8 Incredible DIYs with Polymer Clay ...


8 Incredible DIYs with Polymer Clay ...
8 Incredible DIYs with Polymer Clay ...

With so many polymer clay DIYs out there, I have narrowed my favorites down to a mere 8. Pinterest has me wishing I had taken out stocks in clay before I made my last big purchase at the craft store. The temptation to buy is quite high, especially since polymer clay is not very expensive until you buy 20 bricks. I blame the companies and the beautiful colors they’ve created. Here are 8 fabulous DIYs using polymer clay

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Beaded Necklace

This necklace looks like something purchased at Anthropologie. You know: it's a unique piece that you have to own, but your bank account laughs in your face when you try and swipe the purchase. One of those pieces... But this one you make and it won’t break your bank. Loving this polymer clay DIY, it’s by far my favorite to date.

Tutorial: delightedmomma.com


Jewelry Dish

We all need a jewelry dish, but we never actually remember to go out and make the important purchase. Look no further: make a custom jewelry dish that matches your bathroom or bedroom décor. Better still, making your own won’t leave you broke, with no money to spend on jewelry to store in it. Trust me: it's such a simple concept, anyone can make it. I say that as someone who has failed at this many times.

Tutorial: arcsfoodparadise.com


Miniature Plant Pot

How many times have you seen a dwarf sized plant that you just wished you have a pot for? Okay, so maybe never. Until today of course! Quick, be on the lookout for baby sized plants because you’re going to need to fill this sweet pot with something. Loving this polymer clay DIY, so much so I’ll be making mine next week.

Tutorial: transientexpression.com


Faceted Beads

There are so many uses for beads, especially when they are as beautiful as these. This fashionable DIY can be strung around your neck, around your wrist, on your keys, or heck, even off your wallet. Put them everywhere… why, you ask? Why wouldn’t you with something this beautiful? Glitter will always have a place in my world. Always! They're easy to customize too, so you make make beads in a variety of colors!

Tutorial: hazelandagnes.com


Faux Gauges Earrings

Although this look is not for everyone, it’s a very neat idea. No need to spend months stretching your earlobes, especially since that's permanent. Instead, fake out everyone with this unique DIY that will have your friends thinking you’ve gone circus on them. It's definitely a fun look to strut without manipulating any body parts. A win/win, I’d say.

Tutorial: theperfectpearpair.blogspot.ca



What could be better than sweet little stamps for every occasion? I recently went to go buy a stamp and was baffled by the cost. $30 for a bicycle stamp, really? Is this what our world has come down to? Naturally I left the stamp behind, although I was practically weeping as I walked away. Fortunately, after seeing this polymer clay DIY, I am drying my eyes. Brilliant idea.

Tutorial: unusualmagic.blogspot.com.au



You can't get any more one-of-a-kind than gorgeous, unique custom buttons. This fashionable DIY will take a regular blazer to the next level of chic. You'll be able to really rock your own personal style. Nobody else will have anything like it, nor will they be able to find it. Be unique, make your own styles with this fabulous DIY.

Tutorial: craftstylish.com


Photobooth Props

Every party requires a Photobooth. The best memories can be created and captured inside these booths, I know from personal experiences. There is something about stepping inside a photobooth that has you dropping your pride outside the box, letting loose and having some mustache fun. Wait, what?! Did I just say that?

Tutorial: ohcrafts.net

After sharing some of my fashionable DIYs with you, I realize that there are so many more out there. Tell me, what are some of your favorite polymer clay DIYs to date? I’d love to try some new ones.

Top Image Source: delightedmomma.com

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