Hello Bookworm 48 Fantastic DIY Projects with Old Books ...


As much as it would pain me to ruin a perfectly good book, even an old one, some of these ideas are just to marvelous to pass up. Which one of these will you try first? (Note: to see the instructions, click the "Source" link under each photo.)

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Storage Bin

shelf,lighting,wood,furniture,Pilcher, Via DIY Decorating Ideas: Thrifty Thursday ...


Charging Station

pink,purple,tablecloth,art,table, Via 23 Life Hacks Every Girl ...


Sketchbook Pages

pattern,art,design,leaf,drawing, Via alisaburke: paper flowers holiday wreath


Zipper Clutch

art,textile,label,Zipper,book, Via bloglovin.com


Envelope Book

color,yellow,green,art,wood, Via DIY Envelope Book: Instructions (PDF)


An envelope book is a charming and innovative way to repurpose old books, giving them a new life as a collection of secret pockets. This DIY project is perfect for crafters looking to organize stamps, mementos, or even create a personalized scrapbook. By simply folding and attaching envelopes to the book's spine, dare to add a whimsical touch to your office or craft space. To start your project and to keep those treasures tucked away neatly, just download the instructions and let your creativity unfold like the delicate flaps of an envelope.


Vintage Dictionary Flowers

tree,flora,christmas decoration,flower,land plant, Via From Dahlias to Doxies: DIY ...


Heart Garland

petal,branch,leaf,lighting,art, Via Old book paper garland, Wedding ...


Artists' Bag

product,fashion accessory,brand,The,agabond, Via 100 Ways to Repurpose and ...


Fluttering Butterfly Collage

fashion accessory,jewellery,silver,bling bling,Papillonner, Via (Créations © Par un beau ...


Tiny Garden

plant,bonsai,houseplant,flower,produce, Via DIY: How to Create a ...


Display Shelves

shelf,wall,modern art,furniture,picture frame, Via Inspired By: Books as Display ...


Monogram Art

art,wood,lite,suc,acrid, Via Green Submarine: DIY: book letters



furniture,floor,bed,wood,interior design, Via 9 DIY Projects Made From ...


The headboard is a key piece of furniture in any bedroom, providing both functional and aesthetic value. While traditional headboards are typically made from wood or metal, there are many creative and unique options for those who want to add a personal touch to their bedroom. One such option is using old books to create a headboard. This not only adds a unique and literary element to the room, but it also repurposes old books that may otherwise go to waste. This DIY project is not only cost-effective, but it also allows for endless possibilities in terms of design and customization.


Found Poetry

text,font,poster,sketch,drawing, Via visual and found poetry


Heart Wall Art

art,writing,wood,design,calligraphy, Via Creative and Awesome Do It ...


Lamp Base

man made object,wood,lighting,light fixture,interior design, Via Repurposed Books - 5 Things ...



wood,art,carving,relief,adp6, Via Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old ...


Kitchen Wall Art

art,writing,design,document,glass, Via Holy Craft: EAT book page ...


Paper Ornaments

jewellery,fashion accessory,art,flower,lighting, Via 5 Paper Ornaments book pages


Paper Hearts

light fixture,lighting,art,interior design,chandelier, Via my little box


Lovely Art

text,hairstyle,moustache,drawing,sketch, Via Gil: JORNAL, reciclando na decoração, ...


Keepsake Box

box,writing, Via Daily Mail Organizing Center



art,wood,flooring,HANDBOOK,GIRL, Via Book Spine Bookmarks


Sweet Snowman

lighting,art,pattern,wood,design, Via Vintage Book Snowman FROSTY teacher ...


Christmas Ornaments

wood,food,coconut,material,Aar, Via Commona My House: DIY Christmas ...


One-Liner Wall Art

art,flooring,wood,pattern,textile, Via Newspaper Blackout Poetry


Lamp Shade

man made object,lighting,coconut,material,Req, Via Mari Makes: Budget Anthropologie Tutorial: ...


Laptop/Tablet Case

red,furniture,product,brand,leather, Via Community Post: Book Laptop Cover


Glitter Stars

christmas decoration,christmas,been,n's,mot, Via Sweet Something Designs: Vintage Christmas


Cool Clock

lighting,wood,u.a, Via DIY – Vintage Book Clock ...


Display Piece

wood,hardwood,floor,wood stain,furniture, Via Repurpose old encyclopedia's into aged ...


Photo Frame

watch,clock,hand,picture frame, Via Vintage Book Crafts


Gift Tags

necklace,pendant,earrings,locket,fashion accessory, Via 9 DIY Projects Made From ...


Painting Paper

Big Ben,Houses of Parliament,red,poster,art, Via Dishfunctional Designs: How To Upcycle ...


Bird Ornament

fashion accessory,art,wing,material,roop,


Star Wreath

wood,sculpture,roof,furniture,Him, Via House Revivals: New Star Design ...


Photo Album

cash,product,art,brand,document, Via Tutorial | Make a Photo ...


Mixed Media Art

tree,plant,branch,font,wall, Via Vintage Dictionary Book Page Original ...


Table Runner

tablecloth,table,art,textile,material, Via Roundup: 8 DIY Table Runner ...


Photo Paper

art,wood,ancient history,called,hthe, Via KHughes Photography: Something fun! Wedding ...


Paper Flowers

fashion accessory,art,ear,bead,pattern, Via 221 Upcycling Ideas That Will ...



wood,food,material,Dai,nor, Via A Glimpse Inside: Guest Post: ...


Page Wreath

flower,floristry,christmas decoration,lighting,carving, Via DIY Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath ...



art,paper,shape,illustration,saER, Via Children's Book Birdhouse - Make:


This DIY Birdhouse project from Children's Book Birdhouse - Make is an easy and fun way to upcycle old books. You will need some basic materials such as glue, scissors, paper, and a few other items. The project is fairly simple and can be completed in a few hours. The birdhouse is a great way to add some unique and creative flair to any garden or backyard. The birdhouse is also a great way to get kids involved in a craft project. The birdhouse can be decorated with colorful paper, paint, and other embellishments, making it a truly unique and special piece. With a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful birdhouse that will last for years to come.


Garden in a Book

plant,floristry,houseplant,wood,bonsai, Via Crafty Goodness!


5 Pointed Origami Star Ornaments

art,origami paper,symmetry,LAPUS1,1A11, Via Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star ...


More Wall Art

art,picture frame,modern art,wood,drawing, Via Cuadros con siluetas / Silhouette ...


IPhone Dock

pink,flower arranging,flower,floristry,centrepiece, Via At the Pink of Perfection: ...

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The book lover in me cringing so much, I can't even bring myself to dog ear pages.. some of these are pretty nice like the found poem but most of its like a massacre!

Great idea, and not wanting to tear apart any of my books, a quick visit to the thrift shop can solve that issue!

I agree. I feel bad tearing up a book or writing on it, especially when there are other people willing to take the books. Also I think the charging station is a recipe for disaster. What happens if you phone over heats.

Yeah I couldn't tear up my books! 😭


No! Just no

Very cute and creative ideas, but I probably couldn't tear apart my books XD (except maybe a dictionary or the like) For the ideas that just display the paper, you could use a newspaper or something.

Even if I've read a book a million times, I wouldn't tear it up

Couldn't dream of doing this. I have so many books and wouldn't party with any of them

I'll feel really bad to tear up a book like that...

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