41 Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Need to Try ...


41 Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Need to Try ...
41 Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Need to Try ...

Halloween is knocking on the door so it's time to be inspired by some great pumpkin carving ideas. Creative and skilled people have turned pumpkin carving into an art form and dedicate hours to the craft. If you're not looking for a masterpiece but want something to make a statement, here are some pumpkin carving ideas to get you thinking.

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Drilled Pumpkin

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Low skill pumpkin carving ideas are a godsend to people who don't want to mess about with sharp knives.



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Spell it out!

Frequently asked questions

For beginners, simple faces with triangle eyes and nose and a jagged mouth are a good start. You can also try carving shapes like stars, hearts, or moon. Using cookie cutters to mark outlines can also make it easier.

First, choose a pumpkin that feels firm and has a flat bottom. Clean the outside with a wet cloth. Cut the top off to make a lid, and scoop out the seeds and pulp with a spoon or a special pumpkin scraper. Then you're ready to start carving.

You'll need a sharp knife for cutting the lid, a spoon or scoop for cleaning out the insides, and carving tools which can range from a simple crafting knife to special pumpkin carving kits. For detailed work, you might want stencils and a poking tool to transfer designs.

To extend its life, keep your carved pumpkin cool and out of direct sunlight. You can also smear the cut edges with petroleum jelly or use natural products like peppermint oil to preserve it. If the pumpkin starts to shrivel, soak it in cold water for a few hours to perk it up.

Yes, pumpkin carving can be a fun activity for the whole family. Make sure to supervise children, especially if they're using sharp tools. For younger kids, you can have them draw the design on the pumpkin and scoop out the insides, while you do the actual carving.


Car and Camper

pumpkin,man made object,lighting,autumn,produce, Source: 14 Cool Pumpkin-Carving Ideas
Your little man will love this. In fact, so will your big man, probably.


Owl Pumpkin

food,produce,carving, Source: Smashing Pumpkins
The devil's in the detail.


Glow Sticks

clothing,art,costume, Source: 20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas ...
Love the ninja turtles but glow sticks could work in other great patterns and designs too.


Pirate Ship

art,vehicle,shape,pumpkin,furniture, Source: Pirate ship
Arggh me hearties. Hoist the main sail and sail the seven seas.


Jack Skellington

jack o lantern,pumpkin,halloween,calabaza,lighting, Source: Community Post: You Wish Your ...
You can't go wrong with a classic.



pumpkin,carving,winter squash,calabaza,jack o lantern, Source: Funny Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...
Not much effort involved but very effective.


Funny Faces

pumpkin,stuffed toy,toy,plush,textile, Source: Halloween
Make yours as ugly or funny as you like.



pumpkin,still life photography,winter squash,carving,calabaza, Source: 7 Creative Pumpkin-Carving Ideas
Invite Nellie to your Halloween party.


Halloween Vase

flower,flower arranging,floristry,plant,land plant, Source: Halloween Decorations, Recipes and Pumpkin ...
Combine two symbols of fall in one hit.



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Simple but effective.


Paint It Black

halloween,jack o lantern,pumpkin,holiday,OUTDOOR, Source:Halloween Pumpkins You Make With ...
Orange is the new black? Not here!



jack o lantern,pumpkin,holiday,event,halloween, Source: Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils ...
Some pumpkin carving ideas need confidence and


Pumpkin Ice Bucket

man made object,drink,pumpkin,produce,Cheryl, Now that's MY idea of a pumpkin carving project.


Have a Hoot

pumpkin,man made object,carving,jack o lantern,calabaza, Source: Wanna Win the Neighborhood Pumpkin ...
If the previous owl was a bit daunting, give this one a go.


Cookie Monster

man made object,pumpkin, Source: Jack O' Lantern Decorating Ideas
Easy and fun.


Mummy Pumpkins

pumpkin,carving,plant,produce,land plant, Source: Mr. Mummy Pumpkin
Clever idea.


