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37 Shell Crafts to do when Summer's over ...

By Neecey

I'm bringing you some terrific shell crafts because I know many of you happily pick up shells from the seashore and hoard them away with intentions of "some day I will do something great with those." Maybe you've had a pile for a long time and just need some inspiration or, maybe you've got a few choice specimens that you think can't make a project on their own. There should be something for you, whatever the size of your collection, in this list of shell crafts.

1 Shell Stepping Stones

Shell Stepping Stones Via Sea Shell Mosaics | Alpha ...

These make a lovely pathway in your garden. It's also one of the shell crafts you can do right on the beach if you want. Take the mold and plaster of Paris with you and make it with seawater. Press in all the lovely shells and sea glass you like and when set, take them home and make a pathway. (You actually don't need a mold if you're confident enough to make it directly in a shaped depression you make in the sand.)

2 Instant Souvenir

Instant Souvenir Via 23 Practically Free Crafts

If you're not particularly crafty, you can simply display your shells in attractive containers.

3 Shell Letter

Shell Letter Via

Make a letter. Make a word. Your choice.

4 Shell Garden Pots

Shell Garden Pots Via Shell Garden Pots How-To | ...

This is one of the traditional shell projects that even kids can do. And...

5 Bucket of Shells

Bucket of Shells Via Easy Seashell Crafts

... you don't have to cover the entire pot.

6 Shell Mirror

Shell Mirror Via 33 Modern Bathroom Design and ...

Bathroom? Beach cottage. Wherever. You decide.

7 Shell Bottles

Shell Bottles Via Decorate Bottles with Shells for ...

Shell DIY projects are great for a beach-themed décor.

8 Framed Shells

Framed Shells Via Items similar to beach house ...

If you're at a loss, make a picture.

9 Shell Candles

Shell Candles Via sea - Bing Images

There are all sorts of shell crafts involving candles.

10 Sea Shell Candles

Sea Shell Candles Via

Why pay top dollar at Pottery Barn when you can make your own with large shells and supplies from the craft store?

11 Shell Heart

Shell Heart Via Stuff for Mom

This would make a pretty ornament or could be incorporated into a beach wedding.

12 Shell Centerpiece

Shell Centerpiece Via 25 Sea Shell Crafts and ...

Get creative with a glass container, sea shells and candles to make an attractive centerpiece.

13 Seashell Mosaic

Seashell Mosaic Via Items similar to Fun Art ...

This is a step up from pasta pictures.

14 Seashell Boards

Seashell Boards Via Tutorial: Easy Peasy Shell Art ...

This must be one of the easiest ways of creating wall art ever. Paint a board or buy a readymade stretched canvas.

15 Shell Art

Shell Art Via decorating with shells | AJ's ...

Pick up some distressed frames from the flea market. This is a low effort, high impact DIY shell project.

16 Seashell Switch

Seashell Switch Via Seashell Craft Ideas at Ideal ...

What an interesting way to make a feature of a light switch.

17 Driftwood Shell Clock

Driftwood Shell Clock Via Handmade Drift Wood Wall Clock ...

This is the sort of shell craft you'll find plenty of on Etsy and eBay, but you can pick up a clock movement for a few dollars and with your own shells and piece of driftwood, you can make a totally unique timepiece for your home.

18 Shell Vase

Shell Vase Via 40 Sea Shell Art and ...

Cover a vase, big or small.

19 Shell Napkin Rings

Shell Napkin Rings Via DIY Summer Beachy Napkin Rings ...

Shells can be stuck onto plain rings to really add some pizzazz to your summer table.

20 SEASHELL Wreath


This kind of decorative object can cost you in excess of $50 on Etsy. Why not make your own?

21 Seashell Frame

Seashell Frame Via Craft Project Ideas with Shells, ...

The perfect frame for a treasured holiday photograph.

22 Tiny Shell Picture

Tiny Shell Picture Via Craft Project Ideas with Shells, ...

You know all those tiny shells that always gather at the bottom of the bucket? Now you know what to do with them.

23 Seashell Lights

Seashell Lights Via Dirty Work's Austin Trash & ...

Another of the easy shell crafts that lends a great result. All you need is a pile of shells and a string of white fairy lights.

24 Christmas Shells

Christmas Shells Via Gold Sea Shell Ornaments /Set ...

Spray paint gorgeous shells gold and attach hanger threads.

25 Shell Shadow Box

Shell Shadow Box Via Bower Power –

Find your inner artist.

26 Shell Lamp

Shell Lamp Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Big flat shells are best for this kind of project.

27 Shell Bracelet

Shell Bracelet Via DIY Shell Bracelet From Honestly ...

Shells can be arm candy too.

28 Sand Covered Seashell Cone Christmas Tree

Sand Covered Seashell Cone Christmas Tree Via Make Beautiful Cone Seashell Christmas ...

If you like your holiday decorations to have a modern rather than traditional feel, this is DIY shell project to try. Elegant, isn't it?

29 Shell Lid

Shell Lid Via Mexican glass pot with fancy ...

You don't have to plaster everything in shells to make something beautiful.

30 Shell Glass Lamp

Shell Glass Lamp Via Blog Cabin 2013: Master Bedroom ...

Fill a large bottle, add a lamp fitting and shade and
you're good to go.

31 Gold Conch Shells

Gold Conch Shells Via Gold Conch Shells

When DIY shell art is this beautiful it isn't restricted to a beachy-themed scheme.

32 Seashell Display

Seashell Display Via Ideas

Some shell crafts are ridiculously easy. This is just a case of making an already fabulous vessel more interesting.

33 Mason Jar Candle Holder with Sea Shells

Mason Jar Candle Holder with Sea Shells Via Mason Jar Candle Holder - ...

So many mason jar crafts. So many ways to decorate with shells. So little time.

34 Shell Wind Chime

Shell Wind Chime Via WILD ▲ SPIRIT

Every time you hear it tinkle in the wind you'll be reminded of long sunny days at the beach.

35 Shell Heart

Shell Heart Via Hearts in Nature | Girl ...

Not feeling very arty? Get hearty!

36 Seashell Hair Pins

Seashell Hair Pins Via DIY: Shell Hair Pins | ...

Make these one of your shell projects for fall or winter and you'll have some darling pins to hold your hair back on the beach during the next summer's vacation.

37 Beach Terrarium

Beach Terrarium Via How to make a beach ...

This is a low maintenance version of a terrarium - no plants to tend.

Are you now convinced it’s time to do something with your collection of shells? And don’t forget, there’s always time to collect more; a great excuse for a day at the beach.

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