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It may still be the middle of winter where you are but it's never too early to think of warm weather DIYs, such as sailboat-themed craft projects. We have here a list of said sailboat projects for toys and home décor. They will not teach you how to make an actual sea vessel, sure, but they are not lacking in terms of cuteness. And when it comes to DIY, sometimes, cute goes a long way. Especially when it feels like that summer is still a lifetime away.

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Twig & Branch

Twig & Branch This is one sailboat craft project that you will want to make right after finding branches in your yard. Seriously, look at how cute that is. If you have stripes fabric in white and navy blue lying around, it would be perfect for the sails. To attach them to the branch boat, you will need eyelet screws. The middle twig was attached by drilling the branch and hot gluing said twig to the hole.

Source: houseofhawthornes.com


Paper Boat Decorations

Paper Boat Decorations These are not your average origami style paper boats. These lovely DIY nautical décor will actually require a bit of crafting know-how. Compared to the standard paper boat that you can probably make with your eyes closed, that is. But if you enjoy constructing things, you will love making these fun sailboat décor. There is a detailed project plan included and you can finish these in any color or design you like.

Source: ohhappyday.com


Cork Sailboats

Cork Sailboats These are stinkin' cute! Aside from the adorable factor, there are at least three more things going for these fun sailboats. First, the kids will love them and will likely help you make them. Second, making these is basically a recycling project, which is always good. And third, these are easy to construct.

Source: handmadecharlotte.com


String Sailboat

String Sailboat This is one adorable sailboat craft project as well. For the base, painting the wooden board in a shade of blue will be ideal. Something in even color will be great since you don't want the background to steal the thunder of your string art. As for the string, using nautical colors (white, navy blue, and red) should work perfectly.

Source: sweetsongbird.eveyscreations.com


Raft Style

Raft Style This particular sailboat DIY project combines the branch and cork ideas already mentioned here. Basically, you form a raft using small branches or twigs. Rope or string will be needed for this part. You can also hot glue the twigs together and just add the string for decorative purposes. To attach your sail, you will need a lollipop stick sandwiched between two of the twigs. Your sail can be made of fabric or paper.

Source: minieco.co.uk


Papier Mache Boat Mobile

Papier Mache Boat Mobile This is absolutely gorgeous. The boat here used to be a cereal box. It was then constructed into a sea vessel and then covered with layers of paper. To make your papier mache project more fun, you will want to use wheat paste. Letting the paper dry between layers would also be ideal. After this, you paint the boat, add your sails, and then hang.

Source: annwoodhandmade.com


Tree Ornaments

Tree Ornaments I know, I know, it's a little too early to be thinking of Christmas tree ornaments but this sailboat craft idea is too cute not to share. Basically, these are clear balls with blue crushed shells in the bottom. A sailboat is then constructed using sticks and paper. This miniature sailboat is inserted into the clear ball for a fun nautical themed holiday look.

Source: sandandsisal.com

Give your home that rustic beach cottage vibe by doing one of the DIY sailboat projects here. Happy making and sailing!

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