8 DIY Unique and Quirky Cushions to Make for Your Home ...


8 DIY Unique and Quirky Cushions to Make for Your Home ...
8 DIY Unique and Quirky Cushions to Make for Your Home ...

Tired of the boring square and rectangle cushions sitting in your home? If you're looking to shake things up a bit, we give you this list of unique and quirky DIY pillows. They come in odd shapes and will surely give your sofa that extra helping of fun and cute.

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Letters How fab are these unique pillows? They look like balloons but they really are cushions for your couch. These would be great for your pre-teen's room or for a dorm room. To make some, you will need gold fabric, a sewing machine, thread, pins, stuffing, and a pair of scissors. You will also need paper for the letter stencil.

Source: studiodiy.com



House How adorable! This is actually pretty simple to make. After cutting all the parts, you paint the details for the window pane and shingles. Let dry and then sew your pillow using a sewing machine. The best part about this is that you can construct this pillow in different sizes. You can even make a village, complete with houses of different shapes, buildings, and trees.

Source: abeautifulmess.com



Cactus Speaking of trees, this unique DIY cactus pillow would be a great addition to your cushion village. This easy project requires only green fabric, white yarn, stuffing, a sewing machine, and other sewing tools. Cardboard to make the cactus pattern should help, too.

Source: everythingemilyblog.com



Adipose This is stinkin' cute. This is a fantastic project for big Doctor Who fans. If you recall, these cute fat babies were part of an episode several years ago. And to make your cushion version, you will be needing only white fleece fabric, black buttons for the eyes, stuffing, and sewing tools. The first step to making this type of cushion is to construct the arms and legs. You fill them with stuffing and then assemble when you sew the two sides of the body together. Turn inside out and then fill with more stuffing. Add face details to finish your cute adipose DIY pillow.

Source: sumoftheirstories.com


Knotted Heart

Knotted Heart This is probably my favorite from this list of DIY unique pillows and cushions. I love the heart shape and the seemingly complicated knotted design. The color gray is fabulous, too. I said “seemingly complicated” because this pillow is actually just made of the legs of tights. Clever, right? The knotting part is actually pretty easy; it's the stuffing bit that will make you break out the colorful language. But once you finish the stuffing and assemble the cute knot, you will be rewarded with a beautiful cushion.

Source: johannarundel.de



Diamond When you think having the real version is too expensive, making a cushion diamond is the best alternative route. This is another sewing project that will require a machine but it's actually quite perfect for a beginner. This white lines here were painted on but you can do yours with white bias tape.

Source: little-white-whale.com



Cloud This is another cute DIY quirky pillow that should go well with the house and cactus patterns. While the polka dot fabric looks great as a cloud pillow, I think this idea will work wonderfully as well using plain gray, white, and blue fabrics. You can also make yours in different shapes and sizes.

Source: cloveranddot.com



Stars These are absolutely adorable. And would you believe that these were assembled without the help of a needle and thread? To make these no-sew star pillows, you will need only fabric, stuffing, and fabric glue. Of course, for those who don't like the look of the raw edges, this pattern can easily be tackled with the help of a sewing machine. Simply sew around the edges, right sides together, and leave an inch or two for turning inside out. Turn inside out, add stuffing, and then sew the 2-inch allowance shut.

Source: abubblylife.com

Cannot wait to make the knotted heart, house, and cloud ideas from this list. How about you? Any favorites from these DIY unique pillow projects?

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These all look so cool especially #1

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