DIY Bath Bombs You'll Love to Make and Use ...


DIY Bath Bombs You'll Love to Make and Use ...
DIY Bath Bombs You'll Love to Make and Use ...

Bath bombs can cost a pretty penny apiece. Before you splurge, we encourage you to take a look at the following DIY bath bomb recipes. Who knows, you might already have the ingredients needed to make a batch or two. Happy making and fizzy bathing to you!

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Lavender Star Bath Bombs

Lavender Star Bath Bombs We start our list of DIY bath bombs with this classic scent and shape. I love the star idea; most definitely better than the usual round bath bomb. Since you're making your own, might as well go for a mold that is fun and cute, right? Aside from the mold, this recipe calls for baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, witch hazel, lavender essential oil, and natural food coloring.



Round Beer Bath Bombs

Round Beer Bath Bombs Yes, that actually says beer. And yes, this DIY bath bomb recipe actually calls for beer. Now you don't want to smell like you actually bathed in beer, even though you kind of totally did. So use only a small amount with your bath bomb mixture. You can use any kind of beer, by the way.



This DIY beer bath bomb recipe is a fun and unique way to add a bit of luxury to your bath time routine. The beer adds a pleasant scent to the bath bomb without making you smell like you bathed in beer. It's easy to customize the scent of your bath bomb by using any kind of beer you like. This DIY bath bomb is also great for gifting, as it's sure to be a unique and appreciated surprise. The beer bath bomb is also a great way to add a bit of fun to a spa day with friends. With this easy recipe, you can make a batch of beer bath bombs in no time.


Orange Bath Bombs

Orange Bath Bombs For those who feel that they can't likely stomach soaking in water with a beer bath bomb, we give you this classic recipe. This orange DIY bath bomb variation gives you a nice tropical bathing essential. To achieve the citrus-y scent, about half a teaspoon of orange essential oil is needed for your mixture.



Green Tea Bath Bombs

Green Tea Bath Bombs Here we have another classic bath bomb recipe. Much like the previous mixtures, this one's scent will be contributed by several drops of green tea seed extract and oil. But if you also want to add texture to your bathing best friend, you can add dried loose tea leaves to your batch. Place them on the bottom of your mold before adding the rest of the mixed ingredients.



Green Tea and Lemon Bath Bombs

Green Tea and Lemon Bath Bombs This is similar to the previous bath bomb recipe but it has a more interesting scent because of the added lemon and coconut oils. So basically, your bath will smell like everything that relaxes you: tea, citrus, and coconut oil. What could possibly be more perfect? Just like the previous mix, you can add loose tea leaves to this particular batch, too.



Rainbow Sprinkles Bath Bombs

Rainbow Sprinkles Bath Bombs Not feeling loose tea leaves for your bath bomb texture? Not to worry, we give you a more colorful option: rainbow sprinkles! Great, right? We recommend this DIY bath bomb project for those who love the idea of bathing in dessert. Of course, we also recommend that you use pink food coloring for the ultimate sweet and colorful bathing experience.



Bunny Bath Bombs

Bunny Bath Bombs Here is another creative shape idea for your DIY bath bombs. The recipe for this batch is quite basic. But if you want to get several bath bombs in different colors, as shown in the photo, you will need more than one food coloring. A bunny shape mold will be needed as well. Since these come in cute pastel colors, you can add sprinkles for texture.



Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

pink, food, dessert, crochet, icing, This one is fun for the youngin's in your life-or perhaps you when you're done adulting and ready to become a mermaid. You'll need to get a shell soap mold or another type of shell silicone mold to make the sea shells but other than that it's pretty standard.



Tie Dye Bath Bombs

food, easter egg, macaroon, Bath, Bombs, This one is totally fun! Inspired by the tie dye shirt technique, these bath bombs will definitely add pizzazz to your tub. Although this recipe is a little more in depth, it's definitely worth the time and money.



Gold Bath Bombs

dish, food, plant, produce, pear, If you're looking for a great gift to give out or perhaps looking to sell online, these gold Bath Bombs need to be on your list! These luxurious bath bombs are covered in King's Gold Mica which leaves your skin shimmery after your bath. Infused with cocoa butter these are sure to have you feeling like a goddess!


Aren't these recipes fantastic? Not only do they look easy and fun to do, they will give you cheaper and more natural bath products, too.

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