33 Crafty Ways to Use Old Magazines ...


33 Crafty Ways to Use Old Magazines ...
33 Crafty Ways to Use Old Magazines ...

Despite the vast quantity of digital material we read there's nothing like a shiny glossy printed magazine is there? But what do you do when you finally decide to get rid of your stockpile? Don't throw them in the recycling because there are some very crafty ways to use old magazines.

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Magazine Gift Bags

handbag,art,pattern,fashion accessory,textile, Via {Tutorial Tuesday} Magazine & Paper ...
Don't buy gift bags. Make your own.


Instead, recycle those stacks of old magazines gathering dust. With just a few simple folds and a splash of creative zest, you can turn colorful pages into chic gift bags. It's not only a wonderfully green alternative, but it also adds a personal touch to your presents. Imagine the delight when your friends see a bespoke bag designed with handpicked patterns that reflect their style. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a special treat for yourself, these handmade fashion statements showcase your commitment to flair and sustainability.


Don't Have a Bow?

art,origami,petal,origami paper,art paper, Via 23 Tricks To Take The ...
You can make one out of magazine pages


Subway Art

text,poster,advertising,MOVIE,TIME, Via Subway word art: a DIY ...
Paste your favorite inspirational words and phrases cut from magazines to make a motivation board.


Subway art, also known as word art, has become a popular DIY trend using old magazines. It involves cutting out words and phrases from magazines and pasting them onto a surface to create a unique and personalized piece of art. This trend has been seen in various forms, from motivation boards to room decorations. It not only provides a fun and creative way to repurpose old magazines, but also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals. This crafty idea has gained popularity on women-focused blogs, with many sharing their own unique creations and encouraging others to try it out.


Art Vase

art,vase,lighting,bead,glass, Via 30 Genius Things to Make ...
Make your own unique piece of art.


Transform your collection of old magazines into a stylistic statement piece with an art vase. Carefully cut strips of vibrant magazine pages and use them to decoupage a pre-existing vase, giving it a colorful collage makeover. This eco-friendly craft not only recycles your periodicals but also gives you a custom decor item that's both eye-catching and personal. Add a protective coating, and you'll have a conversation-starting centerpiece that's as durable as it is beautiful. Pair with fresh flowers or twigs for an artistic touch to any room!


Recycled Magazine Basket

art,patchwork,textile,quilt,quilting, Via calico: recycled magazine basket
Time to get weaving.


Confetti Magazine Bowl

art,fashion accessory,shape,jewellery,bead, Via Confetti Magazine Bowl - Think ...
You need patience to tear up the magazine pages into confetti pieces.


The Confetti Magazine Bowl is a fun and creative way to repurpose old magazines. It is featured in a list of 33 crafty ideas for using old magazines on a women-focused blog in the DIY category. The bowl is made by tearing up magazine pages into confetti pieces and carefully arranging them into a bowl shape. This process requires patience and attention to detail, making it a great activity for those looking for a mindful and relaxing craft project. The end result is a unique and colorful bowl that can be used as a decoration or for holding small items.


Heart-shaped Dish

spiral,fashion accessory,art,jewellery,bead, Via Things to Make From Magazine ...
The link will take you to a tutorial on how to roll magazine pages which will help you with many of these crafts.


This heart-shaped dish is a unique and creative way to repurpose old magazines. By rolling magazine pages, you can create a beautiful spiral design that can be used in many different crafts. This tutorial, found on the "Things to Make From Magazine" blog, shows step-by-step instructions on how to create these rolled magazine pages. Once you have mastered this technique, you can use it to make various items such as jewelry, fashion accessories, and even home decor. This is a great way to reduce waste and give new life to old magazines while also creating something beautiful and practical.



art,textile,bed sheet,pattern,material, Via Art Wall Evolution
Just strips of magazine glued to a canvas


Party Balls

flower,leaf,butterfly,invertebrate,VAANII, Via Mark Montano: PARTY BALLS!
A great way to make cheap party decorations.


These Party Balls are a great way to add some fun and festive decorations to any party. They are easy to make using old magazines, scissors and glue. The finished product is a colorful and eye-catching decoration that can be hung from the ceiling or from any other place. They can also be used as a centerpiece or as a way to add some color to any room. They are a great way to add some fun and color to any party or event without spending a lot of money.



color,blue,wall,painting,modern art, Via Make a Mod Podge Silhouette ...
This looks more difficult than it really is.


Creating a collage from old magazines can add a whimsical or avant-garde touch to any space. Cut out your favorite images or color swatches from those glossy pages and arrange them into a silhouette or abstract shape. With a dash of creativity and some mod podge to secure your design, you can bring to life a personalized piece of art. It's not just an eclectic decoration, but also a fun conversation starter that showcases your unique style and recycles magazines in a charming way.


DIY Wreath

wreath,christmas decoration,art,petal,bead, Via michele made me: Series 6: ...
so easy and so effective.


