40 Stunning Examples of Industrial-Style Homes ...

By Holly

40 Stunning Examples of Industrial-Style Homes ...

High ceilings, dramatic colours and stripped-back decor are the key features of industrial-style homes. They are practical in the sense that they are often quite minimalistic and therefore require less maintenance than other homes. These are just 40 examples of some beautiful industrial-style homes to give you some inspiration.

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Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen This is an excellent example of industrial styling, due to its humble feel. Industrial-style homes have the potential to seem too impersonal or imposing, but this combination of white tiles and black chalkboard paint soften the look and create a really beautiful kitchen.


Spacious Library

Spacious Library This is one stunning room! Libraries look absolutely incredible with industrial styling, and this one is no exception. Minimal furniture and long, hanging lights make this room feel enormous, and the windows help to add a very natural feel.


Dramatic Ceiling

Dramatic Ceiling While this room is beautiful on its own, the unique ceiling really adds to the whole industrial atmosphere. It adds a significant amount of drama, and the wooden floors and brick wall create a very cozy area.


Wooden Office

Wooden Office This office is open and inviting, and check out those lights! The stairs behind the desk are a great example of just another industrial style aspect to consider when creating your home. I think anyone with an office like this will have no trouble finding inspiration.


Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen This kitchen is stunningly industrial without being imposing. The owners of this place have really taken the time to add their touches to this kitchen, and it goes to show how you can still create a room with an industrial feel without needing to compromise your creativity.

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High Ceilings & House Plants

High Ceilings & House Plants If the industrial look is a little bit too daunting, it can easily be softened with the addition of house plants. They add colour to the space, while naturally purifying the air. It’s a win-win!


Grey Walls

Grey Walls Grey walls can create a really amazing look, especially in houses with huge rooms and high ceilings. Grey walls can make for some really striking colour combinations, and in particular look excellent with wood.


Dining Room

Dining Room This is an extremely minimalistic dining room, but it’s a great example of how a brick wall and a modest chandelier can still create an inviting atmosphere, instead of the room being too impersonal.


Brown Bedroom

Brown Bedroom This bedroom is so eye-catching with its brown, black and beige colour scheme. These colours may sound boring together, but all of them are important when it comes to industrial styling and this is an example of how amazing they can look.


The Views do the Talking

The Views do the Talking How breathtaking is this!? This is a great example of an industrial home that relies on the environment as opposed to what lies inside. This room is achingly simple, just so your eyes are drawn to the most amazing part: the view.


Original & Cozy

Original & Cozy The wall in this bedroom is obviously completely original to the building, and this adds a touch of character and history to the house. The black fluffy floor rug adds a welcoming feel, and a floor bed never goes awry.


White and Wood

White and Wood Industrial doesn’t always mean dark colours, and this picture shows just that: an industrial-style room that is vastly white in colour. Wooden floors and animal skin create the coziness in this bedroom, and that bed is just stunning.


Concrete Love

Concrete Love There wouldn’t be many homes that could get away with having purple and orange armchairs that look eclectic but classy, but thanks to the concrete walls and neutral colours throughout the rest of the room, these chairs create a really wonderful look.


Fabulous Feature Wall

Fabulous Feature Wall If this picture teaches you anything, let it be this: experiment with wallpaper. Look what can come of it - a room that fills you full of inspiration and wanderlust. The big light shade and the brick wall highlight the depth of industrial decor in this room.


Magnificently Minimal

Magnificently Minimal Bedrooms needn’t be cluttered and full of furniture - this bedroom is so eye-catching because of how sparse it is. Instead, we can see that amazing spiral staircase and living room through the window and that gorgeous wooden floor.


Dark and Moody

Dark and Moody Dark rooms can either look really uninviting, or really cozy and relaxing, and which you achieve relies heavily on your decor. Industrial rooms can get away with being darker because they possess high ceilings, which means you don’t feel closed in.


Space and Colour

Space and Colour How is this for a great use of space? The office hidden away up above the bed saves on space and feels a little bit like a hideaway. The lighting in this room is wonderful and the colours of the wall and floor mean that brighter colours like the Union Jack throw rug are real highlights.


Feature Colour

Feature Colour One way to create a really striking look is through one bright colour in amongst neutral tones. These duck egg blue lights highlight those indoor plants and break up the monotony of the wood and dark brick.


Distressed Wall

Distressed Wall Old, distressed walls are a sure-fire way to add that extra little something to a room. The different colours that are in the wall accentuate the dark colours of the bed and make the room feel very inviting.


