7 Beach-Themed Crafts to Keep You Busy This Summer ...

Beach-themed crafts are perfect for summer because they get you in that warm weather mood. If you don’t live near the ocean, these are great for giving you a feeling of being seaside even if you’re not. I live in Colorado, so I’ll take what I can get in terms of ocean living. That’s why I plan to do as many of these beach-themed crafts this summer as possible. I hope you find time to enjoy a few yourself.

1. Seashell Letters

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What could be more beachy than seashells? This is probably my favorite of the beach-themed crafts on my list. The end result is super cool looking and it’s easy to make. Start with wooden craft letters, which you can find at any craft or fabric store. Buy a couple bags of seashells from the same store. Use hot glue to adhere the shells to completely cover each letter. Spell “beach,” “ocean” or “summer.”

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