7 DIYs with Newspaper You're Going to Love ...


7 DIYs with Newspaper You're Going to Love ...
7 DIYs with Newspaper You're Going to Love ...

DIYs with newspaper might not be anything new, but I wanted to show you some great projects that might be new to you. Making a craft project with old newspapers is not only fun, it’s cost-effective and you’re reusing old material that you’d otherwise be tossing to create something new and beautiful. Don’t spend another afternoon bored when you can create one of these super fab DIYs with newspaper right now!

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Wordy Lampshade

Wordy Lampshade DIYs with newspaper also allow you to make some awesome “inspired by” pieces that you can use to spruce up a room in your house or give as a gift. This Wordy Lampshade was inspired by Anthropologie’s Well Defined Lamp Ensemble. This would make a great lampshade for a home library, office or just about any room in the home of a bibliophile!

Tutorial Source: apartmenttherapy.com


Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails This was my very first newspaper DIY and it’s deceptively easy! If you’re looking for something new and chic to do to your nails but aren’t that hot at doing nail art, this is a great alternative. You only need a few items such as a base and top coat, nail polish color of your choice, although it’s easier to see on lighter colors and it gives it a more newspaper-y feel, newspaper and rubbing alcohol.

Tutorial Source: beautylish.com


Old Newspaper Stool

Old Newspaper Stool Breathe new life into old newspaper with this clever DIY. This is a super easy way to add some color and interest to an otherwise drab room or corner. All you need are a ton of old newspapers (55 to be exact) that are the size of tabloid papers, two belts and Mod Podge, and you’ve got a cool and unique new piece of furniture!

Tutorial Source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com


Newspaper Trivet

Newspaper Trivet Another clever craft project that uses old newspaper is a newspaper trivet. This is one of those DIYs that will come in super handy because no one really thinks about potholders but just about everyone uses them. Depending on the size you decide to make your trivet, it can also be used as a coaster and if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even create placemats using the same instructions.

Tutorial Soure: savedbylovecreations.com


Newspaper Wall Art

Newspaper Wall Art This next newspaper DIY takes a little more time and effort than some of the other DIYs on this list and it shows. Who knew you could create such beautiful wall art with some old newspapers, glue, paint, scissors and some varnish? Jazz up your bedroom, hallway or kitchen with a splash of color and creativity!

Tutorial Source: diy-enthusiasts.com


Newspaper Shoes

Newspaper Shoes If you’ve got a pair of old shoes that are really comfortable but have seen better days, make them over with some newspaper! I know it might sound crazy to make over your shoes with paper, but it’s a great way to save your shoes and some money. Get creative with it, you could also use some old stamps and glossy magazine paper in addition to the newspaper for a look all your own.

Tutorial Source: instructables.com


Newspaper Rubbed Leaves

Newspaper Rubbed Leaves This is a perfect craft project using old newspapers that the kids could help create. Create some quick and cool fall décor by rubbing crayons onto freshly fallen leaves that are covered in newspaper. You can make a bunch of newspaper leaves and string them or use them to decorate your windows. The decorating options are endless!

Tutorial Source: villicanamomma.blogspot.com.au

I was amazed at all of the incredible DIYs with newspaper there are. You can create so many wonderful things with something so simple and readily available. I hope you got some craft project ideas for old newspapers from these amazing crafters. Have you ever made anything out of newspaper? If so, what did you make?

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I'm gonna make ALL of them next summer break

The newspaper nails look cool!! Gonna have to try that :)

Omg news paper chair and stool and shows oooook! Im not too sure about this things but I can say newspaper makes fantastic glass cleaner all u need is news paper and alittle bit of water .

they are all so awesome XP

I work at a local newspaper and these ideas just made my purse our new recycling bin.

The trivet and wall art are my favourites, anything involving folding or bending and making art out of paper is the best

I like them all except the shoes lol

Wen i was a kid i used to make paper boats n planes with paper but i kinda liked this article.let me try one of these

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