Shabby Chic Study

Shabby Chic Study Where some people may see a floor that needs replacing, others see a floor with character and charm. This floor is by no means neat, but it adds to the feel of the room, with the neutral colours really drawing the attention to the colours found on the desk.


Concrete Bathroom

Concrete Bathroom Some people find concrete very daunting, as it has the tendency to make rooms look (and feel) very cold. However concrete is perfect in a room like a bathroom, and it can look truly breathtaking. I love the little highlights of red around the place.


Cool and Green

Cool and Green Green is such a versatile colour, and in this room it is the plant and the chairs that really pop. The grey of the wooden floor is simple and easy to work with, and the black is a great way to make sure the room doesn’t get overrun with light colours.


Pipes Galore

Pipes Galore Don’t cringe at the thought of exposed pipes! Just look at how incredible they can be, and how much character they can add to a room. Copper pipes are a great way to accent wood and blue colours.


Dramatic Kitchen

Dramatic Kitchen Black and gold makes for so much drama, and this can really be a striking colour combination. This kitchen is so sleek, and small amounts of greens and blues would really make this room look stunning.


Amazing Shower

Amazing Shower This is a very cool, modern shower, created with older-looking pipes. This is a very fresh look, and the idea of having a room just for a shower seems quite luxurious. The window is in a perfect spot so that anyone having a shower can have a beautiful view.


Simple and Similar

Simple and Similar Similar doesn’t have to be boring: the rooms in this house are visually quite similar, but each is unique and makes for a consistent, clean look. Again, black and wood are cool and trendy, and look really stunning.


Cozy Fireplace

Cozy Fireplace Because industrial homes have the potential to feel cold due to their large rooms and dark colours, fireplaces are a great way to ensure you keep that coziness and warmth and that your rooms feel nice and inviting.


Rustic Accents

Rustic Accents Small rustic-style accents throughout an industrial home, like these deer heads on the wall and skin rug, can break up the severity of all the concrete and high ceilings. It’s always good to experiment and see what works best in your home.


Terrific Textures

Terrific Textures This is one incredible example of using texture to create something really breathtaking. This room has a very olde worlde feel, with the wooden chairs and seemingly crumbling walls. This space really pays homage to everything natural.


Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas This is one absolutely incredible space. This is a total blank canvas when it comes to decorating, or perhaps it could be left as it is to really speak for itself. Those stairs are really something!


Lightbulb Love

Lightbulb Love A really big fad in industrial-style homes are big lightbulbs. They are really funky and can be very visually engaging when different sizes are teamed together, like in this photo. Lightbulbs are such a wonderful shape, and these look excellent just hanging from their cords.


Words on the Wall

Words on the Wall Not only does the floral of the bedspread really pop against the monotone colours throughout the rest of the room, but that wall is just amazing. The writing is, perhaps, original to the building, and why paint over it when it is that beautiful!?


Painting and Bricks

Painting and Bricks The best way to appreciate this home is from this angle: both downstairs and upstairs at the same time, so that your eyes are drawn to that incredible painting of what looks like Salvador Dali - a really effective way to add another dimension to your home.


Eat-in Kitchen

Eat-in Kitchen Why not make the most of the space available in an industrial home and have an eat-in kitchen? Such a large portion of each day is spent in the kitchen, and turning it into a really welcoming, casual area is a great idea.


The Little Things

The Little Things Sometimes, it is the little things that really make a room come to life. These pillows are a perfect example - they automatically add a sense of ‘home’ to the room, looking comfy and inviting. The lamp is amazing, too!


Dark & Stark

Dark & Stark This house is so very dark and moody, but it just works. Strong people with strong personalities are needed to pull off a home as dramatic as this, but if you can then it is well worth it.


Patterns and Colours

Patterns and Colours Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and patterns: it can really create something amazing. The different tones in this room and the exposed pipes create a really wonderful look.


Funky Factory

Funky Factory This room is actually in California, and is a redecoration of an old Lima bean factory. Upon close inspection, you can tell that many of the aspects to this building are original, and that’s a great way to celebrate the building’s history.


Let the Light do the Talking

Let the Light do the Talking When you have a house with dark rooms, you need to make sure you have a great source of natural light, such as these windows. That way you don’t feel closed in, and everybody can see the beauty that is your home!


Outside Connection

Outside Connection Because of the abundance of windows in this kitchen and their size, even when all of the windows are closed, you are still able to feel connected with the world around you. Windows such as these are a great idea for someone who loves the light and the outdoors.

So there you have it - 40 examples of amazing industrial-style homes and decor. I hope these pictures have given you as much pleasure and inspiration as they’ve given me! Which home was your favourite?

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