7 Simple Plushies You Can Start Making Today ...


Looking for a craft project that will give you all sorts of huggable results? Look no further because here are plushie DIYs that you can do today. These are simple ideas and are perfect even for those who have no plushie-making experience. These can double as beginner sewing projects, too. Have fun!

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Vintage Hanky Bunny

Vintage Hanky Bunny Look at this cutie! You might think that he is complicated to make but you couldn't be more wrong. You might think that the limbs will be hard to do but they're actually pretty simple. They're just long tubes that have been turned inside out and then attached to the body of the bunny. They're not complicated to make because you won't have to fill them with stuffing.

Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com


Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow Got a little lady or man who just lost their baby tooth? Whip up this simple plushie to celebrate the occasion. This adorable pillow is made of white felt, embroidery floss, and polyfill. This comes with a tiny pocket at the back for storing tooth.

Source: mypoppet.com.au


Colorful Boats

Colorful Boats How adorable are these? I think I will be making my version using some of my custom fabrics. This pattern is so simple, I might just end up with a dozen boats in one afternoon. If you also want to give this a try, you will need scrap fabric pieces with different colors or prints. Both front and back parts have three sections. You can add folded ribbons to one side of the sails if you're making these DIY plushies for a baby.

Source: sewandthecity.blogspot.de


Easy Teddy Bear

Easy Teddy Bear This is one fun plushie pattern that even kids would find easy to accomplish. This stuffed bear basically has two parts: the front and back. The muzzle is an irregular oval shape with appliques and embroidered details. The eyes can be plushie eyes but you can make yours with applique fabric, too.

Source: shinyhappyworld.com


Raindrop Softie

Raindrop Softie How cute is this raindrop stuffed toy? I am loving her sleepy expression. She comes with flower cheeks, too! For those who want to level up their plushie-making skills, this particular tutorial can be your first intermediate project. This teaches you how to create softies with a round look by using more than just a front and back sections. From this, you will be able to create cute stuffed animals with round tummies or heads.

Source: we-are-scout.com


Spooky Eyes

Spooky Eyes These DIY simple plushies are perfect for Halloween but they'd be great for the room of your horror-loving kids, too. These eye plushies are made of felt, embroidery felt, and stuffing. These are handstitched but you can make yours with the aid of a sewing machine, too.

Source: muchoxoxo.com



Dolls These are all sorts of gorgeous. You have probably seen fabric with doll prints or designs. You will need about half a yard of one, making sure that you will get the best use of the print. Cut the doll form and then sew around, leaving a small allowance for filling in the stuffing. This idea will also work with fabric with animal prints or designs.

Source: we-are-scout.com

How adorable are these plushies? I am putting a couple of these to my to-make list. How about you? Which of these will you be trying out?

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Definitely Yesss !!! These are adorable and awesome :)

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