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Being a lifelong Francophile and a huge fan of Paris, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate Parisian flair in your home decor. Heather and I are definitely working on it, and hoping that our October honeymoon in Paris will give us even more of that … je ne sais quoi! It's that easy, effortless elegance you find in both Parisian decor and fashion. Finding ways to incorporate Parisian flair in your home decor doesn't mean you have to try hard, just the opposite. A lot of it's in the details, so if you're looking to make your home look more like a fabulous French pied-à-terre, here we go!

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Keep the Colors Rich

Keep the Colors Rich One of the best ways to incorporate Parisian flair in your home decor is to use rich, jeweled colors. Crimson reds, dark purple, royal or cobalt blue, emerald – they're all up for grabs. You can even go with deep, rich pinks if you like, although that's more modern Paris than anything. The point is, don't fear color, even if you think it's outlandish or too rich; you'll be able to tone it down with some of your other design choices.


Seek out the Vintage

Seek out the Vintage It almost goes without saying that vintage furniture, posters, pictures, and accessories are the last word in Parisian flair. Trawl the secondhand stores, antique shops, and yard sales in your area. If it's authentic, so much the better, but if you can find or even make reproductions and vintage-inspired things yourself, go for it. You don't have to worry about matching everything either, as you will see.


Elegance Trumps Newness

Elegance Trumps Newness This is different than the vintage point. It refers to the misguided believe that everything in your home needs to look shiny and new. To truly embrace that signature French elegance, don't be afraid of the shabby chic look. If your new rug looks a little frayed, if your silver pieces have some tarnish, if your tables look a little battered, so much the better. That silk lampshade with signs of age? That's authentic. Learn it, live it, love it. The truth mark of taste, after all, is knowing that your taste is timeless, and doesn't need to be replaced with something new and better all the time.


Include Eclectic Touches

Include Eclectic Touches Include plenty of eclectic touches in your rooms, whether it's a framed poster of a famous Paris scene or landmark, or an interesting art deco clock. Look for fringed lampshades, beads, and even a few well-placed feathers. Decorate using pieces of signature Parisian fashion as well, such as hats (and their boxes) or pearls or candelabra. Always think elegance, with just a touch of the eclectic. You'll win every time.


Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light And your lighting? That can be all over the place. Those fringed lamps are a great start, but include some wall sconces if you can. Soft or bold colors both work for shades, whether they're fabric or glass. From black to pretty Chanel pink, just make sure you use your lighting to your advantage. You want to highlight, you don't want to overwhelm.


Think Patterns and Textures

Think Patterns and Textures This is one of my favorite parts! Whether you're talking furniture, rugs, curtains, throws, tablecloths, or bed sets, patterns and textures are everything. Look for all things damask, especially in classic black and white. Brocade fabric is rich, elegant, and luxurious, as are velvet and silk. Delicate toile fabric is a lovely accent as well, and don't be afraid to mix it all up with tassels, fringe, old leather, paisley, and haute checks.


Accent in Black

Accent in Black Black shouldn't necessarily be a standout color, but it makes the perfect accent in Parisian design. Whether you're going with that soft, delicate pink or a deep, dark blue, black is the perfect contrast. Use it for lampshades, rugs, throw pillows, and wall art, especially in terms of wire baskets, picture frames, and clocks.


Get Gilt-y

Get Gilt-y Gold gilt edging is another must-have, and it just happens to look fantastic with black. If you're not a gold girl, that's okay. Just include it here and there for a really authentic look. A gilt edged frame or mirror will make the perfect touch without going overboard.


Metal Madness

Metal Madness Dark, rich woods, especially with that battered charm, are important in the Parisian design aesthetic. However, don't fear metals either. Specifically, wrought iron is a winner. Whether you're including delicate shelves and baskets, furniture frames, or better still, a darling little bistro table and chairs, add in some metal. It adds the perfect touch, plus it looks amazing.

There are loads of other things you can include for a truly Parisian abode, but these make up the basics. What would you add to your home to give it some fantastic, fashionable French flair?

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