7 Cute DIY Rain Cloud Mobiles ...


7 Cute DIY Rain Cloud Mobiles ...
7 Cute DIY Rain Cloud Mobiles ...

If you're in the mood for weather-related craft adventures, we direct you to these adorable DIY rain cloud mobiles. Not only are they fitting tributes to April showers, these handmade rain cloud mobiles are also all sorts of cute. And they have several functions, too. You can decorate your home with them, give as gifts, or use them to give a party a more whimsical vibe.

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Fleece Clouds

Fleece Clouds One cute DIY rain cloud mobile that you can make involves using fleece cotton. This material will give your mobile a more realistic feel. As for the raindrops, paper will serve you just fine. You can go for a colorful look, as shown above, or use white if you're aiming for a minimalist (but still whimsical) look.



To start crafting your fluffy cloud, gather some white or grey fleece to create the base. Then, stuff it lightly to give it a puffy, cloud-like appearance. For the raindrops, cut out shapes from colored or patterned paper to add a playful touch. To assemble, attach the drops to the cloud with clear fishing line or thread at varying lengths. Hang your creation over a crib or reading nook to add a dash of charm. It's surprisingly easy to make, and the effect is absolutely delightful.


Smiling Dewdrops

Smiling Dewdrops So cute! Even if you don't like the rain, you will not be able to help but smile at this ridiculously adorable rain cloud. The raindrops of this mobile are glass marbles encased in a crocheted container. If you don't know how to crochet, you can choose to hang the marbles using string secured with superglue. You can also use clear jewel beads instead of glass marbles.



Tissue Paper Clouds

Tissue Paper Clouds These DIY rain cloud mobiles also feature a fluffy look similar to the first tutorial. Instead of fleece, tissue paper was used to construct the clouds. The rain drops are cardstock in different colors. They were sewn like a chain (using a sewing machine) and then attached to the tissue paper clouds.



Printed Fabric

Printed Fabric This is my own DIY rain cloud mobile tutorial. For this particular handmade home décor, I stress using printed fabric. Think prints that represent the things you love to do on a rainy day. The fabric I used here, for instance, alludes to reading as one's favorite rainy day activity. Others can be drinking coffee, cuddling with your fur-babies, cooking, baking, etc. And yes, trust me, there are fabrics that represent the activities I just listed.



Buttoned and Sequined

Buttoned and Sequined Here we have two tutorials for making a DIY felt cloud mobile. The first is for making the smiling and buttoned mobile while the second has instructions for the sequined one. Which mobile tickles your fancy? While the smiling one is cute, I have to admit that the sequined rain cloud mobile is simply gorgeous.



3D Raindrops

3D Raindrops What lovely colors! To make this DIY rain cloud mobile, you will be needing paper (white for the clouds and in loud colors for the raindrops), thread, glue, and some tape. To make the 3D raindrops, you will be gluing together four raindrop shapes that are folded in the middle. To attach them to the paper cloud, use clear tape.



Geometric Paper Rain

Geometric Paper Rain This DIY rain cloud mobile calls for paper as well. Instead of your typical raindrop shape, though, you will be embellishing the cloud with other fun geometric shapes. To attach them to the paper cloud, you sew them using a sewing machine. You can also simply tape or glue them.


I hope that you enjoyed this list of DIY rain cloud mobiles. Why don't you construct one of these one rainy afternoon and show the fruits of your labor here on All Women Stalk? We'd love to see what you make!

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Makes me wish I had a lil baby!

I love the 2nd one just wish instructions were in english

I love D.I.Y'S

Ahhhh! so making one of these (or two, or three, or four... lol!) for my little niece or nephew on the way!! They're all too cute!!


These are cute, but if you're going to make a mobile to put over a crib, you DON'T use marbles or beads. If they fall and the baby puts one in its mouth, he or she could choke

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