7 Terrific DIY Ideas to Recycle Tennis Balls ...


7 Terrific DIY Ideas to Recycle Tennis Balls ...
7 Terrific DIY Ideas to Recycle Tennis Balls ...

Crafting with sporting goods may not sound exciting but I am here to say that recycling tennis balls can be loads of fun. In fact, there are so many enjoyable ways that you can craft with tennis balls, old or new. From cutesy home décor to some fit for a man cave, the following sporting goods DIYs are sure to make your creative fingers itch.

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Personalized Dog Toy

Personalized Dog Toy Sure your furbaby will not know that you gave him or her a recycled tennis ball but your gift will most definitely be loved. To make one, you will only need a tennis ball and a wood burning tool. Use the latter to write the name of your pet onto the ball and you're done. You may also opt to add string or rope to make a “tug” toy.

Source: justsomethingimade.com


Mike Wazowski Coin Keeper

Mike Wazowski Coin Keeper This is the cutest! Because who can better protect your coin than this “scary” creature from Monsters, Inc., right? To make one, you will need felt, craft knife, scissors, and glue. The felt is for making Mike's eye, teeth, and ears. To make the opening, you simply cut along the U line of the tennis ball.

Source: onelmon.com


Tennis Ball Wreath

Tennis Ball Wreath If you have a family of tennis players and enthusiasts and you want to the whole neighborhood to know, this wreath is a wonderful craft project. Simply put holes on both sides of the balls, skewer with wire, form into a circle, add ribbon, and hang. Easy-peasy! This would make a great gift or party décor for a PE teacher or a tennis coach.

Source: annanimmity.com


Picture Holder

Picture Holder This is one recycled tennis ball project that should be perfect for a man cave. This is so easy to do, too! You get a tennis ball, cut a slit, and you're done. You use this slit to insert and display a photo. To stop the ball from rolling around, weigh it down by filling it with pebbles or pennies.

Source: papernstitchblog.com



Swing Okay, this is a little bit strange and perhaps potentially painful. But you have to admit that the idea of a tennis ball swing is charming. You will need about 50 balls to make a nice swing. Drill holes, assemble like a giant bead necklace using rope, and hang from a branch. Watch out for dogs who might think that you just made a hanging toy for them.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com


Curtain Rod Finials

Curtain Rod Finials This is a fun tennis ball craft project for someone who is particular about their drapery. The good thing about turning an old tennis ball into a finial is that you can match the final look with your curtains or even the colors of your furniture or walls. Materials used for this DIY idea include PVC pipe and fabric.

Source: inmyownstyle.com


Handy Holders

Handy Holders The idea behind this recycled tennis ball project is similar to the photo display. You will, however, go a step farther by adding eyes to your tennis balls. You can glue black felt but a cuter solution would be using googly eyes. Hang on the wall by poking a hole on the back part and attaching a suction cup.

Source: pgeveryday.com

You may be wondering how you can get started on these DIY tennis ball projects when you have no idea where to source the materials. The first thing that you need to do is to approach your local tennis facilities. They have old or dead balls that you can rescue and use for craft projects. You can also get new ones but using beat up balls for some of these recycled tennis ball crafts would be advisable because they are easier to slit or cut.

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