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If you have animals, chances are you have several pet beds lying around your house. After all, your furry kids need a cozy place to sleep and relax, right? If your dogs are anything like mine, they chew their beds up. If you want something more durable and a little harder to tear apart, the pet beds on this list are sure to please. And most of them are super easy to make.

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Outdoor Dog Bed

Outdoor Dog Bed Via DIY Modern Pet Bed - ...
I think it's a great idea to put pet beds outside on the patio. That way your dog can lounge with you.


Old Side Table

Old Side Table Repurpose an end table by removing the doors and adding a cozy cushion for your pet. Easy enough, right?


Old Suitcase

Old Suitcase Via 17 Easy DIY Ways To ...
What better way to use an old suitcase than to make it into a pet bed? And it looks fancy in your house too.


Vintage Nightstand

Vintage Nightstand Via FREE SHIPPING Cozy Pet Bed ...
This would look great next to your bed. Or you can use it in the living room.


Soft and Cushy

Soft and Cushy Via M5410 | Pet Beds | ...
Some cozy fleece and poly fill are all you need to create this masterpiece. Your dog will thank you!


Pallet Pet Bed

Pallet Pet Bed Via DIY Pallet Pet Beds | ...
This little guy sure looks comfy lying in his pallet bed.


For the Cats

For the Cats Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Cat bunk beds are something you don't see often. I don't have cats, but this is super adorable.


Tiny Little Bed

Tiny Little Bed Via Upcycled Pet Beds
Give them their own little bed by using an old headboard and footboard with a small cushion in between.


Wood Crate

Wood Crate Via Items similar to Upcycled PET ...
A painted wooden crate with matching fabric makes the perfect pet bed.


Closet and Bed for Dog

Closet and Bed for Dog Via 7 Creative Storage Ideas For ...
Go all out and turn your pet bed into a little storage area for all his toys and outfits.


For American Girl Doll

For American Girl Doll Via Pet Bed/Accessories for American Girl ...
Make your daughter's pets feel right at home with matching dog beds. She can care for her pets and you can care for the family pets. Fun, right?


Upside down End Table

Upside down End Table Via Lucy Designs: Pets
How easy would it be to make this from an old table? I think it's really cute.


Make It Fancy

Make It Fancy Via Mancat Mancave: DIY Pet Bed ...
Deck your pet bed out with some accessories to make it even more fun.


Handmade Extras

Handmade Extras Via Items similar to Dog Beds, ...
Sew a few pillows to add to your pet bed to make it look adorable and give your pet something to cuddle with.


Retro Look

Retro Look Via DIY Mid Century Style Pet ...
This little dog seems to be enjoying the bright colors and retro feel of his bed.


Fit for a Princess

Fit for a Princess Via Recycled Art
Instead of just hollowing out the table, add curtains and bling for your little dog.


Refinished Foot Stool

Refinished Foot Stool Via Upcycled Pet Bed Made from ...
Just like a table, a footstool is a great piece for turning into a cute dog pet.


Old Monitor

Old Monitor Via Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed
Instead of tossing that old computer monitor into the landfill, give it to your cat. She'll love it!


Hello Kitty Pet Bed

Hello Kitty Pet Bed Via Hello Kitty Pet Bed: Face
Nurture your love of a certain cartoon character with a themed pet bed.



Crocs Via Crocs stapt in hondenbedden
I've never seen anything like this before. The dog sure seems to like it though.



Adirondack Via Adirondack Collection - Pet Bed
Incorporate this beauty into your backyard patio for a cohesive look that lets your pet get cozy too.


With Steps

With Steps Via PetStuff
Older or disabled dogs will love how easy it is to get into this pet bed. It's also a good idea for tiny dogs that can't jump very high.


Luxury Versailles

Luxury Versailles Via Luxury Versailles Pagoda Pet Bed ...
Give your pet the royal treatment with this fancy pet bed.


Leggy Pet Beds

Leggy Pet Beds Via Leggy Pet Beds: Repurposed Jeans ...
Your dog will feel just as cozy as if he were laying right on your lap. Perfect for when you aren't home or are too busy to sit down.


TV Console

TV Console Via Furniture Flippin': Remember When-sday...
Don't throw that old television console out - turn it into this masterpiece instead.


For Small Burrowing Dogs

For Small Burrowing Dogs Via Eco Pet Bed - Recycled ...
How comfy would this be? This dog sure looks like he loves it.


Recycled Wine Barrel

Recycled Wine Barrel Via Pet Bed
I want to get a couple of these for my dogs. I'd keep them on the back patio.


Animal Print Pet Bed

Animal Print Pet Bed Via Animal Print Pet Bed, Choice ...
Some PVC pipe and fabric comes together to make a cute bed for your cats.


Vintage TV

Vintage TV Via I want this!
Here's another great example of what you can do with an old TV stand.


Ethnic Pet Bed

Ethnic Pet Bed Via Chinoiserie Chic: The Pagoda Dog ...
You won't see a pet bed like this just anywhere.


Simple and Cozy

Simple and Cozy Via Yellow Pouf | Fosss Tables ...
If you want something cozy, this is the pet bed for you.

Do you have beds for your pets? I like to see how cozy my dogs get in their beds. Which one is your favorite?

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Those are super cute and great

We've got 3 beds for one dog. And, of course, she loves our bed and the couch too.

perfect!!!! my cat is crazy like me so i think she would love the monitor the most haha

Love the wine barrel beds. Practical and they look good too! They could be used inside or outside which is handy:)

They are so cozy! :-)

Idea with old sutcase is great!

The "retro" bed=Star Trek badges!=Love

Love this! Our cats would enjoy these ideas!

my dog will love it.

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