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DIY Birdhouses Thatll Attract Feathered Friends ...

By Eliza

Now that spring is here and summer isn't far behind, you're probably seeing all kinds of birds around your house. What better way to attract them to your backyard than by adding a few birdhouses to your space? Sure you could buy some, but it's way more fun to make them. If you see one you like, click on the link for more information on how to create it for your own yard.

Table of contents:

  1. Cork birdhouse
  2. Rustic birdhouse
  3. Flea market bird house post
  4. Totally colorful
  5. Pebbles and a roof made of pennies
  6. Flower box with old hardware
  7. Teacup and teapot bird feeder
  8. Paint your own
  9. A teapot in a box
  10. Green roof birdhouse
  11. Mixed media birdhouse
  12. Remade mailbox bird house
  13. Use recycled materials
  14. One of a kind artisitc birdhouse
  15. Mailbox birdhouse
  16. Pallet wood birdhouse
  17. Birdhouse made with a metal funnel
  18. Make a whole group of birhouses
  19. Handpainted birdhouses
  20. Use old wood
  21. Barn wood birdhouse
  22. Fieldstone guest cottage
  23. Old materials with lots of color
  24. Reclaimed wood birdhouse
  25. Red watering can birdhouse
  26. Birdhouse with a recycled vegetable steamer as a roof
  27. A wonderful garden arbor
  28. Patio birdhouses
  29. Slice wine corks for shingles
  30. Birdhouse stained glass mosaic
  31. Barn birdhouse
  32. Clever repurposing makes a unique and rustic birdhouse
  33. Use decorative or antique ornaments
  34. Clam shell tin roof
  35. Birdhouse with antique faucet
  36. Decorative birdhouse
  37. Bait shop birdhouse

1 Cork Birdhouse

Source: Birdhouses - GardenDrum

2 Rustic Birdhouse

Source: Rustic Birdhouse - Spoon Birdhouse

3 Flea Market Bird House Post

Source: Make a Flea Market bird

4 Totally Colorful

5 Pebbles and a Roof Made of Pennies

Source: 21 Lovely DIY Lifehacks That

6 Flower Box with Old Hardware

Source: 20+ Stunning Bird Houses

7 Teacup and Teapot Bird Feeder

Source: Teacup Bird Feeder Repurposing Idea

8 Paint Your Own


9 A Teapot in a Box

Source: homework: creative inspiration for home

10 Green Roof Birdhouse

Source: Make a Living-Roof Birdhouse

11 Mixed Media Birdhouse

Source: Miniature Green Pebble and Copper

12 Remade Mailbox Bird House

Source: Mailbox Remakes Deliver Functional Decor

13 Use Recycled Materials

Source: *The Brambleberry Cottage*: Sweet "Tweet"

14 One of a Kind Artisitc Birdhouse

Source: Thom Bruso's Artistic Birdhouses

15 Mailbox Birdhouse

Source: Dandi’s colorful and close-up garden

16 Pallet Wood Birdhouse

Source: How to Make a Birdhouse

17 Birdhouse Made with a Metal Funnel

Source: Highlights of the NW Flower

18 Make a Whole Group of Birhouses

Source: DIY BirdHouse Ideas

19 Handpainted Birdhouses

Source: SCRAP YOUR WORLD: Birdhouses

20 Use Old Wood

Source: 22 Gorgeous And Unique Birdhouse

21 Barn Wood Birdhouse

Source: Rustic Wooden Birdhouse

22 Fieldstone Guest Cottage

Source: HB-6004S Fieldstone Guest Cottage (Single

23 Old Materials with Lots of Color

Source: Junk Store Birdhouse

24 Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse

Source: Recycling Ideas for Making Rustic

25 Red Watering Can Birdhouse

Source: Rustic BIrdhouse, Red Watering Can

26 Birdhouse with a Recycled Vegetable Steamer as a Roof

Source: Photos : Birdhouses : bluehouse

27 A Wonderful Garden Arbor

Source: Birdhouse Garden Arbor • 1001

28 Patio Birdhouses

Source: DIY Garden Projects with Rocks

29 Slice Wine Corks for Shingles


30 Birdhouse Stained Glass Mosaic

Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy

31 Barn Birdhouse

Source: Privet and Holly: January 2012

32 Clever Repurposing Makes a Unique and Rustic Birdhouse

Source: Rustic Realm - Rustic Realm

33 Use Decorative or Antique Ornaments

Source: Judy's Cottage Garden: How to

34 Clam Shell Tin Roof


35 Birdhouse with Antique Faucet

Source: Recycled Bird Houses

38 Decorative Birdhouse

Source: Church Birdhouses, Large Vintage and

37 Bait Shop Birdhouse

Source: Rustic Birdhouse - Bait Shop

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