11 Cute and Creative DIY Cup Cozies ...


11 Cute and Creative DIY Cup Cozies ...
11 Cute and Creative DIY Cup Cozies ...

'Tis the season for piping hot drinks so we give you here DIY Cup Cozies to make. Also known as coffee or mug sleeves, these are easy sewing or crocheting craft projects. Not only do you have a wide range of materials to choose from, you can also make a DIY cup cozy using scraps. In other words, these DIY cup cozies are cheap craft projects. What could be better, right?

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Reversible Got lots of pretty fabric? You can use two at a time to make a DIY cup cozy. The perfect tutorial for this is Staci's. Aside from the pretty printed fabrics, you will need elastic hair band, buttons, and batting. If you like to make quilts, you probably already have all materials needed to make a reversible cup sleeve.




Appliqued Here is another way to make use of those pretty fabrics in your scrap bin. This DIY shows you a way to personalize mug sleeves. In other words, these would make for fantastic holiday gifts.



Photo "Frame"

Photo "Frame" If you want your** DIY cup cozy **keep your hands cool but your heart warm, this tutorial is for you. How exactly does it keep your heart warm, you ask? Well, this coffee sleeve has a section for inserting a photo! Perfect for displaying a photo of your family.




Crocheted How lovely! I love me some pink so I am all sorts of in love with this DIY crocheted cup cozy. The wooden button is also quite charming.




Furry Because even though your cup may be holding a hot drink, it still wants to look winter chic. To make this furry DIY cup cozy, you will need Velcro, needle and thread or glue, and a template. For the latter, you can use one of those cardboard ones given with cafe drinks.




Cork How cute! This is made of cork contact paper. You can get them at Home Depot. Other things you will need to make this lovely scalloped mug cozy are scissors, a single hole punch, yarn, crafting needle, felt scrap, and a Starbucks coffee sleeve as template.




Lacy This is my favorite from this list of DIY cup cozies. The fact that I used this for the top photo is a clear indication, really. I love this because it's a perfect blend of Bohemian and preppy. The woven-inspired button is oh-so-adorable, too.



Felt Mickey and Kermit

Felt Mickey and Kermit The following tutorials are for making two different DIY cup cozies. The first is for a Mickey Mouse-inspired sleeve made of black and red felt. The second is for a cute Kermit version that also makes use of felt.

Tutorial | Tutorial


Neon Felt

Neon Felt How about a cup cozy that is trendy and fantastically functional at the same time? The colors of this cup cozy are on-trend but it is more than just a fashionable sleeve. It is also very helpful as it comes with a pocket for a card and a hook for your keys. Clever!




Tie I'm sure you see a lot of neckties at the thrift store. On your next visit, you can grab a few and transform them into coffee sleeves for your family and friends.




Socks Neckties aren't the only things that you can repurpose into cup cozies. You can use knitted socks, too! This is a great solution for those who, like me, don't know how to knit or crochet.


I hope that these DIY cup cozies inspire you to do a bit of sewing this week. I also hope that these give you great holiday handmade gift ideas. Happy crafting!

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It's cute, but the tutorial link is broken. I'd love to be able to make one!

11 cute and creative DIY cup cozies... from recyclingiscool (via Twitter)

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