Creating your own festive wreath is a fantastic way to upcycle those old magazines that have been piling up. With just a few simple folds and some creative arrangement, you can transform outdated pages into a stunning piece of holiday decor. Whether it’s for Christmas or any other celebration, a homemade wreath adds a personal touch to your home. Plus, it's an eco-friendly decoration that will have your guests admiring both your craftiness and your commitment to sustainability. Gather some beads or ribbons to give your wreath that extra flair and watch as it becomes the centerpiece of your seasonal decorations!


Photo Frame

advertising,modern art,book,honey, Via 35 New Uses For Old ...


Woven Basket

wheel,fashion accessory,glass, Via .....
That's quite an amazing way to use old magazines.


This project involves weaving a basket out of old magazines. The basket is made by rolling the magazine pages into tubes and weaving them together. The end result is a beautiful, unique basket that can be used for storage or decoration. The basket can be customized by using different colors of magazines or by adding beads or other decorations. This project is great for anyone who loves to craft and is looking for a creative way to upcycle old magazines. With the right materials and a bit of patience, anyone can create a stunning woven basket out of old magazines.


Rolled Paper Wreath

art,circle, Via sol y sombra: December 2009
Stick a mirror in - yes?


Transform those outdated magazines into a stunning piece of decor by rolling pages into tight tubes and arranging them in a circular pattern. Add a pop of color by choosing strips from vibrant pages, or keep it elegantly monochrome with black and white text. Secure the rolls with a dab of glue to maintain the shape of your wreath. Whether it's for the holiday season or a year-round decoration, this earth-friendly and chic accessory will catch the eyes of your guests. And don't forget, slipping in a small mirror gives it a functional twist, perfect for that last-minute outfit check!



art,fashion accessory,mosaic,pure, Via How To: Make Recycled Magazine ...
You can never have too many coasters - right?


Absolutely! Coasters protect your surfaces while adding a splash of personality to any room. Transforming old magazines into coasters is not only an eco-friendly choice but also a chance to showcase your creativity. Simply cut out some vibrant magazine pages, glue them to cardboard, and seal them with clear adhesive to make them water-resistant. Whether you’re sipping a morning coffee or enjoying an evening cocktail, these homemade gems will be the talk of the table. Plus, they make thoughtful, personalized gifts for friends and family who appreciate a touch of handmade charm. Why purchase generic coasters when you can design your own unique set?


Silhouette Art

finger,fashion accessory,hand,nail,crayon, Via How to Upcycle Old Magazines ...
Oh boy, clever.


Magazine Bowls

art,fashion accessory,jewellery, Via Art Teacher Creature: End of ...
Love the star shape.


Transform your stack of outdated magazines into unique, eco-friendly centerpieces with a bit of folding and gluing. These magazine bowls are not only stylish, but they also serve as a conversation starter, reflecting your commitment to upcycling and sustainable living. Each page offers a riot of colors and patterns, ensuring that no two bowls are ever alike. Whether you use them to hold your keys, trinkets, or simply as decorative pieces, these bowls are sure to add a funky twist to any room. And best of all, they're a great weekend project for crafters of all ages!


Paper Ewer

vase,pottery,ceramic,porcelain,art, Via How to Make Recycled Paper ...
What a wonderful shape.


This charming paper ewer offers a creative twist on traditional vases. Meticulously crafted from rolled-up magazine pages, it's a testament to resourceful artistry. Not only do you get to upcycle those stacks of old magazines, but you also end up with a unique, eco-friendly piece of decor. Display it with pride on your mantelpiece or coffee table, and bask in the compliments from your guests on your ingenious use of repurposed materials! Remember to pair it with dried flowers or branches for a complete sustainable and stylish look.


Lidded Boxes

money,cash,art,currency,thread, Via 100 + Ways to Reuse ...
Great for storing all sorts of things.


Lidded boxes are a great way to repurpose old magazines and store items. They can be used to store jewelry, small trinkets, office supplies, and more. To make a lidded box, you'll need a magazine, scissors, glue, and a ruler. Start by cutting out four pieces of the magazine that are the same size and shape. Glue two pieces together to form the sides of the box, and the other two pieces together to form the lid. To finish, glue the lid to the sides and let it dry. These lidded boxes are a perfect way to reuse old magazines and declutter your space.


Picture Frame

picture frame,art,modern art,drawing,painting, Via Main Ingredient Monday-20 Magazine Projects
I love pictures in homemade frames. They seem to have a little extra dose of love.


Another Wreath

color,christmas decoration,wreath,art,flower, Via 35 New Uses For Old ...
I prefer the look of this one over the earlier one.


Balloon Vase

bead,art,fashion accessory,jewellery,circle, Via Magazine Waste Basket · How ...
Another one of the great crafts that starts with a blown up balloon and finishes with a popped balloon.


