Rock One of These Fantastic Couple's Costumes This Halloween ...

By Meream

Rock  One of These Fantastic Couple's Costumes This Halloween ...

So what are you wearing for Halloween? Thinking of doing a tandem costume look with your boyfriend/husband/partner? If you are, we give you the following DIY couple's costume ideas for inspiration. They range from incredibly simple to somewhat complicated. All will surely tickle your creative bone and inspire you to create a fun DIY couple's costume for Halloween. Enjoy!

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Pantone Colors

Pantone Colors This is a fantastic DIY couple's costume idea for artists. This is incredibly easy to execute. In fact, you will likely not spend a single dollar for this DIY Halloween costume. If you and your guy happen to have a colorful wardrobe, you simply have to pick outfits (in different colors, of course) and add the Pantone sticker labels. You can make the latter yourself using your home printer.



Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom This is the cutest! Not only will this be a great Wes Anderson tribute, this DIY couple's costume also has the potential to win you awards. Sure wins are “Picture Perfect” or “Best Thrifted.” As you can see, this costume idea requires a trip or two to your favorite flea markets or secondhand stores. If you happen to love all things vintage, you likely already have the props needed for this couple's costume.



American Gothic

American Gothic This is so clever and fun, you will want to whip up a DIY version right away. This DIY couple's costume will also require a trip to the thrift store for the clothes. As for the frame, any extra wood pieces lying around should do nicely. You might not want to use an actual photo frame because you might end up ruining it during the Halloween festivities.



Pizza and Delivery Boy

Pizza and Delivery Boy I love food-themed Halloween costumes. And yes, you and your partner can rock your favorite food this Halloween, too. This costume will require large pieces of cardboard, card stock, and lots of glue. You can use a diecut machine for making your pizza toppings but you can also freestyle it. As for the rest of the delivery boy's costume, plain shirt, jeans, sneakers, and baseball cap should be perfect. Do not forget the headphones and bored expression.



Magician and Bunny

Magician and Bunny How adorable! This DIY Halloween couple's costume is potentially inexpensive, too. Basically, your guy will dress up in his most dapper suit and you will don an all-white outfit. What you will end up making are only the bunny tail and ears and the magician's wand. Easy and fun!


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Bob Ross and Happy Tree Painting

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Painting This costume idea rivals the Moonrise Kingdom in the “cuteness overload” category. But while the Wes Anderson one will require you to look bored while trick or treating, this Bob Ross painting idea is the opposite. You will have to smile all night; the tree, in particular, has to look ecstatic.



Chef and Croquembouche

Chef and Croquembouche This is the couple that brought us the delivery boy and pizza costume. Aren't they fun? This particular idea has a gourmet twist. It looks more time-consuming than the pizza one, too. For the cake, a hoop skirt will be needed. The pastry balls will be made of balled up tissue covered with brown coffee filters. Hot glue them to the hoop skirt. The guy's costume will require no crafty steps; you can buy cheap chef's jacket and accessories from any party store.


How fun are these DIY couple's costumes? I love, LOVE the Moonrise Kingdom idea.

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I've done American Gothic before. These are super fun, especially for people who are just looking to have a good time and don't care about impressing anyone (except Grandma, who will love these of course) :)

These are really creative, but I wouldn't wear them

This is so stupid. Just dress like a princess and make him dress like a prince. The most sensible thing to do.

these are embarrassing!!! me and my fiancee were batman and batgirl last year.