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Store-bought air fresheners are not cheap and the cheaper they are, the more artificial they smell. They also aren’t very long lasting. There are much more natural and effective ways to fragrance your home than spraying chemicals in the air that soon dissipate. Here are some:

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Orange Clove Pomanders Have Been Used for Centuries as a Natural Air Freshener

tree,conifer cone,flower,christmas decoration,branch, Source: Citron Etrog) Pomander Recipe


Make Your Own Febreeze

Febreze,Arm & Hammer,product,HOW,MAKE, Source: Best DIY Recipe For Homemade


Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Smelling Fresh with a Homemade Deodorizer

Honeyfund,mason jar,lighting,produce,drinkware, Source: Homemade Carpet Deodorizer {So Fast


Love Coffee? Have a Home That Smells like Starbucks

food,produce,caffeine,drink,flavor, Source: Freshen Indoor Air Naturally –


Make Your House Smell like Fall with a Simmer Pot

dish,food,cuisine,meal,asian food, Source: How Sweet It Is


Keep Your Bathroom Sweet

art,thread,textile,material,Fill, Source: 19 Life Hacks You Can


Mason Jars Are Great for DIY Fresheners

food,plant,produce,citrus,orange, Source: DIY Natural Home Deodorizers &


Easy to Make Fizzy Toilet Freshener Tabs !

food,coconut,dairy product,breakfast,icing, Source:


Make Your Own Poo Pourri

SAPS Grupero,product,toilet,plumbing fixture,toilet seat, Source:


DIY Gel Air Freshener is Made from Just a Few Ingredients

food,produce,plant,dessert,fruit, Source: Gel Air Freshener


Make Your Own Air Freshener Using Essential Oils

product,bottle,perfume,brand,cosmetics, Source: EO Spotlight: Spray Air Freshener


Baking Soda is a Fabulous Odor Eater

man made object,food,lighting,art,tin can, Source: Inspired Whims: Homemade Air Fresheners


Easy DIY Downy Unstoppables Air Freshener for Home or Car

Downy,liqueur,distilled beverage,drink,bottle, Source: Belinda's Babblings: Easy DIY Downy


Got an Air Filter? Make It Better with Essential Oils

floor,art,pattern,design,flooring, Source: Chemical Free Air Freshener


Lemon Seedling Room Freshener is Awesome for Kitchen, Bathroom, or Any Place in the House

plant,flower,floristry,land plant,flowering plant, Source: How to Grow a Lemon


Boil Lemon, Rosemary, and Vanilla to Freshen the Air in Your Home for Spring

food,plant,fruit,produce,citrus, Source: One more Moore: Spring is


Make Your House Smell Minty Fresh with Peppermint Room Spray

bottle,product,glass bottle,drinkware,nour, Source: Homemaking for the Five Senses


A Sneaky Way to Make Nice Smells

Assainissement,product,brand,baking,the, Source: All natural and sneaky way


Find Here 3 Yummy Seasonal Room Spritzers

bottle,wine bottle,glass bottle,lighting,drinkware, Source: Small Measures: Natural Room Spritz


Crock Pot Air Freshener You Can Leave All Day

product,food,breakfast,meal,soda, Source: Crock Pot Air Freshener


DIY Car Air Freshener - You Can Use These in Closets Too

color,purple,violet,product,textile, Source: Scent Your Space Naturally with


Make Your Own Reed Diffusers and Refill Oils with a Few Simple Ingredients

product,lighting,flavor,brass, Source: Homemade Reed Diffusers: How-To &


No Need to Buy Expensive Plug-in Air Freshener Refills when You Can Make Your Own

product,drink,lighting,bottle,distilled beverage, Source: Save Money Saturday: Refilling Plug-In


Aromatic Wax Fire Starters Are Something Different

food,dessert,cupcake,cake,icing, Source: How to Make Aromatic Wax


Love Vanilla? Love These Candles

food,breakfast,meal,dessert,lighting, Source: French Vanilla DIY Candles


Learn How to Add Scent to Wood to Fragrance Your Home

lighting,wood,food,shape,material, Source: DIY Air Freshener (How to


If Your Garbage Disposal is Smelly, Run Some Fresh Oranges or Lemons through It

man made object,wheel,spoke,tire,produce, Source: 13 Natural Ways To Keep


Activated Charcoal is Great at Absorbing Smells

product,eye,organ,hand,human body, Source: The Cheese Thief: Activated Carbon


Make Your Own Garbage Disposal Freshener >> ...

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Source: DIY Garbage Disposal Freshener


What You Use to Clean Can Make a Difference to the Way Your House Smells

brand,advertising,UNFUNKFURNITURE,SAY,SAYONARA, Source: Sayonara, stink! The 10 best


If You Love Stovetop Fragrances, There's 8 Delicious Ones Here

food,plant,fruit,produce,land plant, Source: * She Makes a Home


Ghetto Febreeze- This Version Doesn't Use Fabric Softener

white,bottle,art,lighting,vase, Source: Ghetto Febreze


Make a Deodorizer for the Fridge from a Coffee Filter and Baking Soda

tablecloth,material,baking, Source:


Dryer Sheets on the Back of a Fan Makes Your Entire House Smell Fresh!

cage,dog crate,net,ddi,EmI, Source: 21 Brilliant Solutions To Life's


Fruit Rind Air Fresheners Are so Easy to Make

green,food,plant,produce,fruit, Source: DIY Projects – Fruit Rind


You Can Use These Homemade Deodorizing Disks in All Sorts of Places

mason jar,meal,food,lighting,candle, Source: Freshen Up Your Home! Make


DIY Terra Cotta Air Fresheners Look Good and Smell Good

brown,fashion accessory,organ,brand,ear, Source: DIY Terra Cotta Air Fresheners


Hang Good Earth Spiced Tea Bags to Naturally Freshen a Room

lighting,product,wood,light fixture,lampshade, Source: Instant Air Freshener For Small


Crystal Scents Room Fresheners That Look Pretty Too

man made object,candle,lighting,vase,glass, Source: Crystal Scents Air Freshener


Banish Nasty Sticks - Make Your Own Deodorant Disks for the Diaper Pail or Cat Litter Pan!

food,dessert,cake,cupcake,icing, Source: Diapers, Dirt, Donuts, Doodling and


Use a Mason Jar and Wooden Beads

food,produce,plant,fruit,land plant, Source:


A Nifty Trick for a Fresh Smell

ASCA,product,lighting,multimedia,technology, Source: 25 Dorm Room Tips, Tricks


Hang Aromatic Herbs

flower,flora,plant,lavender,botany, Source: Harvesting English Lavender & How

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I tried #5 once just before a party at my home it was lovely :)

We used to make the orange/clove things every Christmas as kids! Smells soooo good!

It's POT pourri, not poo pourri! Hahaha!!!!

I always do #42, and it works every time. Smells great and circulates everywhere.

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