Dont Throw Away Your Old Furniture - 29 Upcycled Furniture Projects Youll Love

By Jennifer

Dont Throw Away Your Old Furniture - 29 Upcycled Furniture Projects Youll Love

For more information and instructions, tap the "Source" link under each image. Happy upcycling!

Table of contents:

  1. dresser into kitchen island
  2. dresser into buffet
  3. dresser into bookcase
  4. beds into benches
  5. two chairs into one bench
  6. hinged door to barn door
  7. door into mirror
  8. coffee table into ottoman
  9. sewing machine into desk
  10. drawers into dresser
  11. boring dresser into fab dresser
  12. console tv into console
  13. chest freezer into patio cooler
  14. chair into towel rack
  15. truck springs into stools
  16. try some stenciling...
  17. books into end table
  18. pallet into wall art
  19. door into shelf
  20. belts into chair
  21. drawers into storage
  22. guitar into shelf
  23. cabinet into play kitchen
  24. suitcase into medicine cabinet
  25. china into lamp
  26. drawers into bookcase
  27. tire into ottoman
  28. door into entry way storage
  29. two chairs into one outdoor lounge

1 Dresser into Kitchen Island

furniture,drawer,product,desk,hardwood, Via 45 Unbelievable Flea Market Flips

2 Dresser into Buffet

Little Black Dress,furniture,drawer,chest of drawers,room, Via Thrifted dresser to console

3 Dresser into Bookcase

room,furniture,living room,table,shelf, Via The Best DIY's, Upcycled Furniture ...

4 Beds into Benches

furniture,product,garden,backyard,lawn, Via Old Beds Got a Makeover ...

5 Two Chairs into One Bench

furniture,man made object,bench,iron,chair, Via repurposed chairs double chair bench

6 Hinged Door to Barn Door

furniture,room,cabinetry,cupboard,door, Via Community Post: 22 Awesome Door ...

7 Door into Mirror

room,cabinetry,door,furniture,wood, Via Dishfunctional Designs: New Takes On ...

8 Coffee Table into Ottoman

furniture,table,coffee table,wood,bed, Via Thrift Store Coffee Table -turned- ...

9 Sewing Machine into Desk

furniture,desk,room,table,floor, Via Sewing machines that are repurposed ...

10 Drawers into Dresser

furniture,drawer,chest of drawers,wood,hardwood, Via Styling and Salvage: New Drawer ...

11 Boring Dresser into Fab Dresser

furniture,chest of drawers,drawer,sideboard,changing table, Via Furniture Refurb: Adding Legs to ...

12 Console TV into Console

furniture,room,cabinetry,shelf,shelving, Via 20 Easy & Creative Furniture ...

13 Chest Freezer into Patio Cooler

furniture,product,table,wood,bed, Via Refrigerator to Ice Chest

14 Chair into Towel Rack

room,product,furniture,shelf,art, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

15 Truck Springs into Stools

man made object,room,furniture,kitchen,dining room, Via Repurposed Truck Spring Kitchen Stools ...

16 Try Some Stenciling...

floor,wood,art,flooring,design, Via DIY Furniture stencilling

17 Books into End Table

furniture,table,wood,billiard table,desk, Via 9 Amazing Furniture Upcycle DIYs

18 Pallet into Wall Art

art,pattern,tapestry,flooring,textile, Via Dishfunctional Designs: God Save The ...

19 Door into Shelf

furniture,shelving,room,shelf,bookcase, Via Upcycling Game - Can You ...

20 Belts into Chair

furniture,man made object,table,wood,flooring, Via DIY Belt Chair Renovation | ...

21 Drawers into Storage

furniture,product,play,table,bed, Via The Pink Porch: Get Your ...

22 Guitar into Shelf

guitar,musical instrument,plucked string instruments,string instrument,string instrument, Via Musically Inspired Furniture And Decorations ...

23 Cabinet into Play Kitchen

furniture,desk,room,play,table, Via Upcycle Us: Upcycling furniture into ...

24 Suitcase into Medicine Cabinet

product,shelf,furniture, Via 48 Creative Ways to Repurpose, ...

25 China into Lamp

product,porcelain,tablecloth,dishware,table, Via A New Use for Mismatched ...

26 Drawers into Bookcase

furniture,shelving,shelf,bookcase,cabinetry, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

27 Tire into Ottoman

hair,hairstyle,straw,grass family,wicker, Via 10 Best recycling ideas out ...

28 Door into Entry Way Storage

white,room,furniture,interior design,wood, Via Top 10 Lovely DIY Repurposed ...

29 Two Chairs into One Outdoor Lounge

furniture,chair,table,leisure,outdoor furniture, Via How To Make A French-Styled ...

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