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21 Dazzling DIY Fringe Accessories to Try Your Hand at ...

By Lisa

Love it or hate it, fringe makes for a fabulous accessory and what makes it even better is if you make it yourself! Whether you want to try a fringed scarf or want to add some flair to your outfit with a fab fringed belt, I think you're going to love adding a touch of fringe to your look!

1 5 Fringe Statement Necklaces You Can Make in under 5 Minutes

5 Fringe Statement Necklaces You Can Make in under 5 MinutesVia 5 Fringe Statement Necklaces You ...

2 T-shirt Fringe Scarf

T-shirt Fringe ScarfVia Nancy's Couture: Fringe Benefits

3 Knot Top

Knot TopVia DIY: Clothes & Accessories - ...

4 DIY Fringe Necklace

DIY Fringe NecklaceVia Chevron Fringe Necklace Tutorial - ...

5 Fringed Clutch


6 Fringed Belt

Fringed BeltVia DIY Fringed Belt

7 Fringed Wedges

Fringed WedgesVia Hey Wanderer: the DIY: FRINGE ...

8 Fabric Necklace with Fringe

Fabric Necklace with FringeVia Fabric necklace with fringe

9 Belted Fringe Skirt

Belted Fringe SkirtVia shine or set.: diy: fringe ...

10 DIY Gold Fringe Purse

DIY Gold Fringe PurseVia high on GOLD FRINGE PURSE ...

11 DIY Fringe Necklace

DIY Fringe NecklaceVia Doll Doll Boutique: DIY: Fringe ...

12 DIY Chain Fringe Necklace

DIY Chain Fringe NecklaceVia WobiSobi: DIY Fringe Necklace.

13 Leather Fringe Purse

Leather Fringe PurseVia WobiSobi

14 Tassel Bag

Tassel BagVia Ruby Murrays Musings: Bust those ...

15 Diy Fringe Earrings Tutorial

Diy Fringe Earrings TutorialVia DIY Fringe Earrings Tutorial

16 Detachable Shoe Fringe

Detachable Shoe FringeVia MY BLOG by Jegs Santos

17 Leather Fringe Necklace

Leather Fringe NecklaceVia DIY Leather Fringe Necklace (Leather ...

18 Fringed Tanks

Fringed TanksVia iLoveToCreate

19 Add Fringe to a Bikini Top

Add Fringe to a Bikini TopVia Gina Michele: DIY fringe bikini

20 Tank Top with Shoulder Fringe

Tank Top with Shoulder FringeVia DIY Tank Top with Shoulder ...

21 Fringe Hoop Earrings

Fringe Hoop EarringsVia DIY Fringe Earrings (Leather Couch ...

You can add fringe to just about anything and it makes it so much more fun! I think it adds such a relaxed yet playful touch to any outfit. Which look did you like best?

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