10 Adorable Bunny Crafts ...


10 Adorable Bunny Crafts ...
10 Adorable Bunny Crafts ...

Let's leap into spring with these Adorable Bunny Crafts. Not only are these perfect for Easter, they are also what your home needs to welcome warmer and more colorful days ahead. I am sure that you will love these because they're so easy to make. Of course, it helps that these DIY bunny projects are all sorts of cute. Let's get crafting!

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Pillow Pet

Pillow Pet Traveling and can't bear to be away from your pet bunny? Here is a solution: make a pillow pet using a photo of your adorable furbaby! You can print a photo of your bunny using iron-on transfer paper. The rest involves simple softie-making steps.



Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears This is a fun** bunny DIY project** to make for your little kids. They can use these for egg hunting after the Easter mass. To make bunny ears, you will be needing plain headbands as base, fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, felt, and other sewing tools.




Jars This is one of my favorites from this list of bunny crafts. Not only are these cute and easy to do, you can also display these all year. No matter the season, you can always find a reason to show off these adorable bunny jars.




Tag Isn't this the cutest Easter tag? You can use this DIY tag in many projects. I'm thinking greeting cards, party treats packaging, or even garland for your home. Check out the link below for the how-to and the printable that you can download for free.



Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets Planning to host a show for the kids this Easter? You might need assistance from these insanely cute bunny finger puppets. Aside from the fact that they are easy to make, you probably already have the materials in your home to sew these bunnies.




Wreath How fun! The ears used here came from a store-bought headband. You can, of course, make your own using the DIY tutorial we have mentioned here. Other materials that you will need include a wreath form, ribbon, boas, and glue gun.



Pillow and Softie

Pillow and Softie Here we have two tutorials in one. These DIY bunny crafts are perfect for decorating your living room for Easter. But really, there is no one stopping you from using these cuties all year. In fact, you might just be able to get away with making these for Christmas. I suggest that you use holiday-appropriate fabric, though.




Buckets These buckets are made of canvas. Yes, even the base of the buckets. Very cute, right? I love this sewing project. In fact, I think I will give this idea a go because I need more storage bins in my craft studio.



Sleepy Bunny Goodie Bags

Sleepy Bunny Goodie Bags So stinkin' cute! These are perfect bags for Easter treats. Fill with candies and other goodies to make a little kid very happy and excited for spring.



Origami Garland

Origami Garland This is a wonderful** bunny DIY project** for decorating your home come Easter. The tutorial below has a link to a video how-to for making the origami bunnies. To make the garland, Danyelle has the instructions.


How delightful are these bunny crafts? Remember, these are not solely Easter DIY projects. If you happen to be planning a bunny-themed party or you simply love rabbits, these tutorials are for you.

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