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Personalizing your space requires a few ideas for photo display and couple of statement decor pieces among many other finishing touches. Yet out of all of them, it is the photos and memories that you exhibit that make your house, or specifically your room, yours! Memories gradually deteriorate with time, but those moments captured on camera are always there to serve as a reminder of what we've experienced. So instead of storing your pictures in dusty albums, incorporate them in your decor with some of these ideas for photo display.

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Hang Them up with Clothing Pins

Hang Them up with Clothing Pins Via Best Ways to Decorate Your ...

Frames are a pain to hang up on a wall and they can be pretty expensive for no reason. So this is one of the easy and cost-effective ideas for photo display that looks effortlessly cute!


Polaroid Shape Designs

Polaroid Shape Designs Via DIY Home Decor: 8 DIY ...

For this adorable display, arrange your pictures in a heart shape by splitting it in the corner of the room. Corners deserve decorations too!


Oversized Frames

Oversized Frames Via Jamie & Steven | Weddings ...

Oversized frames are perfect for hipster and vintage inspired decor. Just strategically tie a string from one side of the frame to the other and hang up some of your favorite memories captured on film!


Driftwood Photo Display

Driftwood Photo Display Via DIY Summer Wall Hangings

Use wood and string to suspend photos in the earthiest style!


Wood Block and Twine

Wood Block and Twine Via Southern Whim: Wood Hanging Note ...

Very simple decoration piece to make that is perfect for a rustic living room. However, if you are trying for a more modern decor, switch twine to ribbon and use a white washed board instead!


Bird Cage Wall Decor

Bird Cage Wall Decor Via Decorate with Wall Art < ...

Unique and adorable way to display photos and add more complexity to your decor.


Old Screen Door

Old Screen Door Via DIY Instagram Photo Display - ...

If you are passionate about DIY projects, turn an old vintage screen door into a picture frame!


Hanging on a Tree

Hanging on a Tree Via Real Wedding: Saundra & David ...

This particular display almost has a whimsical feel with tiny pictures hanging by a string from a beautifully decorated bouquet tree.


Driftwood with Strings

Driftwood with Strings Via Hazlo tú mismo: una rama ...

Give your house a cozy cabin feel by hanging driftwood with removable command strips for temporary decor!


Glass Container Photo Display

Glass Container Photo Display Via Mother's Day Photo Gifts

Don't leave your glass containers empty and instead fill them up with some of your favorite memories!


Oversized Empty Frames

Oversized Empty Frames Via Crush Cul de Sac

Who said you have to find a frame that perfectly fits your photos? Sometimes imperfection is much more appealing.


Photo Cubes

Photo Cubes Via StyleBurb: Fun Family Photo Cubes

If you are completely running out of space for photo displays, glue your family pictures into cubes!


Be creative and stack these photo cubes on shelves, desks, or even hang them from the ceiling to add a three-dimensional aspect to your precious memories. They're incredibly versatile; you can turn them periodically to reveal new pictures, keeping the display dynamic and engaging. Imagine the delight in turning a cube to find a forgotten moment smiling back at you. These also make for perfect personalised gifts that encapsulate life's special snapshots in a fun, interactive way. Plus, crafting them can be a delightful weekend project!


Heart Photo Collage

Heart Photo Collage Via DAINTY & FLORAL

Have a bunch of polaroid photos lying around? Pile them up into a heart college for an eye-catching wall decor!


String Map

String Map Via Displaying Your Hipstamatic Prints at ...

Turn this messy string map into an innovative photo display. It's very affordable yet completely mesmerizing.


Family Photos Dresser

Family Photos Dresser Via Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled Dressers: Painted, ...

Instead of throwing out that old vintage dresser, turn it into a family heirloom that will be valued and maybe even passed down from generation to generation!


Cascading Photo Decor

Cascading Photo Decor Via Communiday

Simple and reserved way to display all of your best memories that will complement almost any room decor style.


Hanging from Balloons

Hanging from Balloons Via 60+ Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas ...

While this may not be a permanent method to personalize your room, it's an adorable way to surprise someone!


Heart Wall Art

Heart Wall Art Via creaturecomfortsblog.com

Absolutely love the precision of the design created solely with Polaroid pictures!


Utilizing Wall Space

Utilizing Wall Space Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...

Getting creative with photo display is easy! The limits of how to attach photos or where to display them are absolutely nonexistent.


Earthy and Vintage Window Frame

Earthy and Vintage Window Frame Via Windows

Vintage home decor parts can always be reused as tasteful and unique interior design pieces. In this case, these old window frames were put to use!


Picture Wreaths

Picture Wreaths Via 28 Festive Do-it-Yourself Wreath Ideas

Wreaths are not just limited to the holiday seasons. You can actually create one out of photos to display all year round!


Creating a photo wreath is a great way to display photos all year round. This DIY project is easy to make and can be customized to fit any home decor. To create your own photo wreath, start by gathering photos and a circular wreath frame. Print out the photos and cut them into small circles or other shapes. Then, use glue or double-sided tape to attach the photos to the wreath frame. Once the photos are applied, decorate the wreath with ribbons, fabric, or other embellishments. When finished, hang the wreath in a prominent place to show off your photos. With a few simple supplies and a little creativity, you can make a unique photo wreath to enjoy all year long.


Small Spaces

Small Spaces Via On the Refrigerator Door: Photo ...

Get rid of plain spaces in your room and fill them with pieces of memory.


Few Supplies

Few Supplies Via 10 Ways to Transform Ordinary ...

With just a few borrowed resources from mother nature and a small wire, you can create a display worthy decor piece!


Necklace Storage

Necklace Storage Via Boutique Markets BLOG

Necklace storage, clothing pins and photographs... All you will ever need to make a statement with your interior design.


Suspended with Hangers

Suspended with Hangers Via Overcast sky is appropriate

One of the cutest and most innovative ideas is to shape wires into tiny clothing hangers for an unforgettable decor.


Photos by a Thread

Photos by a Thread Via theprettysweetlife.com

Beautiful view of all of the photo memories blending together into one artistic piece.


Mirror Vines

Mirror Vines Via Sassytrash: December 2010

This home decorator took advantage of her already existing pieces and twisted wire vines around an old mirror to hang jewelry and meaningful photos.


Old Lampshade Wire Frame

Old Lampshade Wire Frame Via Vintage - Wire Frame Lampshade. ...

When it comes to interior design, there is seriously no need to spend a huge amount of money. Even the most worthless and aged pieces can complete your decor!


Crib Spring

Crib Spring Via Craft Room Tour

Thinking about throwing out an old crib? Think twice because the crib spring can actually become an awesome and unique photo display!



Doorway Via photo display

Make the entryway of your bedroom stand out by outlining it with monumental photos!

Add a little flair and a bit of yourself into your room decor by displaying pictures of your favorite memories! Nothing compares to momentous pictures of you, your friends and family when it comes to personalizing your space! What are some of your favorite ways to display your unforgettable moments?

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