25 Uniquely Different Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs ...

By Eliza

25 Uniquely Different Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs ...

You don't have to be a kid or have kids to enjoy decorating eggs for Easter. There are some great ways to decorate Easter eggs with an adult flare. Instead of going with the basic colors from the kids you can buy at the grocery store, consider doing something spectacular and totally unique this year. Here are all the ideas for ways to decorate Easter eggs you need to get yourself started. Have fun!

Table of contents:

  1. pastel floral
  2. lots of color and texture
  3. perfect spring icons
  4. cute characters
  5. tons of detail
  6. hand painted
  7. spell something
  8. animal print
  9. super fancy
  10. little bunny friends
  11. pokemon eggs
  12. colorful marble effect
  13. tiny moustaches
  14. transformers
  15. storm troopers
  16. wrapped in yarn
  17. glittery easter eggs
  18. use fake tattoos
  19. lego eggs
  20. rings of color
  21. sharpie designs
  22. flowers and bows
  23. quilled embellishments
  24. mickey and minnie
  25. a family of eggs

1 Pastel Floral

Pastel Floral Source: We It

2 Lots of Color and Texture

easter egg, food, easter, ball, Source: pinterest.com

3 Perfect Spring Icons

Perfect Spring Icons Source: Easter egg dying!

4 Cute Characters

color, food, dessert, toy, ball, Source: pinterest.com

5 Tons of Detail

food, easter egg, art, dessert, @csi, Source: en.wikipedia.org

6 Hand Painted

Hand Painted Source: THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOLAR — Krakow

7 Spell Something

Spell Something Source: Happy Easter!

8 Animal Print

easter egg, food, Source: sweetyhigh.com

9 Super Fancy

Super Fancy Source: pastel easter eggs Tumblr

10 Little Bunny Friends

Little Bunny Friends Source: Kids Easter Crafts Pictures, Photos

11 Pokemon Eggs

green, art, food, toy, Source: walyou.com

12 Colorful Marble Effect

color, food, easter egg, pink, petal, Source: icreatived.com

13 Tiny Moustaches

Tiny Moustaches Source: pinterest.com

14 Transformers

Transformers Source: Amazing Nerdy Easter Eggs Sources

15 Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers Source: MYMODAYS

16 Wrapped in Yarn

Wrapped in Yarn Source: Happy Easter Hd - ClipArt

17 Glittery Easter Eggs

color, food, dessert, easter egg, gumdrop, Source: twosisterscrafting.com

18 Use Fake Tattoos

food, easter egg, egg, ball, billiard ball, Source: weeebay.com

19 Lego Eggs

food, egg, ball, Source: thefairytaletraveler.com

20 Rings of Color

color, food, easter egg, thread, art, Source: blog.coldwellbanker.com

21 Sharpie Designs

easter egg, food, art, egg, easter, Source: dalegann.com

22 Flowers and Bows

easter egg, food, play, toy, Source: womanitely.com

23 Quilled Embellishments

pink, art, food, easter egg, toy, Source: designbolts.com

24 Mickey and Minnie

food, cake, dessert, cake decorating, fondant, Source: hometalk.com

25 A Family of Eggs

food, cartoon, dessert, product, toy, Source: coolmompicks.com
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