49 No Carve Pumpkins for an Awesome Halloween ...

By Neecey

49 No Carve Pumpkins for an Awesome Halloween ...

If you really don't want to get the knives out to make a traditional jack-o-lantern, there are so many fabulous no carve pumpkins to inspire you. Get crafty and go mad. Use your imagination or just copy some of these no carve pumpkins. Your neighbors, kids and friends will be seriously impressed.

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1 Boo Pumpkin

Boo Pumpkin I'm still wondering where to get those lovely letters from but this is such a stylish no carve pumpkin.

2 Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Make a template, grab a can of spray paint and you're good to go.

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3 Rhinestones

Rhinestones The resource says this is rhinestones but I was thinking you could do it with tacks. Draw the lines and stick the tacks in.

4 Pumpkin Meets the Mummy

Pumpkin Meets the Mummy Some goggly eyes and some crepe bandage is all you need.

5 Cats and Bats

Cats and Bats Turn your pumpkin into a work of animal art.

6 Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster A fun paint job.

7 Light It up

Light It up Use them indoors or out.

8 Black and White

Black and White Use chalkboard paint and chalk and you can change up your motifs as often as you like.

9 Monogrammed Pumpkin

Monogrammed Pumpkin This would be fun even without the initial.

10 Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Upset the neighborhood dogs!

11 Thumbtacks

Thumbtacks Do this for your house number instead.

12 Flying Bats

Flying Bats Paint your pumpkin, cut out some paper bats and get

13 Mr. & Mrs

Mr. & Mrs Well - at least you made an effort to do something!

14 Decoupage Photo

Decoupage Photo Use photocopies of photos. It's easier and you won't waste your precious photos.

15 Multiple Patterns

Multiple Patterns Just go with whatever flows through your mind.

16 Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat This is a cute pair that takes little effort.

17 Eyeball

Eyeball Halloween calls for a scary paint job.

18 Doily Pumpkin

Doily Pumpkin I said these no carve pumpkins were inspiration. As I sat here looking at this I thought about spray painting it and then removing the doilies. How cool an effect would that be?

19 The Penguin Pumpkin

The Penguin Pumpkin Rather an untraditional symbol to use for Halloween but he's so cute, so why not?

20 Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc Monsters are just perfect for Halloween.

21 Bling Pumpkin

Bling Pumpkin There's a few ways to achieve the effect once you've sprayed your pumpkin gold - horn buttons, mother of pearl buttons, sequins ...

22 Mr. Pumpkin Man

Mr. Pumpkin Man You'll have to raid the kid's Mr. Potato Head for this.

23 Lacy Pumpkins

Lacy Pumpkins Cut out tissue paper shapes and stick on with Modge Podge.

24 All That Glisters is Not Gold

All That Glisters is Not Gold Spray in funky colors and sprinkle with glitter.

25 Leaf Decoupage

Leaf Decoupage Perfect for the season. Use gorgeous fall leaves.

26 Ribbons

Ribbons Go to town with ribbon. I love the rick-rack ribbon.

27 Owl Pumpkin

Owl Pumpkin Cupcake cases? Who'd have thought?

28 Pumpkin Faces

Pumpkin Faces Some no carve pumpkins are just so easy peasy.

29 Stockings Pumpkins

Stockings Pumpkins Aren't some people just creative? Who would have ever thought of putting a pumpkin in a patterned stocking? It's fab.

30 Edgy Chic Pumpkins

Edgy Chic Pumpkins Gold stickers and studs look great on black.

31 Minion Pumpkins

Minion Pumpkins These will make the kids smile.

32 Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes Oh so chic!

33 Candy Corn Pumpkin Decor

Candy Corn Pumpkin Decor When's a pumpkin not a pumpkin.? When it's candy corn.

34 No Carve Pumpkins

No Carve Pumpkins Two clever ideas. The spider one is painted and then wrapped in tulle to represent the web. The ghost shape is created with thumb tacks.

35 Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins

Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins Who says Halloween has to be dark and dismal? These will liven things up.

36 Batty Bats

Batty Bats These won't get in your hair.

37 Witch Hat

Witch Hat Make the hat from papier-mâché or buy one.

38 Button Covered

Button Covered Go with orange or completely change color scheme.

39 Flower Ball

Flower Ball Silk flowers are so realistic and they'll last forever.

40 Crayon Dip

Crayon Dip Oh this is so funky! Love it. Stick the wax crayons onto the pumpkin, then melt them with a hairdryer.

41 Pumpkin People

Pumpkin People Make a family or a whole clan.

42 Button Boo

Button Boo It's so easy to spell out spooky words in buttons.

43 The Pumpkin Spider

The Pumpkin Spider Some no carve pumpkin ideas are beyond simple.

44 Googly Eyes and Spider Webs

Googly Eyes and Spider Webs No need to get messy and covered in seeds when you go for no carve pumpkins.

45 Paint It Black (or Gold ...)

Paint It Black (or Gold ...) Write your own greeting.

46 The Sweater Pumpkin

The Sweater Pumpkin Can't be bothered with real pumpkins at all? Raid the thrift shop for sweaters in fall colors.

47 Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty There's no doubt Hello Kitty is a cat, is there?
Hello Kitty is Somehow Not Actually a Cat ... @Lyndsie

48 Silver Boo

Silver Boo Glam it up!

After seeing all these fabulous no carve pumpkins I really wish we made more of a splash about Halloween in the UK. It's such a fun holiday I think we're missing out on. Are you going to be carving or not carving this year?

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