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31 DIY Pot Holders to Brighten up Your Kitchen ...

By Neecey

DIY pot holders are a fun project. Although they're a simple item, they're a vital piece of kitchen equipment. Making them yourself means you can have them match your kitchen decor perfectly, or have a fun item to add a pop of color. DIY pot holders can be made with a sewing machine, no sewing, knitting or crochet. Take a look ...

1 Scrap Pot Holders

Scrap Pot HoldersVia Laughing Duck: a busy empty ...
If you've got a stash of fabric scraps you just can't bear to throw away, use them for cute DIY pot holders.

2 Scrap Pot Holders

Scrap Pot HoldersVia Top 20 Handmade Gifts
And here's another version of a way to use fabric scraps.


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3 Microwave Bowl Pads

Microwave Bowl PadsVia Microwave Fabric Bowls
If there's one thing I hate about microwaves, it's bowls that get too hot to handle. This is a great idea.

4 Handprint Pot Holders

Handprint Pot HoldersVia Fun Handprint and Footprint Art
This would be a cute present for Mother's Day or for Granny at any time.

5 Hanging Pot Holders

Hanging Pot HoldersVia DIY: Hot Pads Tutorial
This has a really good tutorial to follow.

6 Easy Crocheted Hot Pads

Easy Crocheted Hot PadsVia Easy Crocheted Hot Pads {DIY ...
If you want to take up crochet this is a good project to start with.

7 Make Your Own Oven Mitt

Make Your Own Oven MittVia Oven Mitt and Hot Pad ...
An alternative to potholders.

8 DIY Skillet Handle Pot Holder

DIY Skillet Handle Pot HolderVia Pot Holder for a Skillet ...
Hard to find in the stores but easy to make.

9 Jeans Hot Pads

Jeans Hot PadsVia What to do with old ...
I'm including a few DIY pot holders you can make from old pairs of jeans.

10 Patchwork Pot Holders

Patchwork Pot HoldersVia Floating On Cloud9: Project | ...
An easy way to learn how to do patchwork.

11 Hot Pocket Tutorial

Hot Pocket TutorialVia the allen's: Hot Pockets
A fun way to dress up your kitchen - useful too.

12 Denim Pot Holders

Denim Pot HoldersVia Denim Pocket Pot Holders and ...
Such a great way to recycle old jeans.

13 Egg Shape Pot Holder

Egg Shape Pot HolderVia Miss Mary Sewing Classes: TUTORIAL ...
A cute shape.

14 Butterfly Pot Holder

Butterfly Pot HolderVia Wonderful DIY Cute Butterfly Pot ...
This is a fun shape, don't you think?

15 Recipe Pot Holders

Recipe Pot HoldersVia 12 Days of Handmade Gifts- ...
I love the idea of having my favorite recipes at hand.

16 Mickey Mouse Pot Holder

Mickey Mouse Pot HolderVia Quilt Taffy: Mickey Mouse Hotpad ...
Fancy Mickey in your kitchen?

17 Pie Pot Holders

Pie Pot HoldersVia Art Threads: Wednesday Sewing - ...
There's a great tutorial for this.

18 Dollar Store Hot Pads

Dollar Store Hot PadsVia The 36th AVENUE | Dollar ...
Click on the link to get some great ideas for customizing plain dollar store hot pads and oven mitts.

19 Leaf Pot Holders

Leaf Pot HoldersVia PatchworkPottery: House, Leaves & Teacup
These would be cute in a country kitchen.

20 Owl Pot Holders

Owl Pot HoldersVia Who Owl Pot Holders Pattern
Whooo wouldn't love these?

21 Pot Holders from Felted Sweaters

Pot Holders from Felted SweatersVia Cutie Pie Pot Holders
Someone suggested sewing in magnetic strips. That's clever!

22 Heart Pot Holders

Heart Pot HoldersVia Make a pot holder | ...
Every kitchen should have a helping of love.

23 Finger Hot Pads

Finger Hot PadsVia craftyasiangirl: Hot pads tutorial
Mini ones still do the job.

24 Cozy Pot Holders

Cozy Pot HoldersVia 21 Adorable DIY Projects To ...
I'm not really a fan of crochet, but these are quite cute.

25 Quilted Pot Holders with Pockets

Quilted Pot Holders with PocketsVia Quilted Pot Holders with Pocket
I think holders that your hands slip into are much safer than simple pads.

26 Insulated Casserole Carrier with Matching Oven Mitt/pot Holders

Insulated Casserole Carrier with Matching Oven Mitt/pot HoldersVia homemade by jill: Insulated Casserole ...
Pot lucks are something we just don't do in the UK - such a shame. Then I'd have a good excuse to make this.

27 Cupcake Oven Mitt

Cupcake Oven MittVia Cupcake Oven Mitts: A How-To ...
DIY pot holders you can make in 30 minutes.

28 Easy Peesy Pot Holders

Easy Peesy Pot HoldersVia 30 Cool Ways To Reuse ...
Another way to recycle old jeans into pot holders.

29 Pot Holder Pattern

Pot Holder PatternVia Pot Holder Pattern - A ...
Do you <3 this?

30 DIY Casserole Carrier

DIY Casserole CarrierVia Crochet a Casserole Carrier &#8211; ...
another way to carry yummy casseroles to pot lucks.

31 Happy Camper Quilted Pot Holders!

Happy Camper Quilted Pot Holders!Via Free Pattern- Happy Camper Quilted ...
DIY pot holders to keep in your RV?

Ready to raid your fabric stash and get crafting?

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