Olaf Pumpkin

pumpkin,still life photography,jack o lantern,art,carving, Source: Olaf Pumpkin-Carving Template | Disney ...
An Olaf that's guaranteed not to melt.


Ocean Inspired Pumpkins

man made object,pumpkin,jack o lantern, Source: Carve a Coastal Pumpkin!
A real break from the traditional symbols of Halloween.



pumpkin,man made object,jack o lantern,carving,calabaza, Source: Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts ...
Make it your own.


Dia De Los Muertos

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This is a surface cut more than a carving. I've seen carved out skulls with glow sticks in and also where the pumpkins are painted with glow in the dark paint. How would you use the sugar skull motif?



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Just because!


Scary Teeth

pumpkin,jack o lantern,carving,calabaza,winter squash, Source: 70 Cool Easy Pumpkin Carving ...
Ramp up a basic carving with cocktail sticks for teeth.


Mummy Pumpkin

man made object,pumpkin,produce,carving,land plant, Source: 7 Creative Pumpkin-Carving Ideas
Paint your pumpkin if you can't find a white one.


Spider Pumpkin

pumpkin,jack o lantern,carving,calabaza,cucurbita, Source: 38 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...
Find plastic spiders at the toy store. Don't worry they won't hurt you.


Witch Pumpkin

pumpkin,halloween,jack o lantern,carving, Source: Pumpkin Carving Inspiration Board! - ...
You'll find witches hats everywhere at Halloween so this is going to be no hassle.


Cannibal Pumpkin

pumpkin,jack o lantern,carving,halloween,calabaza, Source: 38 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...
Create a pumpkin carving that's got some bite.


Which Witch

pumpkin,man made object,carving,winter squash,calabaza, Source: Brighton Ford : Pumpkin Carving ...
What a fun idea. Do you think this is the witch Dorothy's house dropped on?



red,jack o lantern,lighting,shape,ball, Source: 38 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...
Such an obvious idea if you think about it.



flower,autumn, Source: 21 Clever pumpkin carving ideas ...
Use individual lights or channel stringed lights into narrow grooves.


Minion Pumpkin Carvings

jack o lantern,pumpkin,halloween,lighting,holiday, Source: Different things to try
These will delight the kids.


Owl Pumpkins

pumpkin,calabaza,carving,produce,cucurbita, Source: Halloween and Fall Inspired Decorations ...
Not much carving involved. So effective.


Cookie-Cutter Pumpkins

man made object,pumpkin,lighting,halloween,holiday, Source: 33 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas
Use metal cookie cutters and a hammer to great effect.


Pumpkin Sign

pumpkin,man made object,jack o lantern,halloween,calabaza, Source: 2011 Pumpkin-Carving Contest Winners
Send Trick or Treaters from your door.


Halloween Horror

pumpkin,carving, Source: 38 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...
This will scare anyone off.


Beach Pumpkins

pumpkin,carving,art,lighting,furniture, Source: 11 Unusual Ways to Decorate ...
Carve your pumpkins then coat with glue and roll in sand.


Sweethearts Pumpkins

still life photography,pumpkin,painting,still life,calabaza, Source: 7 Creative Pumpkin-Carving Ideas
Spread the love.


Flower and Leaves

pumpkin,calabaza,winter squash,holiday,carving, Source: Halloween Ideas
Keep the fall theme going.


Polka Dot Pumpkin

food,produce,pumpkin,pattern,Polka, Source: Two-Toned Polka Dot Pumpkins - ...
Got an apple corer? Put it to good use on this fun idea.


FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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And if the previous 40 pumpkin carving ideas haven't inspired you there's hundred's more online.

What do you do with your pumpkins at Halloween? Are you are carver or do you prefer to decorate without cutting?

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Cookie Monster is my favorite!!!!

I liked Cookie Monster

Turtles are watermelons.

I carved 221B on mine this year


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