7 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options for Your New Floor ...

If you are replacing the floors or carpet in your house as a part of your redecorating project, you should consider looking at some eco-friendly flooring options. Eco-friendly flooring is much better for your health and the environment than some of the common flooring used in many homes. Laminate wood planks contain formaldehyde, vinyl planks contain PVC, and many carpets contain Teflon. These chemicals can be emitted into the air for years after the floor is installed and cause health problems such as asthma. Thankfully, there are much better alternatives, and it is relatively easy to find eco-friendly flooring options.

1. Cork

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Cork flooring is gaining popularity among people who want eco-friendly flooring. It is made from the cork oak tree, which doesn’t have to be cut down to harvest the bark. This makes cork a very sustainable option for floors. Aside from being sustainable, cork is also naturally fire retardant, and it naturally repels bugs and microbes. These qualities make cork a wonderful choice when it comes to eco-friendly flooring options.

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