Creating a balloon vase is both eco-friendly and stylish. Begin by coating a balloon with a mixture of glue and water, then delicately place strips of magazine paper over it. Once the layers have dried, pop the balloon to reveal a unique, papier-mâché vase. Perfect for holding artificial flowers or as a stand-alone piece, this craft not only recycles old magazines but also adds a personalized touch to your home decor. Enjoy this crafty transformation, turning something old into a new conversational piece.


Paper Roses

color,food,dessert,flavor,cuisine, Via reuse. recycle. create. / paper ...
Pretty aren't they?


In this article, titled "33 Crafty Ways to Use Old Magazines," which was published on a women-focused blog in the DIY category, one of the featured crafts is creating paper roses from recycled magazines. The author shares a photo of the colorful and intricate paper roses, which were made by reusing old magazines. This not only reduces waste but also adds a unique and eco-friendly touch to home decor or gifts. The tutorial for making these paper roses can be found on the blog "reuse. recycle. create." and is a simple and fun project for anyone to try. It's a great way to repurpose old magazines and add a touch of creativity to your surroundings.


Stack Stools

art,LSINIAA,Grech,sues, Via Recycled Magazines Crafts: Stack Stools
How very clever.


Statement Paper Bead Bib Necklace

jewellery,necklace,fashion accessory,bead,earrings, Via Items similar to Statement Paper ...
Did you think paper beads were just for junior high? think again.


Square Coasters

color,art,painting,picture frame,fes, Via Square Upcycled Green Earth Friendly ...
Another super coaster idea.


These square coasters are made from upcycled materials, making them green and earth friendly. The coasters are handmade and can be found on Etsy. They are perfect for adding a pop of color to any home decor. The coasters measure 4"x4" and are made from recycled magazines and cardstock. They feature a glossy finish and are perfect for protecting surfaces from hot and cold beverages. They make great gifts and are a great way to show off your crafting skills. They can also be used as wall art, adding a unique touch to any room.



art,paper,pattern,art paper,Vstes, Via 30 Genius Things to Make ...
What a great excuse to send a letter.


Give a personal touch to your messages by repurposing glossy magazine pages into vibrant envelopes. Not only does this give new life to otherwise discarded items, but it also adds an unexpected burst of color and pattern to your recipient's mailbox. Whether it's for a birthday greeting, a thank-you note, or just a simple hello, these custom envelopes are sure to stand out in a sea of white and brown mail. Plus, it's a crafty way to showcase your creative side and reduce waste at the same time!


Round Coasters

spiral,art,circle,dishware, Via Coaster Tutorials: How to Make ...
Yeah - you guessed it - you can make circular coasters too.


Paper Curtain

urban area,wall,window,art,door, Via What I learned on Wednesday ...
Made from strings of paper beads.


This decorative idea breathes whimsical charm into any room, offering a mix of vintage vibes and eco-friendly flair. It's surprisingly simple: roll up colorful magazine pages and string them together to achieve a look that's both boho-chic and sustainably stylish. The beads can be arranged in various patterns or color schemes to match your aesthetic preferences. Hang your creation in a doorway or use it as a playful window valance. Either way, you'll be adding a personal touch that is both beautiful and budget-friendly.



room,furniture,shelf,shelving,interior design, Via 7 Ways To Decorate & ...
A truly unique piece of décor.


Magazine Dish

art,fashion accessory,thread,textile,material, Via Crafts & Activities | Babble
Love the Middle Eastern feel to this shape.


This magazine dish is an easy and creative way to use old magazines that would otherwise be discarded. This craft is inspired by Middle Eastern design, giving it a unique and interesting look. It is perfect for holding small items like jewelry, keys, or coins.

To make the dish, start by cutting out a circle from a magazine page. Then, fold the circle in half and make small cuts along the sides. Fold each piece outward to make a petal shape. Keep doing this until the entire circle is filled with petals.

Next, use a hot glue gun to attach the petals to each other. Make sure to leave some space in the middle for the dish. Once the glue has dried, you can use a paintbrush to apply a coat of Mod Podge to the dish. This will help preserve it and make it water-resistant.

Finally, you can decorate the dish with colorful beads, sequins, or other embellishments. Once the decorations are attached, you can use the dish to store small items. This craft is great for all ages and can be adapted to suit any style. Whether you want a modern or a traditional look, this magazine dish is sure to add a unique touch to any home.



bag,handbag,fashion accessory, Via Magazine Wristlet - PURSES, BAGS, ...
Makes quite a statement doesn't it?


This wristlet is not only a chic fashion accessory but also a brilliant example of sustainable style. By utilizing the vibrant and glossy pages from old magazines, this project transforms what would be waste into a one-of-a-kind piece. It's the perfect size to carry your essentials like your phone, cards, and lipstick for a night out. Moreover, crafting your own magazine wristlet gives you the freedom to customize the pattern and color scheme to match your personal style. It's a fun, eco-friendly DIY project with practical and stylish results.


Starburst Clock

art,twig,christmas decoration,clock, Via DIY - Junk Mail Starburst ...
Time to get crafting.

Are you inspired to have a go at your glossies and turn them into something useful or pretty?

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