11 Cute and Creative DIY Cup Cozies ...

'Tis the season for piping hot drinks so we give you here DIY Cup Cozies to make. Also known as coffee or mug sleeves, these are easy sewing or crocheting craft projects. Not only do you have a wide range of materials to choose from, you can also make a DIY cup cozy using scraps. In other words, these DIY cup cozies are cheap craft projects. What could be better, right?

1. Reversible

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Got lots of pretty fabric? You can use two at a time to make a DIY cup cozy. The perfect tutorial for this is Staci's. Aside from the pretty printed fabrics, you will need elastic hair band, buttons, and batting. If you like to make quilts, you probably already have all materials needed to make a reversible cup sleeve.


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