7 DIY Decorating Tips for a Blissful Bed You'll Never Want to Leave ...


Don’t we all dream of having a bed that’s so inviting and blissful that you never want to leave? That can become a reality with these decorating tips. Having a blissful bed to climb into at the end of each day helps you to instantly relax and makes your sleep sweeter. Soon, it can be your favorite place to spend your all free time.

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Choose a Calming Color Scheme

Choose a Calming Color Scheme While bright colors are pretty and can make you feel sunny, they aren’t always the best choice for a bedroom. If color doesn’t seem to have an effect on your mood then this may not be a tip you need. But most people find certain colors more calming than others. Colors such as gray, mint, ivory or lavender are all considered very calming color choices. Think about how each color makes you feel when you’re making choices for paint and bedding.


Make Your Bed Daily

Make Your Bed Daily Making your bed is a small daily chore that makes it so much more inviting. It’s not as pleasant to get into bed when you have to untangle and rearrange covers. Making your bed only takes minutes and is completely worth it when you slip under the covers at night. It’s a habit that may take some time to adjust to. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been making your bed all along.


Pile on the Pillows

Pile on the Pillows Pillows add an element of coziness to your bed. They make you just want to crawl in and never come out. Purchase some pillows that’re comfortable and have textures you like. They’re great for propping yourself up or losing yourself in. Every bed needs a few decorative but usable throw pillows.


Add a Throw

Add a Throw It’s always nice to have a throw at the end of your bed. It’s visually appealing as well as an extra layer of warmth you can grab on chilly nights. Take care to choose one that you enjoy the texture of as you’ll probably find you use only the throw at times. A throw is nice to have when you want to take a quick nap but don’t want to unmake your bed. You can grab your throw and catch a few minutes of sleep on top of your made bed.


Just Add Pets

Just Add Pets If you have pets then you might consider allowing them to join you in bed. Having a furry cuddle buddy can make your bed even cozier, especially if you’re a single girl. It’s nice to have the company in bed. It’s also a great time to bond with your pets. You’ll probably find that you look forward to this time together.


Don’t Neglect the Nightstand

Don’t Neglect the Nightstand Your nightstand is a big part of having an enjoyable bed that you never want to leave. Make sure your nightstand has all the necessities that you need. A lamp is a must. Add in some hand lotion, a bottle of water and the book you’re reading and you’re all set. If you don’t have an actual nightstand then you can improvise by using a small table or a shelf as your nightstand.


Add a Fuzzy Rug Nearby

Add a Fuzzy Rug Nearby This’s a special touch you can add when you’re decorating your bed and bedroom. Having a plush rug for your feet to sink into can make your bedroom feel luxurious. To get the one with the best feel, try before you buy. You may feel a little silly but you’ll be glad you followed this step. It can be the finishing touch to a blissful bed.

These’re 7 things that you can do to make your bed a blissful place you never want to leave. Did this inspire you? Which of these tips do you plan to use?

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My mum has a French bulldog and when I stay the night at her place he always finds his way into my bed. It's really cute, but he often smells very bad, and I kinda end up not wanting him in my bed. I don't know if that's just him, or the breed, or if every dog smells like that but I really prefer cats now. At least as bed buddies.

That pet idea made me smile :D I've always had cats that sleep on my bed, but my little Kisa is the most cuddly! She likes to crawl under the covers sometimes, but mostly sleeps by the edge of the bed at the bottom. It makes me happy knowing I'm not alone and there's someone here with me! She's a sweetheart. I should mention my fiancées a great cuddle buddy too, when he wants to be :P 💖

Great idea, been wondering what to do with my room. Never thought pets would do a whole lot of a difference. 😍

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