7 Beautiful Housewarming Gifts Using Scrap Wood ...


7 Beautiful Housewarming Gifts Using Scrap Wood ...
7 Beautiful Housewarming Gifts Using Scrap Wood ...

Been invited to a housewarming party but got not time to buy a gift? If you happen to have lots of scrap wood and an extra dose of creativity, we present to you these easy and beautiful gift ideas. These range from organizational projects to simple home décor. Even if you don't spend a lot of money on these, the recipients will surely love them because they are 'heartmade' and handmade.

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Heart Décor

Heart Décor Isn't this scrap wood gift adorable and sweet? This would be a great housewarming gift for newlyweds moving into their starter home. To make this, you will be needing scrap wood moldings. Slats of plain wood should work, too. You arrange them in a way that has the ends meeting in the center. Trace a heart shape and then cut the wood pieces using a jig saw. Paint, let dry, and then glue to form a heart.

Source: remodelandolacasa.com


Patterned Coasters

Patterned Coasters How pretty! This set of patterned coasters were made using wooden plaques from the craft store. However, if you have lots of scrap wood lying around, you can use those, too. Cut several pieces in uniform shapes and sizes. Mod Podge pretty paper on top and then paint the sides to match the paper. Let dry and give to your friends to use in their new house.

Source: thisdesignjournal.com


Seed Packet Wall Decor

Seed Packet Wall Decor If your scrap wood housewarming gift recipient are known for their plant-loving tendencies, this DIY project is for you. To make these fun hanging décor, you will need rectangular scrap wood pieces. Don't worry if they are not of the same size. Stain them to a darker color and let dry. Print the seed packet art and then Mod Podge to the scraps of wood. Hot glue rope to the back for hanging.

Source: apieceofrainbow.com


Home State Wall Art

Home State Wall Art If the recipients of your scrap wood housewarming gift have been all over the place, this state wall art idea should be perfect. Gather information about which states they've called homes and then paint said states onto wooden slats. If you don't have a lot of wood scraps, you can skip the state idea and paint something else instead. How about a subway art of the family members' names?

Source: makeit-loveit.com


Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer This simple DIY scrap wood housewarming gift can also double as key holder. As you can see, you will need only one piece of wood for this project. Mod Podge pretty paper to the front. You can also paint the wood, if you want. Add hooks to the bottom for hanging the accessories or the keys.

Source: makinglovely.tumblr.com


Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer Any new home could use lots of organizers. If you happen to have scraps of wood and you're handy with the saw, make this rustic iPad stand and desk organizer for your new homeowner friends. The iPad stand part can be done by sawing a groove until you find the right depth and width for the tablet. You can also add a stand along the top if you like. Other materials needed here are wood glue and wood stain.

Source: thehappierhomemaker.com


Key Holder + Shelf

Key Holder + Shelf This gorgeous scrap wood housewarming DIY gift is a natural version of the jewelry holder we have featured here. This particular project calls for two pieces of wood glued to an L form. Wooden pegs out of a dowel will also be needed to hold the keys. Simply glue them to the vertical wood piece and then let dry.

Source: burkatron.com

Go ahead and gather some scrap wood from your yard or garage. Tackle one or two of these DIY wood projects and wow your new homeowner friends.

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