37 Shell Crafts to do when Summer's over ...

I'm bringing you some terrific shell crafts because I know many of you happily pick up shells from the seashore and hoard them away with intentions of "some day I will do something great with those." Maybe you've had a pile for a long time and just need some inspiration or, maybe you've got a few choice specimens that you think can't make a project on their own. There should be something for you, whatever the size of your collection, in this list of shell crafts.

1. Shell Stepping Stones

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Via Sea Shell Mosaics | Alpha ...

These make a lovely pathway in your garden. It's also one of the shell crafts you can do right on the beach if you want. Take the mold and plaster of Paris with you and make it with seawater. Press in all the lovely shells and sea glass you like and when set, take them home and make a pathway. (You actually don't need a mold if you're confident enough to make it directly in a shaped depression you make in the sand.)

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