How to Decorate Your House like Fixer Upper ...

So, I have a confession. I’m a little bit addicted to HGTV. That means that I’ve seen every episode of Fixer Upper about ten times over. Seriously, I cheer when there’s an episode on TV that I haven’t seen before. After you’ve seen the show so many times, you start to pick up on the design and décor cues that they typically employ. If you’re looking to decorate your house like you’ve hired Chip and Joanna Gaines to do it, I’ve got you covered. Simply follow this list to put your own spin on classic Fixer Upper style!

1. Get Some Chalk Paint

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You can easily give all of your furniture a “Fixer Upper” makeover in a matter of minutes. Take any of your wood furniture and paint it with white chalk paint. The chalk paint covers easily and gives it a country feel, and the white color is a signature color for Chip and Joanna! Chances are that your wood is fairly dark right now, and while that’s fine, Chip and Joanna tend to stick with mostly white furniture with natural accents here and there. Leave some of the dark wood, but paint a lot of it as well!

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