keep your tomes in order?

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